intervention might be needed

Friday photo dump from my iPhone. Most of these I shared on Instagram. But for those of you not on IG, they’ll be new. I would type out a blurb about each of them, but that would take a while!

I’ll be honest, I’m totally distracted with chickens right now. My nose is constantly stuck in a chicken related book. I have the kids watching YouTube videos on how to teach chickens tricks. If I am not with them, I am thinking about them. If I am not awake to think about them, I am dreaming about them. I might have a minor obsession at this point. Intervention might be necessary in the near future. Until then, you can find me here. With him. And with them. Chirp chirp.


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  • Danielle - So cute! Love the glimpse into your life. Little one is just so beautiful!

  • Hollie - It’s a sickness for sure! I got my first chickens last Spring. And now I want a dairy goat and sheep 🙂

  • molly - dreaming about the chicks. hmmm. that made me laugh out loud! so fun to be totally immersed in something. good for you! we are at my parents farm…feeding a baby calf. animals are good.

  • Nicole - Since I do not know much about chickens, I’m going to ask a maybe silly question. When they’re older and more like chickens and less like chicks, will they still be attached to you guys like they are now? Or is that something they grow out of? 🙂

  • Necole @seriouslysassymama - I am obsessed with planting an herb garden. I am heading to the library today to get some books. Those chickens are too cute!

  • amy - Please share where you purchased the Honest Abe t-shirt. My son would adore it. Thank you and your blog is positively wonderful 🙂

  • Katie - This is my first time commenting (to be honest I have been reading your blog for a couple months now and trying to catch up on the archives) 🙂 You and your family are just great…a wonderfully “real” Christian group of people who makes the most of their days. I so appreciate all that you share with us. Plus, you have the best artsy lifestyle ideas and awesome photos! God Bless your family (all those super great kids!)

  • angie - It happens to all chicken owners! We’re a strange breed ourselves 🙂 I got 4 hens last spring and I’m obsessed with my girls. My husband calls me the “crazy chicken lady”. I am dying to add to my flock this year. Have fun raising your chicky girls!

  • Rebecca Alexis - oh those sweet chickens! how could you not be obsessed with them? it is oh so great! xo

  • kari - Mobile homes for chickens LOL! I thought you might like these.

  • Debbie C - Ashley, your kids have the most fun! Oh to be a kid in your home. 🙂

  • BriBedell - My parents have chicken! They freak me out, ha!! But you have lots of helpers so i’m sure it will be nothing but fun for your family!

    ps. i love your instagram feed, one of my favs 🙂

  • Snow Lynn - Hi Ashley! I just love your blog and think you and your family are wonderful people with big open hearts, which seems very hard to find these days. Little one is so beautiful as are you for welcoming her into your family the way you have! And Firecracker.. well.. she makes me laugh every time I check in here! I also have a question for you.. how DO you manage it all? I mean, do you sleep? 🙂 I am a mom to a 2 and 3 year old and struggle with the daily chores, let alone all the extra fun stuff and remembering to get the camera out often, finding time to edit and post, etc. do you have any tips or tricks to include the things you want to do while still finding balance with your home and family? Or do you just never stop moving? lol Thank you for sharing everything you do and giving us moms a great inspiration!

  • Jacci in Ohio - I just think it’s so great you all got to do this! I love it! Of course you’re obsessed – who wouldn’t be?! Soooo adorable.

    I love your Instagram gallery, btw. Maybe it’s because I’ve been reading your blog for so long, but all your photos seem so familiar and personal 🙂 I think I started reading around the time you made the onesie for Firecracker that had the granny glasses on it… or a little before. Thanks for being a blessing in blog land! 🙂

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - You know what I see? A whole lot of happy! Happy Friday!

  • kimberly oyler - the picture with the chick and the bird vase is too much to handle.

  • Kara M - So cute! Lil one is so precious!!

  • Laura - Ashley I’m a new reader who has spent the last week or so slowly going back through the archives. I love you blog! It’s inspiring and creative and full of joy. And I especially love that ‘studio’ space you have to share with your family! Thank you for sharing these tidbits of your life 🙂

  • Melissa - Always love my visits here. I’m so not creative, but your postings always inspire me to try to be! I, too, would love to know where the Honest Abe T is from.

  • Liane - This post made me smile. I needed that so thank you x

  • angiea - my grandparents always had chickens growing up. there were usually one or two he ‘babied’. that just means he did exactly what you are dong! loved them, held them, played with them. those 2 chicks always became just like pets. the rest stayed penned but those girls would wait for grandpa on the front porch, follow him around the farm, peck at his was the sweetest thing ever. I think you are going to have some very friendly girls as well.

