while the boys were wrestling on the trampoline

Sometimes they watch the boys from their window. But it usually doesn’t last long.

I love this shot, you can really see how tiny Little One is next to FireCracker. They have the sweetest relationship. It is so hard to remember when they weren’t together. Hard to remember my oldest daughter as the baby in the family. She was never meant to be the baby. She was born for the role of big sister.

Tea parties. Pretend naps. Hair styling.

Little One was not a fan of the hair styling fun, so she moved far away. Bummed out her big sis. That didn’t last long either.

“Seriously mom, are you really going to let her do this to me?”

That last picture kills me every time. I cannot keep from laughing. Kids are so much fun.

For those wonder: FireCracker’s dress is from an off the street vendor in China. Little One’s dress is from Walmart. Little One’s hair scarf is a women’s scarf from Target I cut up and stitched as smaller scarves for the girls.ย 

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  • Jess Z. - I love these pictures….where do you get your hair clips/barrettes from? I know you’ve probably posted about some of them before, but I can’t seem to find the posts. They are super cute!

  • Necole@seriouslysassymama - I think she might be able to fit one more clip. Maybe just one more!

  • the inadvertent farmer - Sweet girl only has brothers, so guess who gets to have that done to his hair? Littlest boy often come out in his Darth Vader shirt, clutching his legos, with ribbons in his hair! Yes and with about the same expression on his face!

    Sweet, sweet post. I hope you and the kiddos have a terrific week! Kim

  • Laura@Ms Smartie Pants - sweet and hilarious!

  • Florita - So cute. :3

  • Melissa - I LOL’d.

    I needed that this morning. Thanks for the smile.

  • Molly - so fun! first off, little one looks amazing in the yellow dress! so beautiful. and we have three daughters and our middle reminds me a lot of firecracker. she was our “youngest” for 4.5 years, but was totally born to be a big sister too. it is really neat to see that play out now. God does have a great big wonderful plan.

  • Jeannette - Oh my word – absolutely adorable!! They are precious ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Danielle - That is precious! They are so cute together!

  • karen - KEYUTE!!!!!

  • Kari - I’m seriously dying over the concentration on Firecracker’s face. She’s awesome.

  • Katie - I’m curious to know where you found that doily rug, it’s completely adorable!

  • susie - Too funny! no wonder little one does not like to get her hair done! These photos were so cute. I have been thinking I need to pull out my camera and take at play photos of my girls, you got me inspired to take them! They play with the same princess pollys all day long and before I know it they won’t be playing with them anymore.

  • Sarah - Firecracker plays the role of big sister very well! definitely LOL’d at second last picture!

  • Jami - Everything about this post is so good for the soul.

  • Debbie C - That last pic is the best! They are hilarious together.

  • Cathy S - Absolutely love that last pic.

  • Lisa S. - Let’s talk about that gorgeous yellow rug/blanket? where is that from? the last picture had me laughing too!

  • Kristin @ Little Corbin Hill - Oh my gosh, LOVE that last picture =)

  • Rhiannon - This comment isn’t really about this post (However, I think your girls are beautifully amazing… as is your entire crew). I just want to tell you that you have inspired me so much. You inspire me to be a better Christian, a better friend, a better DIY-er, and so many other things. I happened upon your IG one day over a month ago and after looking at EVERY SINGLE ONE of your pics, I clicked your blog link and have been hooked. This is how it goes… every day I bring up your site and read whatever recent post is there, then I go to the page I last left off. (You have over 500 pages. I am reading backward… from most recent on back and I’m about half way finished.)I even went and bought an old metal office desk off Craigslist and painted it. (mine is lavendar)One last thing is, my husband and I have trouble conceiving… my body rejects pregnancy, I want to ask that you pray for me. I am 28 years old and very much want a child before I am 32. Your blog has opened my eyes up to adoption. Thank you for the small and big things you are doing in people’s lives. Even the ones you have no idea about.

  • Christine - What a sweet post. It’s so funny that they like to take pretend naps. I thought my 3-year-old niece was the only one who does that. She refuses to take real naps but she’ll pretend to sleep all the time.

