mother’s day is bittersweet

I absolutely love being a mom. Of course, there are hard days and days I need to get away…but goodness I love being a mom. I can’t believe those little babies I once welcomed in my arms are now a toddler and growing kids. As much as I treasure being a mom and am so grateful for the joy of experiencing motherhood, you would think Mother’s Day would be my favorite holiday. It is not. This day, this weekend always brings up hard things for me. A miscarriage. My grandma’s passing. Thoughts of my daughter’s birth mom. Thoughts of friends and strangers aching on this day because they want nothing else than to be a mom. This is a hard, hard day for so many. While some moms get celebrated, others are barely making it. While some women, like myself, find themselves surrounded with the laughter of their kids…others are hurting over hopes and dreams not yet fulfilled.

It is a bittersweet day for me.

I will celebrate the moms in my life. I  will delight in the little surprises my kids have planned. I will relish being a mom.

But, a part of me will also be breaking for those that ache deeply on this day….

Today, whatever your story might be, I hope that you find unexpected joys and laughter in surprising places…..

Happy Mother’s Day.

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