soccer mom and proud

Thank you for all the kind comments yesterday. Many of you asked ways to help. And many have emailed with your idea on how to help. Honestly, I am a little numb right now and not truly processing much of anything. I will try to compile a post with some of what I know. I’ll try.

Soccer season ended over the weekend. I’m a big fan of soccer. We play in a low key fun league that suits our family so perfectly. I’m going to miss soccer. Only 2 of our kids are old enough to play, but the other three have plenty of friends and fun during games.

The hat is on different kids. Above my 5 year old. Below my 7 year old….trying to catch tadpoles.

All the little girls play lots of games…many of which are directed by Firecracker (in the stripes).

Little One has a thing with pointing lately. It is very ET-ish. She and my dad…

She also thinks she needs one smoothie per game. I would jump up to cheer while trying to hold her as she ate…which usually had a messy result. Then I got smart. She could eat mess free, I could cheer.

On championship day we had two games back to back. This guy reached his limit. He told me we all needed to stop talking and be quiet so he could take a nap. He never takes naps. He got very mad at me when I told him that I wasn’t going to ask the crowd of parents at the championship game to be quiet so he could sleep. Goodness, I love that boy!

I’ll miss soccer. I’ll miss it because it is just fun to watch the boys play. But I’ll also miss it because the boys play on teams with several of our close friends. I love getting to see my friends a couple times a week for practice and games. Such a gift. There were times during the season I’d look over to see good friends cheering for my boys as I cheered for theirs – what a gift. Friends make life so rich and full. And soccer makes Saturdays fun! Yay for soccer moms!

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  • Meg - Our littlest dude does the “finger point” thing too. It’s almost like his way to say “Hey!” But to acknowledge him (get him to stop pointing at you) you have to point and tough the tip of his finger too. It’s like a weird ET handshake??

  • Kristin - I’m a flag football mom & feel the same way, Ashley. So blessed to meet up each week with great friends and a fun group of parents.

  • Joy - Oh my! The pointing is VERY normal for language acquisition and development, let her point and you tell her what it is that she’s pointing. It may be her way of saying “I’m pointing at something, tell me more about it” In American Sign Language, pointing is the VERY first thing children (both Deaf and Children of Deaf Adults – CODAs) do, from there they build on vocabulary from what they’ve learned. I am aware that in the hearing world pointing may be considered rude but if you’ve been signing with her then she’s starting to “get it”. Both my children are hearing (my husband and I are Deaf) and did the pointing thing, and oh, they’re still doing it even at ages 6 and 7 🙂 Way to go, Lil One! XOXO Joy

  • Andrea - I love how you love the soccer – I’m a future soccer mom in training! My husband is a professional soccer coach here in South Africa (where soccer is the number 1 sport played and watched in the country) so there is and will be a LOT more soccer in our lives. I’m very much looking forward to the moments we get to spend together on the side of a soccer field, both for my (future) children and my husband 🙂

  • Debbie - Since you are looking for information on how to help, I thought I’d let you know about a great organization that is helping there already. It’s Samaratin’s Purse –

  • Megan - Love the pictures! What lens did you use?

  • Victoria / Justice Pirate - My 4 year old said that this is really fun! He wants to play with everyone. My 6 year old usually reads your blog but he’s doing school work (I homeschool).

  • Anna @ A Good Home - Ok, there’s just so much going on in that picture of Little One in the chair. The one shoe? The Pebbles-style ponytail sticking straight up on the top of her head (which I suspect has a twin on the other side)? Her totally cool and relaxed pose? I love it. I think I’d frame that one. It just seems to capture her so perfectly. Honestly, I feel like I know you and your kids because of the sensitivity and openness of your photography. Thank you 🙂

  • Rhiannon - LOVE Little One’s pony tail! Reminds me of Pebbles.

  • Jacci in Ohio - So great. We had four kids on four different teams this year. It felt nuts last year, but somehow this year we were used to it… and we found a groove. My son’s last game is tomorrow night & then we’re done. You described our experience, too. Our Pastor’s son is on the team… three other close buddies… and one of my husband’s best friends is the coach. It is a big blessing 😀

  • mandi@herbanhomstead - I’m with ya on this one! I love soccer season (ours is in the fall here). So fun! And my little Birdy is doing the point thing right now too! Too funny!

  • Louise - Hi Ashley, I saw a really good article on RELEVANT today on practical ways to help- worth a look.

  • giozi - Here every boy play soccer, I can’t believe it ha ha ha

    An American family has come to my church, missionaries.
    The past weekend was the annual retreat of the church and the children played soccer.
    One of the children was very upset because the new kids played really bad, what could be so bad cried, lol.

    Your pictures amazing. Love little one there lay 😉

  • Rach @ Squiggly Rainbow - Just found your blog and so happy I did! Lovely to meet you! xx Will be following from across the seas! Rach

  • Kara - 1st. My son points just like that (we brought him home July 4th.
    2nd. We live in Tuscaloosa, Al and my world was rocked on 4-27-11 when my 12% of my city was crushed by a tornado and missing my house by less then a mile. My church was destroyed and many, many of my friends lost it all. From that my church was able to create a wonderful system for meeting needs in the community and ministering to the people around us while simulataniously grieving. This was the second time I have lived through a major destruction when on 4-8-98 my home town and high school was flattened by tornado. I know what your feeling, I am praying with you and grieving.

  • Necole@seriouslysassymama - I have one in gymnastics, and one in basketball. I love watching them practice and play.

  • Amy @ PaintWineRepeat - It looks like a lot of fun — what a nice treat to have that time to remember with friends and kids!

  • The Whyte House - My son use to do the pointing thing. We would point at him as we were saying I love you, and since he couldn’t speak at the time, he’d point back to silently say the same. He just turned 6 this month and we do it at bedtime before we shut his door, silently pointing at each other. It is my favorite.