  • RaD - I was just thinking about your trampoline last night. I know, silly, right?

    Anyway, I thought I remembered always seeing a net around your trampoline in your pictures and I wondered how you always had one. Was yours just awesome, unlike ours, and never rip or break, or did you replace it? Cuz’ it seems like at our house those things just don’t last. We’ve replaced a few, but man this last one we had only lasted a short time before it started getting small holes. Then big holes. Then the zipper quit working. Then the whole bottom was ripped off. Then the top started coming down. Then my son just ripped it all off and threw it in the trash last night!

    But then I see your trampoline pic today, sans net and realized that it might just be that your net went bad too. Or maybe you just put your trampoline back up after storing it for the winter and didn’t get to the net yet.

    I know, you post random photos and thoughts about your chickens and I come back with a lengthy comment about your one trampoline pic. Well, two I guess, if you count the one of your oldest flying through the air. 🙂

  • Elise D - Hi,
    This is a completely random comment on a post that talks about chickens, but I was creating a playlist for my kids, and I came across a song I used to sing to them when they were babies. It is called, “Before I knew your name.” I have been so struck by your journey with your youngest daughter, and this song nails the emotions we feel as mothers of any child, but especially those who are blessed through adoption.

  • Valerie - I love the picture of the chicken and the vase 🙂

  • AshleyAnn - RaD – our net crumbled too. Lots of holes, the zipper broke, I finally just cut the whole thing off!

  • AshleyAnn - Snow Lynn – I don’t do it all. Or even close. I get the main things done each day..focusing on my priorities. I do sleep, but not as much as I’d like! In some ways, having two kids can be harder than 5 – especially the ages your kids are. 2 & 3 are hard ages in regards to getting much else done. Don’t be hard on yourself…I’m pretty sure there isn’t a mom that “manages it all”!

  • AshleyAnn - Amy – I got it here:

  • AshleyAnn - Nicole – I have no idea, I’m new to this too. I’ve been told the more we hold them the more likely they’ll be attached to us like other pets…so we shall see!

  • Tammy Cody - You are making me want chickens for my boys!!

  • Nantucketdaffodil - Good Morning! What a wonderful week you had….and those chickens! I’ll make a deal….I’ll trade garden info for chicken info! Of course I also want to keep bees….and the list goes on! I couldn’t find a way to email you….my email is
    (nantucketdaffodil on instagram)

    Monica 😉

  • Lisa - Your chicks (all of them!!) are adorable!! I LOVE how you play with them. Our hens are now two years old. We played with ours too (my daughter would would play her Littlest Pet Shop toys and they would walk thru)…now they LOVE to play with us. They come running up to us when we go outside or they hang out by the backdoor when they want us to come out. 🙂 We love them and they seem to love us! 🙂 Your going to have some happy hens! Enjoy!!

  • Maureen - Having had ‘girls’ through the years, they have always become part of our family. I think chickens bond deeply. My husband & kids are as attached as I am. Our dearest ever, Eleanor would fly up on my husbands shoulders while he would work on the coop. They’re as precious to us as our dogs & cat. They really demand little & give so much. I’m so happy for your family on your new chicken odyssey!

  • Lacey - We just moved our chickens out to their “big girl coop” and I feel like such a proud mama!

  • Tracy a - Perfect!

  • Val - I absolutely love your work and we would love to feature you on our site. Please send me an email if you are interested. I couldn’t find a way to contact you on your site.

  • Brittany - My husband and I raise chickens as well! Our 7 year old son has loved watching them grow and it has been a great experience for our family! We are a little obsessed too! They are so fun!

  • Kristin - I think it is so cool that you are keeping chickens. Growing up, my grandparents lived about 4 hours away and some of my favorite memories from that time are of tending to the chickens with my Granny — especially collecting the eggs!
    I hope to some day have some chickens of my own.

  • charla - Hey I thought of you today…that groggs green barn at just east of 61st and mingo.. has adorable chicken feeders and a free raising chickens class in a couple of weeks.. I cant remember the date.. but it looked interesting. 🙂

  • Mandie - I’m so glad you posted the other day about the book on chickens- my husband & I are getting our first girls this week and wasn’t sure what a good reference would be. I’ve been reading it over the weekend and am ecstatic to meet our girls! Seeing you with yours makes me so excited! 🙂

  • Anna Joy - I think about chickens all the time too. We can be “the chicken ladies” together. Eek. Bok bok.