Earth laughs in flowers

This weekend was nuts. My dad and I made major progress on the coop. We had 2 soccer games. We took a bunch of little boys hiking for my son’s 7th birthday. And we hosted my friend Shannon’s photography workshop. Part of the workshop was a practice shoot of a bride and groom. Shannon was sweet enough to leave the bouquet behind for me to enjoy. She had no idea, but my two very favorite flowers were in the bouquet: peonies and ranunculus.

My oldest daughter has been just as enamored with the flowers as I have been. Yesterday morning she came down stairs after dressing herself in yellow & pink. She asked me to take pictures of her with the flowers because they ‘matched’. This is the part of having a little girl that still baffles me. With each new day she does stuff that is such a far cry from her brothers. Never. Not once. Never have any of the three boys ran upstairs to put on clothes that matched flowers and asked me to take pictures of them. If they had done that, it would have been because there was some kind of ulterior motivation. She is such a beautiful combination of tough tomboy and total girly girl.

Naturally, I grabbed my camera, my 85mm lens and happily headed out back with my girl.

After a few ‘sweet’ photos, her true colors came shining through. Firecracker.

As I loaded these on my computer and looked at each one I couldn’t help but think about her wedding day. Pretty sure it will be necessary for her to pose like this on that day for me.

The flowers got really heavy for her, probably weighed as much as she does. So we tried something else.

“Earth laughs in flowers.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

What a beautiful word picture. What a lovely way to think of flowers….laughter springing forth from the earth.

My daughter sees that, she delights in laughter and beauty. She teaches me to slow down and do the same.

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  • Michelle H. - Firecracker & Flowers ~ beautiful.

  • Mary - What a lovely mix of sugar and spice.

  • cindy from new york - I couldn’t stop smiling….Firecracker is beautiful no matter what. Thank you for such sweet sharing 🙂

  • Terry of Owasso - These are so precious, and I hope you get to take the poses of her on her wedding day too!!!

  • Angela A - My 4 year old daughter saw these and LOVES them. I think she wants to come play.

  • Jenny L. - My daughter loved flowers from a very early age. We used to stop on the side of the road when we saw wildflowers so she could run through them. She is all grown up now and is a florist and a wedding planner. She just recently planed her own wedding and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed that day. It is the best watching your child get married. Hopefully, time won’t go too fast before both of your lovely girls are grown and married, but I know that you are getting the most you can and giving all you have while they are little. Love your sweet family!

  • Pamela - lovely!

  • Danielle - Beautiful. Of course I see this right when I was starting to be okay with not having a girl.

  • ashlee - beautiful words and stunning flowers!

  • ranee - such a sweet post..she reminds me so much of my own sweet tess…little girls are so much fun!

  • Patti - Too cute and sweet that she thought it was important to take photos.

  • Shannon Phillips - Oh friend! This just makes my heart so very happy. My intent was for you to enjoy the beauty of these flowers after such a crazy weekend. I had no idea that Firecracker would be full of such delight over them. Gosh I love her and of course you so so much!
    BTW, I did know that peonies were among your favorites. 😉

  • Cynthia - On the day she has bridal portraits taken, please oh please, copy some of these same poses. They will be wonderful framed side by side. These are precious.

  • Lori - Those flowers are beautiful! Firecracker sure does match perfectly perfect with them. Sweet girl. My girl is a nice blend of tomboy and girly girl also. I love it!!

  • angie - Those flowers are amazing! And yes, she must have these photos reinacted on her wedding day!

  • jenny - Oh, i love that Emerson quote!!!
    And of course, I love your photos-always so great 🙂

  • Necole @seriouslysassymama - Those flowers are beautiful. When I saw them on Instagram, it provoked me to buy some flowers for the house which I am doing tomorrow after brunch with some friends. The restaurant is next to one of my fav places to get flowers. Central Market. I cannot wait to see all the colors. I have three daughters, and I cannot wait to see how they grow up. Your firecracker is like my blond bomber.

  • Jess - thank you for the literal lol 🙂

  • Staci - Oh beautiful!! My 2 year old put on a wedding veil the other day and I could instantly feel the future creeping up on me… I’m sure a bouquet would have the same effect. Beautiful daughter, flowers, and images!

