diy {wood flag garden markers}

Last night we had our first salad from the garden. It was delicious. The kids were so excited. They’ve been working hard planting, watering, and tending to the garden. They nearly didn’t believe me when I told them it was time to do some harvesting for dinner. Nothing gets them eating their vegetables like growing them does.

We needed some labels to help the kids know what is planted where until they learn to identify the plants based on appearance. I had some wood on hand, so I sketched out a simple idea that would be easy to make with supplies I already had. So, our garden has markers now and I had a little fun with my moto saw.

Tools & Supplies:

Step 1: Mark your wood about an inch wide. My markers were about 4 inches tall and an inch wide.

Step 2: Cut the boards. So my Moto Saw is new and it is quickly becoming my favorite. It is so easy to use and is portable (the saw detaches from the base)…big plus for me. My grandpa is incredible with a scroll saw. He can do the most intricate designs. I’m sticking with straight lines for now. I would highly recommend this saw for those that are intimidated by big saws, but would love the ability to freely cut various shapes.

Step 3: Draw a small triangle on one end and cut

Step 4: Lightly sand the edges

Step 5: Paint the edge

Step 6: Cut dowel small dowel rods about 6 inches long

Step 7: Use wood glue to attach dowels to back of garden markers

Step 8: Stamp on your veggie names

Step 9: Seal markers with a clear spray…really any that aren’t water based should work. It is important to seal if you want the markers to last and don’t want the ink to run when you are watering your garden.

I know not everyone has a saw, you could improvise or use a different shape. I introduced my oldest to scroll sawing since I had it out. He made swords for his lego men, a bow & arrow, a throwing star and I am not sure what all else, but he was having fun. Today I am putting him to work to cut out the brackets for the coop roosting bars. It will be one job I know he won’t complain about! For those wondering, he is nine and it is so easy for him to use.

So my garden has labels now for the kids to easily identify things…and things are growing…and the chickens are busy making some great compost for a later date!

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  • Bridgett - These couldn’t be more perfect, Ashley! We are patiently waiting for our vegetables to grow! I love the pop of aqua! I hope you have a wonderful day! xo

  • Christi {Jealous Hands} - Lovely! We have veggies coming up everywhere… but no markers. I know what we’ll be doing today! xo

  • aimee bee - I LOVE this idea! We just planted last night. I think I will do something similar so I can remember everything I planted. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Heather - These are too cute!! And I’m amazed that your son can run that thing!

  • Heather - These are the cutest markers I’ve ever seen!

  • stephany - ooooh, i love this! i want that dremel saw…i get imtimidated by big power tools, but want to do more projects…i am so impressed by your building skills.
    i used to help my dad build sheds and dog houses…would love to enlarge my kids playhouse by myself so i don’t have to wait for my husband to help me…he’s not as motivated to upgrade the playhouse and turn their old one into a chicken coop as i am!

  • Sandi - Such a great idea!

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Isn’t it so satisfying to grow your own food?! I never feel as connected to this earth and our Creator as I do when I am out in my garden, tending. So excited for your first harvest! That is something to celebrate!

  • Sherry - These are so cute! I think I will have to get a Dremel saw now! That is so cool!

  • Aneta - So cute! Love the blue against the green garden!

  • Lex - My husband is the same way about veggies. 😉

  • Christine - Super cute project! I just wanted to let you know that I tweeted about it… but as far as I can figure out you don’t have a Twitter account so I couldn’t include it in the tweet. Here it is if you want to see it:

  • kelleyn - Great idea and super cute to boot!

  • Elisabeth - I love this idea- so cute and easy! And I love that you’re teaching your children how to use power tools. I think people often underestimate what kids are capable of safely using.

  • Necole @seriouslysassymama - We are so cheesy simple, we just kept the labels that came with the plants. I wish we would have planted more, but we an do that next year.

  • Jenna - These are so great! And it brought back memories of my father teaching me to use a scroll saw around that same age. I would use it to cut out bird houses and then he would help me nail them together. Such a great skill to learn.

  • Kim - Hey there, such a cute idea and I love the blog. I think you meant “diy” in the title..not “dig”, but it’s a cute typo since your talking about gardening. Anyway, just here to help.

  • AshleyAnn - Kim – totally meant DIY not dig…though dig kind of works. Thanks!

  • jackie - sooo cute!!! your son is adorable with the little safety goggles too!!

  • Elizabeth Fester - Hi Ashley

    I follow your blog all the way out of sunny South-Africa and absolutely LOVE reading about your veggies, chickens and the whole family.
    I am officially jealous of your Dremel Moto saw !!! Been trying to get my hands on one but they are not yet available here in SA.
    Love seeing you do all the DIY stuff – you go girl!!
    Big hugs from Cape Town

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  • Kim - What type of wood are you using? I really really need one of those Dremel’s! That looks awesome! How thick of a piece of wood will it cut through?

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