i like wood crates

There was a period of time that whenever I left the house I returned with a chair. Never a new or nice chair. It was always a random cheap find…a chair that needed a little tender loving care, but full of its own character. We have ran out of room for chairs, and without realizing it I moved on to wood crates. I use them for everything. Everything looks prettier in a vintage wood crate, right?

Most of the time I have them sitting with stuff in them, but recently I added a few to the wall. This is not my idea, I’ve seen similar things all over online. Nonetheless, I thought I’d share my two new happy crates.

P.S. I never pay more than $10.00 for one of these….I just wait until I find them for cheap and scoop them up!

See that little post it note. My youngest son made it a few years ago. It is him giving me a hug. One of my very favorite pieces of decoration in the whole house.

And a couple others I already had pictures of, (there are plenty more around the house too!)

Holding books * Holding fabric

You can see the teal one in the background, it holds all the little things I need to remember to do…but usually forget.

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  • Ellen @ Black and White and Loved All Over - Lovely! I also am digging on that soup can/pencil holder.

  • Necole @seriouslysassymama - I lucked out and found a wood crate in the trash at my neighbors house. I painted it yellow, and it is what I planted my herbs in.

  • Katy @ RICE - This post made me smile 🙂 We have an outbuilding that is full of random, cheap chairs I’ve collected, that are waiting to be given some TLC. And we have more crates that I can count on both hands in my house. You’re right. Everything looks prettier in a crate. An apple orchard closed near us and I was able to get a bunch of apple crates at $5 a piece! I love crates too! 🙂

  • Jacqueline - Last week I bought a cute green wooden chair with no seat. When my twelve year old saw it and I was excitedly telling her I only paid four dollars, she looked at me very seriously and said “Mom, I think you may have gotten taken on this one”. I will never be able to look at that chair without smiling!

  • Alet - I saw (fell in love) with one the weekend, at a farmers market. But because I couldn’t give my husband an immediate answer as to what I want to do with it – I wasn’t allowed to buy it.

    I’m sure I can still find one on the next market day?

  • Jill - I love all the happy red around your house!!! Boxes are pefectamente’!

  • Alice H - Where do you go to find the old crates? Also, where did you get the jumbo clothespin?


  • Allison - Hi Ashley! We usually have a bunch of wood palates at my office that we throw away. If you are interested please let me know and I will just give them to you for free! Message me if interested.

  • maggie - Where do you find your crates? I’ve been wanting some but have no idea where to look! 🙂

  • Megan - @Alice H – I believe Joanne ETC has the giant clothes pin.

    Ashley, I have to admit that I totally copied your crate shelves after seeing them in last week’s post on A Beautiful Mess. I found two awesome ones on eBay and they are now hanging in the kitchen of my 1950’s ranch. They are perfect!! Thank you for sharing your home with all of us (and letting us totally rip off your ideas 🙂 Don’t worry, I have already been giving your blog a shout out to all my friends who comment on my new shelves.

  • Misty Smith - I love crates as well, I was lucky enough to win 6 at an auction for $5 all together (It helps I was the only girl at that part of the auction, they all know my family and knew I wanted the crates haha) I use the ones that still have the bottle holders in them for my sons small trains and cars, he loves it!!

  • bethblntn - Oh my goodness I wish I could fill my house with these. Every time I’m out I see them and am SO close to grabbing it and taking it home. Then I see the price tag. Here I have yet to find one less then $30. yeah, NOT spending $30 on a wooden crate. *sigh* maybe one day. Its also You can find such a good deal. Way to go!

  • Cheryl - I love crates too! I have one in my kitchen to hold trash bags. It’s just the right size to hide the giant Costco box that the bags come in. I have them in my craft room to store and display all sorts of things. My very first crate was a “Borden’s” crate, and I use it to store magazines in the living room. I’m always on the lookout for them, but they’ve gotten pretty expensive.

  • Victoria / Justice Pirate - These are beautiful. . now if only I could find wood crates. . .whenever I find them online people sell them for $30 and then whenever I find them in person they are broken or flimsy.

  • mara - i just love this post! the post-it pic just melts my heart and reminds me of the one my daughter drew of us cuddling together: http://www.marawolff.com/blog/2013/4/11/daily-schedule

    thank you for sharing! as always your blog is beautiful as are your images.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - LOL – this is too funny – there must be something in the air! I have a draft post saved about crates – 🙂 sigh! I am jonesing for a yellow Pepsi one – cheapest I’ve found so far was $24.00.

    It is out there somewhere for me – I’m keeping my eyes peeled!

  • Carissa - I haven’t found any for that cheap! But I’m keeping my eye out now. I definitely need more chairs too, oh and that filing cabinet!

  • Lex - YES! Me too. Husband left for the weekend, and I did a little re-setting in the house. I now have a nightstand and a shoe rack that are both wooden crates. 🙂

  • amanda - for the love of chairs.
    on the side of the road .. at the thrift store, why is there a need to buy them, ALL THE TIME?? I buy to many chairs too. At our creative studio I was told I could no longer bring any more chairs in…. Glad you found a new love. Wood crates are just as awesome.

  • Sarah - Wood crates just do it. All a desk or a room needs sometimes is something vintage to put it together.

  • sandi - Love your blog you are so creative!