  • aimee bee - Beautiful! Your daughter is adorable. I love the quote too. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  • Laura - What a stunning bouquet! I agree, peonies and ranunculus are the bees knees. And your daughter is just a delight – so much joy 🙂

  • Paige - Ashley, these are the reasons I come visit your blog:
    1. You remind me to enjoy my children and to love them just as they are, quirks and all.
    2. You are one amazing mommy doing her best and I feel good about myself doing the same when reading this blog.
    3. You remind me that our kids love us and time with us, it’s just not about stuff.
    4. You encourage me to get out there with my kids and play swords with sticks, swing as high as we can and enjoy Gods gift of nature.
    5. A picture can be beautiful and meaningful no matter what kind of camera is used, whether or not my boys are smiling, playing, or almost out of the frame in a fun, active blur.
    6. You help me remember that clothes are just clothes, hair is just hair, moods are just moods, jobs are just jobs, but love and family are everything.
    Thank you for sharing your life with me.

  • Jeanette - Beautiful pictures and beautiful words! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Abby - Such beautiful colors! Peonies and ranunculus are two of my favorite flowers too–my wedding bouquet was made up of white ranunculus. Love that Firecracker–sugar and spice for sure!

  • Renee - Beautiful! I happened upon your blog today via your homeschooling blog poat. It spoke to me. We are starting to homeschool this summer/fall. I’m a public school teacher so I’m conflicted with sharing our reasons. I love the way you phrasef it. I have said something similar. Our children have unique needs and sometimes words can’t truly explain why. Then I see your zoo photos and loved them. Thought – gosh she should be a real phoyographer, only to realize YOU ARE!

    Then I ventured to this page… And it warmed my heart. As a mom of 3 boys… I love it!

  • ellen patton - I love these photos!

  • Sarah - What a great post and great pictures! My two favorite flowers as well.

  • Natalie, the Chickenblogger - Pure delight.
    In her eyes,
    and for us, through
    your reflections and images.
    Thank you.

  • bethblntn - I LOOOOVE these flowers, and the photos to. You are so gifted. Do you know what the rest of the flowers are in this. I would love to add them to my garden. <3

  • Ingrid - love the photo of her jumping right over the flowers 🙂

  • hannah elise - this is beautiful.

  • giozi - Beautiful bouquet and photos. Love her smile, she is so cute.

  • jo - ohhhh, that bouquet is so beautiful. Peonies & Ranunculus are my 2 absolute favourite flowers too 🙂

  • jackie - she is sooooo beautiful. looks just like her mama!!

  • Winnie Heng - love this post! cant stop smilling reading it and it definitely helped to brighten the gloomy morning over here. 😉

  • Heather - These are just beautiful! With four boys I have not a clue what it would be like for mine to actually want their pictures made 🙂 Your blog makes me happy 🙂

  • Lisa - Peonies and ranunculus–my two favorite also! What a gorgeous bouquet! You were very generous to share it.

  • tami - She is so adorable. I like your photos cause they capture people being simple themselves! Inspire me to have my camera out more! Take care!

  • Jack - Beautiful quote. Beautiful flowers. Beautiful girl.

  • I Love Gifting - Your daughter is gorgeous and these pics…so beautiful. You’re a super photographer.

  • jules - Gorgeous – as always. I was also thinking WEDDING DAY REVISIT when you posted them. How special will that be – Firecracker in all her glory, “then and now”.

  • Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails} - Oh my goodness she is so darn cute! And that bouquet is seriously the most beautiful one I have ever seen. Im drooling here!

  • AshleyAnn - Paige – Thank you so much for that encouragement!!

  • Rita - amazing photo shoot. I cannot believe how your daughter’s outfit and flowers blend in together – that’s pretty impressive that she demanded a pic with matching skirt-haha…precious.

  • Jacci - Oh my. She is a pistol. Love all of these!

    And she looks so much like your middle boy here to me. Beautiful children!

  • Shannon - Love it. I couldn’t wait to see these photos. My daughter is the same. She has two older brothers and is a wonderful mix of crazy tomboy and sweet girly girl. Just amazing.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - That bouquet is absolutely stunning… and Firecracker makes it all better.

  • Lo - Love these! Especially the jumping over the bouquet. Would you mind sharing your settings for those action shots?