disaster relief {a couple ways to help}

Again, I wanted to thank all of you for your out pouring of love and concern for Oklahomans right now. Many have asked how to help. I am going to share just a few ways here today. The ones I am sharing are either national organizations or ones that I have a connection to personally or through a trusted friend. There are SO MANY MORE ways to help – I could never list out all the individuals and organizations using their means and energy to find creative ways to help. Thank you to all of you.

Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief / click here for more info

American Red Cross Disaster Relief  / click here for more info

My sister is selling this print in her shop, 100% of proceeds go to the Oklahoma Red Cross / Click here for more info

She also has a bunch of other organizations helping listed on her blog / click here for that post

My friend Joy created this print you can download. All proceeds go the Oklahoma branch of the Red Cross. Available until 5/31 / click here for more info

Teddy Bears for Oklahoma / click here for more info

If you are interested in helping a specific family, here are two. I know there are countless more, but these are two I can verify and ‘know’ through friends.

  • Oklahoma City Police officer Austin Childs and his family lost everything.
  • Master-at-Arms Shawn Buckman is currently stationed in Afganistan. His home was destroyed. His wife and 3 year old daughter survived in their storm shelter. Their 6 year old daughter was at Plaza Towers Elementary School and thankfully survived.

For information on how to directly help these two families, you can visit my friend Mariah’s blog by clicking here

**This is not an extensive list, feel free to share ways to help below. Also, please be courteous in your comments regarding organizations that are mentioned. Everyone has a different stance regarding non-profits and government organizations. The ones above are listed because I have seen first hand the work they have done in Oklahoma disasters before and I know they are on the ground working tirelessly right now. Sadly, there are so many scams that pop up in times like these, so however you choose to help, please be wise and cautious.

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  • mandi@herbanhomstead - Thanks for this list! Just purchased a print from Joy’s Hope. Will check into what Samaritan’s Purse is doing too. {hugs}

  • Whitney - http://northpointministries.org/tornado

    My church in Atlanta is taking donations and sending 100% to churches in the hardest hit areas of OK so they can take care of the immediate and long term needs. I love organizations like Red Cross, but your money doesn’t necessarily go to the immediate need.

  • Susan - I really like giving to UMCOR – it is from the United Methodist church but it is one of the few org that give 100% of your donation.

  • Amy @ PaintWineRepeat - Thank you for the list. Very helpful

  • Brittanie - If anyone is in the Pottawatomie County area and would like to help, or needs help, cleaning up after the storms ‘Right Side Up’ Disaster Relief is set up at Evangelistic Center Church. The address is 18502 Hwy 177 (1/2 mile south of Hardesty Rd. on Hwy 177)Shawnee, OK 74801.

    Contact Info.
    Right Side Up

  • Jessica - Another great one to donate to is the BGCO Oklahoma Disaster Relief. Here is some info on how to donate and how this organization operates… http://www.okdisasterhelp.com/faq/ .

  • Jenna - This company is selling a shirt, with all proceeds going directly to American Red Cross Oklahoma Disaster Relief: http://www.rokfit.com/Oklahoma_Strong_Moore_OK_Benefit_Shirt_p/okstrong-women.htm

  • Lauren - Our prayers go out to all. Thank you for this information. I just purchased your sisters print. It is beautiful. Can I ask where your Bittersweet print is from.

    Thank you,

  • amber - Thanks for sharing this. The faces & stories at the bottom make this very real…

  • Emily O. - You can also donate to the SBC disaster relief efforts – all money is going toward Oklahoma disaster relief.


  • Penny Hein Unruh - Another long standing reputable volunteer Christian organization already on the scene is the Mennonite Disaster Service, You can give or find out how to volunteer at http://www.mds.mennonite.net/.

  • Heartbroken for Oklahoma | A Well Crafted Party - […] out this great post by Ashley Ann from Under the Sycamore (lives in Oklahoma) about ways to help— including some links to prints and digital downloads […]

  • Bree Suttles - I am selling a print in my etsy shop and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Oklahoma branch Feed the Children. The link is


    We are a strong state with unbelievable people, we might fall, but we will always get back up.