the cop who told me to kiss prom goodbye

What kind of title is that?

I’ll get there in a minute.

This weekend we loaded up the kids and headed out of state early Friday morning. Our destination was in Arkansas – the home of a friend. I think Treva & I met around 9th grade sometime. Nearly all of my greatest high school memories involved that girl. Her influence in my life shaped who I am today. Back then I was so much the same person I am today. Realistic. Steady. Consistent. Boring. Not a dancer, or singer, or any form of the life of a party. Treva brought color, spontaneity, inspiration and a little hippie/folk into my life.  We had a great group of girl and guy friends. The majority of which, I am still friends with today and keep up with their families on a regular basis. I am thankful for that gift.

The girls and I loading up to head to Arkansas.

Treva has four kids (and one on the way). Our kids were instant best friends…flips off the slide and rock climbing.

FireCracker was all about trying to climb the wall…until she got too high.

Our trip to Arkansas was just for the day. Our oldest turned 9 last week, so we also had some birthday celebrating going on this weekend too.

We ended the weekend at home – always my favorite place to be.

This weekend I told Treva how I think it is a good and healthy thing to maintain friendships with friends that know our WHOLE story. She told me my quote was beautiful and I should blog it 🙂 So, I am.

Maintaining life long friendships does take work and being intentional, especially through the various seasons of life and changing locations. I have a handful of friends that I have known closely since 6th grade. I know that isn’t normal, but it is important to me. Those friends have a different perspective of me. They knew me as an awkward preteen. As an even more awkward teenager. Before I became Mrs. Campbell. Before I became a mom. Before I learned to use a camera. Before I began to blog. They are ones that can look at the whole of my life and offer advice and input that is unique to friendships that have stood the test of time. They often recognize patterns and things in my life that I don’t even see. They also see things coming to fruition in me that began back at Broken Arrow High School. Healthy life long friendships are a gift of inexpressible worth.

Now let me tell you about that cop. My memories with Treva are both incredibly deep and also ones I look back on now and just shake my head.

One of my favorite memories involved her VW van, a tiny country cemetery, and a cop who told to me “kiss prom goodbye.” I wrote out the whole story a couple years ago…with Treva’s amazing Bavarian Torte recipe. Click here to read both.

She’s the only friend I’ve ever dug holes in a cemetery with…she’s a keeper.

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  • Kelly - My closest friends are the ones I’ve known since we moved to Idaho when I was 11. It is a rare thing to have friendships that last that long. All but one of us have ended up back in the same town we grew up in and now our kids are getting to grow up together too. We actually just went away for our annual girls crafting trip this past weekend. Their friendships are some of the most important things in my life.

  • Serene - What a special thing that is to have friends from our youth. The history between you creates a strong bond.

  • Tanny S. - thanks for sharing! listening to you talk about your “old” friends makes me smile and think about my “old” friends. wonder if they like that term 🙂 I’m going to be 30 this year -eek! and am spending the year to live with more intention. thanks for rekindling my heart.

  • Nicole C - I know what you mean, I have two ladies in my life who I would give the world to. My best friend is more like a sister, her Mom and mine have known each other since high school. SO techinically I have known her my whole life. She lived with us while her youngest brother battle a life taking illness. Cried tears of sadness and happiness over many years now.

    My other best friend I have known since first grade, every moment from high school has her in it and we didn’t even to go the same school.

    I will keep my rare friends so even if they are far away.

    ps, I love how your girls are best friends, it’s so heart warming.

  • Julie - I have a couple of those forever friends. I agree that there is nothing like friends who have known you since childhood.

  • Michelle W - I cherish our friendship 🙂

  • Amanda Torres - SOOO I totally remember the VW van! Treva was so good about loading people up in that thing and getting them to church. I don’t think I can associate Treva with anything other than that van. In fact, if I see one I think of her and so does Steven. Too funny!

