a little happy yellow

I picked up a little coffee table for cheap a couple months ago. It was cheap because it isn’t made with great materials, so it is a bit flimsy. Nonetheless, I liked the size and its legs 🙂

The corner edges were chipped and scratched, so were the legs. So, I decided to paint everything but the top and metal bottoms. The problem was I couldn’t decide what color to use. I wanted a bright color, but nothing seemed right. I laid out some craft paint to try to get an idea of what I would like.

She loves to help me with projects so I gave her the task of lightly sanding while I ran inside and outside taking care of random things…with Little One watching.

I couldn’t pick a color, so I just played it safe with white. She had a tiny paint brush to help.

As the white dried outside, I worked on the coop with my dad. Every time I passed it, I kept thinking I wanted to try a color. So on my next run to Lowes for coop supplies, I grabbed some spray paint. In between runs from the coop to garage I stopped and added another coat of yellow. Knowing me I’ll paint it back white in by the end of the summer, but for now it is happy yellow.

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