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So I’m in Kansas…at Craft Weekend! Which is wonderful, except last night a tornado touched down a couple miles from my home. Chris watched it begin forming from our backyard. He gathered the kids one by one from their beds and carried them to our tornado shelter. I am so thankful for an attentive husband that keeps his cool and makes sure his family is protected. I had no idea it was happening until I began getting texts from friends and family checking on us. So…I tried to find as many details out online as I could.

I’m still waiting for more details, but thankfully from what I’ve gathered so far there were no lives lost or massive destruction. It is hard being away from my family though. The mom in me wants to gather them all up in my arms!

And now….I have no transition for the rest of this post because I wrote it pre-tornado! So pretend there is a great transition 🙂

I am growing to enjoy my iPhone more and more. I think part of what I enjoy is the challenge of capturing something with the constraints of the phone camera. With my dslr, I like to use my aperture to get a blurry background. I like the control I have over the image and all the options I have when shooting. With my iPhone, I don’t use anything but the basic camera for shooting….and all its limitations. However, that challenge is something I am really finding fun. Here are a few recent ones of the girls:

A few more phone pics…that aren’t cropped to a square:

Instagram. I really like instagram. I’m “underthesycamore” over there. I like all the visual inspiration I find there both as a mom and as a photographer.  I also am a fan of all the new companies out there that work specifically with Instagram. I shared about Origrami a few weeks ago. Another one I like is PicPak. Little square magnets straight from my instagram feed.

My idea was to use them to hold artwork and notes from the kids on our lockers, but the kids play with them too much. They are constantly rearranging and moving them. They have also been requesting me to take certain photos of them and turn them into magnets. The more little ways I can help them enjoy photography, the better.

I’ve also been asked about what kind of phone apps I like to use. With my dslr shots, I don’t use photo editing software on all my pics. With my phone, I edit every picture. Here are my favorite phone editing apps:





A Beautiful Mess


I have about 10 more phone apps on my phone. I don’t have any games on my phone, but photo apps…slight addiction.

What are some of your favorite photo apps and companies that work with Instagram?

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