  • Shanalea - You are so right. My friends are great and vast, but I go to the ones who have known me the longest when I am in need. Fortunately that can include one from OBU days. It is such a treasure. It is often what I miss most about living in CA. No history here. People don’t know where I’ve come from or who I was. BUT I wouldn’t trade the lessons learned for that.

  • Emily - that is so very, very true of friendships. And rock climbing is one of my most favorite things. 😉

  • Tracy - You need to read the book, The Girls of Ames. It is about a group of about 10 girls that stayed friends from gradeschool and are now in their 40s. It really inspired me to keep going with some friendships that seem to be struggling. In the book the emphasis the health benefits of have friends from an early age and keeping them in your life…so I really think you would like this book.

  • jenny - Hey,you were in my neck of the woods! 😉
    Good friends are such a wonderful blessing, old and new. But you are right, that those who have seen you through so many different times in your life are truly a rare and precious find. 🙂

  • Kristin S - I’m going to go fix a cup of hot tea before reading this story…

  • Kim - I have been friends with my best friend since we were 11 years old, 24 years and counting, and there is just an ease to the friendship that exists simply because she knows the whole story. I’m blessed to live only an hour and a half away from her (we both moved from MI to the east coast, wasn’t always the case that we lived so close to each other!)and we see each other as often as possible. This post was a perfect sentiment to long friendships, the importance of them and the peace they bring!

  • jennie david sanders - oh my i laughed at this post. Mostly because i knew Treva in high school too. i loved her hippie van and her guitar! She was my small group leader. i vividly remember a time she washed my feet! She lived like Jesus during a time in my life that i didnt see that anywhere else. Love her:)

  • Melinda D. - One of my closest friends has been one of my closes friends since we were 3 and met in preschool Sunday School. We went through all of our major milestones together. And we ended up living just a few miles apart 🙂 Our kids play together regularly and we share chickens and eggs from our homesteads! Forever friends like that are extra special.

  • Susannah - It is such a special thing to have lifelong friends! 🙂

  • TMB - I am still good friends with guys and gals I met in Kindergarten. It is so much fun to know someone for so long. Plus I have tons of blackmail….I mean good stories to share. 😉

  • georgia daivs - Tearing up…love ya…miss ya…thankful for you….pray all the time that my children find the same thing growing up that we had.

  • Laura @ The Turquoise Home - I love this!! My best friend and I have been friends since the 5th grade. It IS work and we have to be intentional, but the relationship is so worth it! We’ve been through almost everything together. Hard times and great times. Love it!!

  • Marty Ann - You made my day! Sitting here crying,such a wonderful life.Love your person and Treva! what a gem. Loved the story too. Everyone should have a past/friend like that. I had friends like that, we had a ball growing up (good clean fun but lost as a goose). But we grew apart when we started our families. I found the Lord and well they don’t understand my convictions (so different from my younger days) So I pray for their salvation and hope I can have some crazy days in heaven with them.

  • Elizabeth Ann - I feel a little silly leaving this comment, but I feel compelled for some reason. Probably because of the random coincidence that you blogged about your old friend and I am in the process of writing a post on my baby blog about the same friend. While Treva and I were not close like you, she influenced my life in a profound way. As I was reflecting on the time she invested in my life I said a prayer for her and wondered where life had taken her. God is so amazing. He didn’t have to answer me, but he did through you. Pretty cool.
    Also, thanks for your post about life-long friends. I have one. I am blessed.

  • Amy Maurer - I can’t believe you were in my town & I didn’t get to even catch a glimpse of you! Ha! I’m behind on reading blogs…can you tell? But I recognize those slides and rock climbing wall!! I have lots of pictures of my kiddos coming down those slides. Love this post about friendship. I have a friend like that…and I treasure her. And our rare moments together. Beautifully written. Beautiful sentiments.

  • AshleyAnn - Amy – next time I’m in town…we’ll have to go for coffee. I’d love to see you again!