  • Irene - HAAHAHAHAHAAHA this is way too funny!!!! Both of them meant to be sisters ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Lori K - Love it!! I love the yellow. Yellow rug. Yellow dress. That is sooo adorable – them sitting there playing beauty shop. Love and Hugs.

  • Heather - Love it! We had that same yellow dress and I loved it. Sadly it was outgrown.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh my heavens… that is awesome! Laughing and so happy for joy!

  • Amy K. - These pictures made me add “take pictures of little bare toes while they’re still little” to my to-do list!!!

  • MaryAnn Thomas - I am in AWE of the moments you capture! Your photography moves me. Thanks for sharing these tender moments between sisters!

  • Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails} - They’re quite the pair. And that last photo is cracking me right up.

  • Sarah W - Absolutely beautiful little girls. And such cute and sweet little moments you captured.

    Hope you guys are safe!!

  • Holly Heinz - I physically ache to hear their voices …

  • Michelle - Ashley – your girls are sumblime! My daughter is 4 and her little brother, father and myself often walk around with random bows in our hair thanks to her!

    I would also like to take this opportunity to send my prayers and thoughts to those of Oklahoma who were affected by the terrible tornado that went through. I live in Australia and the news has just reached us and my heart is breaking. I pray that the children in the school are all found and that the community spirit shines.

  • maggie - I am in LOVE with Firecracker’s dress….I was determined to get one until I saw it was from a street vendor in China ๐Ÿ™‚
    That last picture made me laugh! Beautiful girls…

  • Tara - Where did you get the play kitchen? Cute girls!!

  • Carrie - Praying that you, your loved ones and your community are safe. My heart breaks for all of the families affected by the tornado devastation.

  • jami nato - a)let the record state that i have not been keeping up with anyone’s blogs for like…6 months.

    b)fire cracker is insanely tall. why? it’s rude.
    and little one is possibly the sweetest asian i’ve ever seen. besides my own kids and emily’s.

    c)your house is too much cute and inspiration.

    d) when are we really hanging out? consider a road trip to my attic. bring your wheel barrow because you said you would give me a ride.

  • angie - I just cannot get over how beautiful your family is. Your happiness and love is contagious.

  • Louise - Ashley, just wanted to say I hope your family and friends are all ok…will be praying for you guys!

  • catherine - Just a quick message from France. Reading your blog every day, Your whole family is incredible, your children are beautiful and you give me a lot of happiness (+ a lot of ideas too !)
    I just hope your family, your home, your friends are safe and that you were not too affected by the tornado. Catherine

  • Jenny - Your blog is so inspiring and you and your family are remarkable people! I love your photos and how you document your everyday lives. I hope your children will cherish this legacy you are leaving to them. It is such a treasure. I haven’t seen you post anything about the tornado that so devastated Oklahoma and pray and hope that your home and family is okay. I am praying for the people of your state and hope that God will comfort and sustain and move mountains of debris to find those still missing and injured. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Jackie - They are simply beautiful!

  • Cheri - Just what I needed to start my day!

  • Rita - this is so darling. hahaha – cracked me up. loved this post today. I need a makeover too. God bless them.

  • Sarah - That last picture is priceless. I love it!

  • Victoria / Justice Pirate - That’s great that they get along so well and that these beautiful memories are being made!! How cute they each are!!!!!

  • Naomi - That last picture made me smile, those girls together make the bad days alittle brighter. What a lovely family you have

  • jocelyn - that last picture is a winner! her expression says it all. i had to laugh out loud!

  • christina larsen - I love that last two pics with all of the hair bows in little ones hair. Priceless and gave me a chuckle. Thanks for sharing, glad you are safe.

  • Sierra - Oh man, what great pictures! They made me laugh so much. Firecracker seems to be the best big sister around.

  • Amy @ PaintWineRepeat - Just adorable. They play so well together.

  • alejandra - love this pictures!!!! and firecrackerยดs dress is superb.

    as you, I can not imagine my oldest son being the only one, now he has a sister (4), and he is the big brother(6).both adopted from Haitรญ.

    love your blog
    alejandra from argentina

  • elizabeth H - BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL girls!!! i can’t believe Firecracker has Little One’s entire head full of hair clips ~ i LOVE that!!