diy {fabric backed hutch}

Last December FireCracker and I went on a hunt for a hutch I could use in the studio. Under piles of trinkets and shelves full of stuff, I found my gem. It is that dark brown wood thing if you are wondering…

I really wanted to somehow salvage the little sections of retro contact paper, but I just couldn’t make that happen. So I lightly sanded and then painted the whole thing white. I kind of wanted to do it a fun color, but with the red chalkboard wall I thought I better just stick with white.

I also wanted a fun background, but again was stuck trying to find something to coordinate with the red wall. I had some wallpaper that would have been easy to apply, but it clashed. So I waited a bit and one day came across a vintage tablecloth in the perfect red. The studio is very much a ‘studio’…we are creating in there and often that includes a mess. Knowing it was highly likely the fabric could get stained or messed up (and just dirty) in a hutch with no glass, I knew I needed to protect the fabric. So I turned it into oilcloth basically. Super easy. I might be doing this to my kids’ clothes next.


  • Tablecloth (or fabric)
  • Iron On Vinyl

First, I ironed the tablecloth to get out all the wrinkles. Next, I followed the vinyl instructions and covered the whole tablecloth with the vinyl (I had already measured and knew I would need the whole tablecloth).

Next, I cut the vinyl into strips to fit on the backside of the hutch. It would have been better if I could have removed the back of the hutch and not had to cut all the strips, but that wasn’t an option.

Finally, I used hot glue to attached the fabric to the hutch. I didn’t want it to be super permanent because I change my mind like the wind changes directions. Case in point…the red chalkboard is no longer red. This vinyl covered fabric worked great, but I am not super crazy about how it reflects light. It will work for now, but since the chalkboard isn’t red anymore…I might be using some wallpaper in the future. After I build a chicken coop. And a potager garden. And do laundry, dishes,…….

I’m filling the hutch with the little things that are nice to have on hand in that room for our family and guests. It is especially fun to watch little boys drink from tea cups – teaching them manners and keeping my hutch cute!

I tried really hard to love the red chalkboard, but I just kept wanting to go back to white. This space is still very much a work in progress. We still need to add a backsplash, cabinets and curtains. Then I will, of course, need to liven up that white wall. We spend so much of our time in this little corner. I want it to be homey and cozy.

P.S. Thanks for all the great advice and insight yesterday!

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  • Elizabeth - Totally falls under the category of “now you tell me,” but you can get matte iron-on vinyl. But I think the hutch looks great!

  • kimberly oyler - i think what you need in your life is for me to live in the upstairs of your studio and do your dishes as payment. win win for everyone.

  • Kerry@PlentyPlace - I love the little ways you find to feather your nest with bits of vintage happiness.

  • Necole @seriouslysassymama - I would love a hutch, but alas do not have the room. What I really want is a pie cabinet with glass doors. I just finished painting a armoire for the dining room and just need my husband to hang the doors. I am not mechanically inclined like that. I love the fabric pattern.

  • Molly - So lovely! I too am on a hutch hunt….looking for the perfect hutch to bring back to life. I love how you lined it with fabric. will have to remember that!!!

  • Sarah - I am the same way – my decor and projects never stay the same for long. I am always rearranging and want to change colors and such. Honestly, I hate change especially major life changes but for some reason creative change is something I urn for.

  • Kristi - I kinda want to live at your house. In a non-creepy and non-stalking sort of way.

  • stephany - I absolutely LOVE this space!

  • Staci - Ha! Changing the red wall… that is so something I would do! It took me years to realize that I should just plan on changing my mind. Hence why I don’t order canvas prints anymore and stick to frames. I change pictures every month or two.

    I love the cabinet! I looks brand new with that white paint!

  • angie - I wasn’t a huge fan of the red chalkboard, hehe πŸ™‚ I love a black chalkboards but it really needs the right space. I love your white walls. I bought my first home 2 years ago and after 10 years of renting and not being able to paint I painted every wall in my house a different color! Now I long for all white walls and my husband thinks I’m crazy! But one room at a time I think I am going to go for it! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • jenny - what a great idea for the fabric-making your own oil cloth! So cool!
    I always love a white, bright space but I will admit that I really loved your red chalkboard too!
    But then again, I always love what you do to your spaces;always happy and cheerful. πŸ™‚

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - It looks great! I’m basically looking for the same piece to house all of our board games! Heading out to Antique Week in Round Top today with my fingers crossed!

  • Audrey - I don’t know how you do it – it looks amazing. I’d have walked past that hutch in it’s original state and ignored it! I’m waiting to see how your chickens work out too – I really want some too!

  • emmybrown - I loved the red chalk board! Hilarious and sad all at the same time that it’s gone! But, I LOVE how you change things so often….it’s just one of the things that makes you so cool!

  • Gina - Your hutch turned out beautiful and I love the things you have put in it!! The tablecloth you turned into vinyl was perfect for the job!! I love white walls adding pops of color with accessories. I think white walls give you a great back drop and makes it easier to change your mind like the wind lol!

  • Melissa - I’m curious what color white paint you use. I feel like picking the right white is hard! Thanks.

  • France's - Hello, I love your style and creativity! You are so talented with your photography. I hope someday, my photos can be decent! I am so grateful for your heart to adopt a baby girl from china. I also was adopted from an orphanage, but at a very old age. She is a very blessed little girl and you are a good mama! Bless you!

  • Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails} - Wow, what an amazing vintage tablecloth that is. The ones I come across are never worth saving b/c they’re so stained. I love your cabinet too.

  • Danielle - Sigh, you inspire me:)

  • Jacci in Ohio - You have such great style. That all looks so awesome!

  • Anna - Iron-on vinyl? Who knew! I really, really, really, really love your decorating style. From the watercolor header on your blog, to the mismatched bar stools, to the bright and cheery colors all over your home, I dig it! Uh, so what do you call it? There’s a name for every kind of decorating style, right?

  • Kaytie - Oh, I love the hutch! What about using wallpaper for the back but putting some type of sealant over it so that you could still wipe it off? Maybe even something simple like mod podge (not totally permanent but might work until you change your mind… but might still reflect too much light)… I don’t know, just a thought. πŸ™‚

  • Aimee Swift - Great idea!

  • Shannon - The hutch looks like it came straight out of Anthropologie =) Any chance you would be willing to share your blueprint for the chicken coop?

  • Lindsey - This is incredible! I did not know there was such a thing as iron-on vinyl. FABULOUS! I must have some! Love how this area turned out!

  • Rosalind - Instead of hot gluing to the actual cupboard you could put fabric, paper or wallpaper on some foam core (foam board) cut to size for each shelf, to make changing it out easier! I saw it on Eddie Ross blog (post is called ‘Billy, don’t be a hero’) but have seen it on pinterest too!

  • Kelsea - I think the hutch looks great! If you’re not happy with the shine, maybe taking a fine sand paper over it would knock the shine. Or perhaps brushing on a matte modge podge?

  • elizabeth H - GORGEOUS!!
    the fabric adds just the right touch {along w. all those awesome vintage tins. & the tablecloths, & the teacups &, &, all of it..}
    it’s simply LOVELY!!
    did i miss how $$ the hutch cost?