Explore OK {Bartlesville Kiddie Park & Woolaroc}

So the next stop on my little Explore OK tour is the Bartlesville Kiddie Park and Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve. Both are about 15 minutes from Osage Hills State Park, so they make for a fun day trip or evening activity.

The Bartlesville Kiddie Park is open from 7-9pm and is geared towards the toddler age. I admit, it makes no sense to me the hours and the age…those ages need to be in bed at that time, at least in this house! But, it is a great special treat. The rides are all $.50 each. My oldest really only liked the bumper cars and my short seven year old was actually too tall for several. It was perfect for my 3 & 5 year old (and Little One too).

Her favorite ride was…naturally…the Little Fireball roller coaster. He only rode once – love his face in this one.

Little One liked the rides too much…she let everyone in the park know how upset she was each time she had to get off a ride. We stuck to the swing for a while.

The next stop in this area of the state was Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve. The last time I had visited my oldest was just a baby. The kids all agreed that this was their favorite stop of the whole vacation. This boy said it was better than Disneyland. He’s never been to Disneyland, but he knows he likes animals.

Woolaroc is a museum and wildlife preserve…and it includes numerous other features. We packed a picnic lunch (and a cooler full of smoothies for Little One) and spent the day exploring.

FireCracker would match her sister everyday if I would let her. This is also the girls current favorite pose.  ~ My boy and a bison skull.

A scenic overlook at the lodge. The boys were talking and dreaming about what it must have been like to be Frank Phillips and own this land.

I’m often asked for tips on getting group shots of kids. I have no tips to give. This is what happens when I try.

On the land there is a “Mountain Man Camp”. It was like the icing on the cake for my kids. The two men working explained so much of what life was like back in the 1840s. They showed us tools, weapons, bedding, etc. It was all things the boys had studied this year, making history come to life instantly for them.

And they got to throw tomahawks. Chris and I became the world’s greatest parents in that moment. The vacation was a winner.

Little One was such a trooper throughout the day. She kept taking her shoes off and wanting to run barefoot everywhere…not so great with horses around!

The museum, roaming wildlife (bison, elk, longhorn cattle, water buffalo, llamas, etc), children’s barn, short hikes….it all made a huge impression on all of my kids. They are already asking to go back. We went on a day that it was pretty much empty, so I am sure that made things even better for us. If I were planning a visit again, I’d call ahead to ask about when the least busy days are during the week. I also recommend packing a picnic lunch. There is a concession area for purchasing food too. Woolaroc was a big hit for us.

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