playing with cups

Little One has her palate repair surgery on the horizon. It is a much bigger surgery medically speaking than the lip repair. We don’t have the surgery dates yet, but we know it is fast approaching so it is always lingering in the back of my mind. For those that have wondered about the next SnapShop dates, I won’t know those dates until I know surgery dates. It will be nice to have it behind us and have a few years before her next surgery. Her wonderful surgeon is in Dallas and I needed to send him some updated pictures of her palate….and because I can’t help myself I sent along this one.

Such a beauty. She’s also becoming quite a handful. Climbing on everything. The higher and more dangerous the better in her opinion. We’ve been playing with any and all types of cups a lot lately. She is not a fan of sippy cups. I think it is because no one else in the family uses them and she likes to do exactly what her siblings are doing. So, more liquid ends up on her than it does in her. However, she is putting something other than a bottle to her mouth so that is a huge deal. A messy huge deal.

She has also been taking markers to draw on herself. I can’t imagine where she learned that. FireCracker.

Photo tip: I used my 28-70mm lens for all of these photos. The ones above were shot around 70mm – which is great for portraits. The next two were shot at 28mm – a wide angle. Wide angles cause some distortion on people, but they can also make for fun shots. Pardon the water still coming out of her mouth.


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