diy {layered fabric hoop}

Well, since several of you requested a tutorial on my fabric hoop from yesterday…here you go:


  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Quilt pieces – I got these from an estate sale. I am guessing you could make your own.
  • Scissors & hot glue gun

You know I like crafts with just a few supplies and steps, this would be another one of those. I really liked the fabric used on the quilt pieces when I saw them at an estate sale, but had no intention of ever trying to make them into a quilt. I use them for random projects all the time. When I was hanging things on that wall in the studio, I had a blank spot to fill. So I just looked around at what I had on hand…and thus this hoop was born.

Step 1: Cut a one inch wide strip of fabric to wrap the hoop

Step 2: Wrap the outside hoop in your fabric, hot glue it at the start and end to hold in place.

Step 3: Place the inner hoop on your work surface. Begin at the bottom, layer the fabric up to the top

Step 4: Place the outer hoop on top and secure it tightly

Step 5: Turn it over and trim off the edges

This was ridiculously easy for me, but I didn’t do the hard part of sewing all those pieces together!

Random side note: while I made this the boys were playing Oregon Trail. Anyone remember that game? We had a long conversation along the lines of, “back when I was a kid we….”

On days he doesn’t go to school, his hair looks like this. Who am I kidding…his hair looks like this most days. Summer buzz cut coming soon.

Happy Crafting to You.

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  • alisha - I love your blog. Your creativity is amazing and inspiring. I wish I had a hoop and cute fabric hanging around!

  • Andy - cute i love it. i also love your katie daisy sweet as honey card. i bought my mom that one for her birthday last year. my kids grandmother name for her is honey. (i may have said this once before.) πŸ™‚

  • Rachel C - Oregon Trail love!!! I remember always being so disappointed if I died of dysentery. At least there is honor in dying of a snake bite. πŸ™‚

  • Jen - So super cute! And oh my Oregon Trail!! I loved that game! It was always a favorite on rainy days when we couldn’t go outside for recess! πŸ™‚

  • Misty - Oh I remember Oregon Trail! Are the graphics any better than they were back then? I’m assuming the game has come a ways from it’s overly-pixelated past πŸ˜‰

  • Casey - Thanks for posting this! I need to get my sewing machine back from my sister now! I do remember Oregon Trail too, it’s so fun to show your kids things you did as a kid.

  • Steph - You’re so creative! This is such a cute DIY.

  • Carol Paxman - Goodness! I’ve been watching your little family grow for a while now and I have to say that picture of the three boys makes them all look so big! *sigh* Those cute sweeties of yours are growing much too quickly!

  • amber - But he has clean fingers;)! And that hoop is way too cute. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Molly - 1. so cute!
    2. every morning you blog is the first blog i read….it has been that way since i found your blog a few years ago!
    3. my husband is in oklahoma for the next few days for work. you are the only person i “know” from oklahoma so i thought i would tell you:)

  • Necole @seriouslysassymama - I love hoop art. I love all the different patterns.

  • Whitney - I used to cry when my oregon trail people died of dysentary. I didn’t even know what dysentary was. I am a librarian and yesterday at the library, a 7-year old boy asked me if I had seen the movie Space Jam. I told him that Space Jam had come out when I was a kid. He replied, “whoa, it must be a really old movie.” I’m only 26 kid!

  • Gina - I love your hoop!! Crazy cowlic hair is cute, too!!!

  • Deb - This fabric treatment would be so cute on a globe!

  • Melanee - I bought several embroidery hoops awhile back at Michaels. Just hanging on to them waiting for some inspiration. Thank you.

  • Jack - Loving the ‘bed-head!’

  • Kristi - Yup. This is super fabulous and hopefully I can manage to make one soon. I also wanted to ask you (only because I’m nosy)what the significance is of the hanger on the wall. Whenever I saw that before in one of your pictures, I thought it was a fun idea.

  • Modern Day Mummying - This is the loveliest hoop idea I’ve seen yet! I’m going to have to make one for my daughter (and for me)… Thank you for sharing your gorgeous idea Ashley Ann!

    Sophie xo

  • Eva - Your fabric hoop is beautiful!

    And Oregon Trail???? I LOVE it!

    And the hair! Does he have two crowns? Mine does, and if we don’t keep his hair super short, it looks the same…stands up nice and tall back there with no effort! lol

  • Linda - OH my goodness my heart leapt the embroidered house hanging on your wall is the exact one that hung in my home when i was little! I love it. So fun to see it in your collection of goodies! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  • EmmyA - My son has the same hair. It has always just stood straight up. I don’t even try to fight it anymore because nothing works. When it gets too long and the bed head gets too crazy, I just use pomade to spike it up for church because, really, that’s the only place we go that I care about being presentable. He got a haircut this week.

  • Lisa - Sweet! Thanks for posting. I have a bunch of these that I need to use and hadn’t come up with anything yet.

  • Jess - Oregon Trail? Wow. That’s quite a flashback. πŸ™‚

    My oldest is on the autism spectrum, and he has decided he won’t have a haircut until the first day of Summer. His last haircut was almost three months ago. LOL!

  • Emily - Oh my I LOVED Oregon Trail!!

  • Jacci - Well, thanks! I actually did have a happy crafting night… made pillow covers from the Amy Butler Bliss fabric I first saw in your home. I got a sample of it in a scrap pack & could not believe how gorgeous the colors were! SO beautiful. Now I have two little pillows of it sitting right across from me. Happy happy πŸ™‚

    Loved the hoop art. I haven’t jumped on the hoop art wagon, but this is just the kind of project that would get me to! πŸ™‚

    And I’m glad your boy’s hair looks all wild. ha ha. My son’s does, too. I’m trying to grow it out, but I don’t think it’s going to be lush & wavy – it’s kind of doing the stick up thing like Littlest πŸ™‚

  • Herta - My Dear Ashley, I hope that you don’t mind the familarity but, you are JOY, what you share with us brings me light and joy. You remind me that life is great in it’s simplicity; fabric scraps, children, mud, laughter, trampolines…I love your generosity in letting us into windows of your life, to me it looks like a life ‘well lived’. Thank you for sharing, keep doing what you do so well, your children and family are lucky to have you.

  • Amanda - Thank you so much for the DIY! I love it and it’s so easy! You’re the best!

  • Kerry@PlentyPlace - Your life has “inspired by God” written all over it! =D

  • elizabeth H - i noticed this lovely little hoop in yesterday’s post …
    {living close to cousins = SUCH a blessing; i couldn’t agree more!}
    so, so CUTE!!
    & your little man’s hair ~ yep, my guy has one just like it!

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  • Shauna Noel Reed - 1. um Oregon Trail? awesome. on ipad?
    2. PLEASE tell me where you got the “Kira” outfit??? Ella is wishing to be a barbie character so bad, but i didn’t know there were costumes(at least ones i don’t have to make πŸ™‚

  • becky @ farmgirl paints - this is da bomb. DA bomb! loved oregon trail:) felt so important in 5th grade when we got to log on and learn.

  • Tracey Bartula - Absolutely LOVE your blog! Thank you so much for sharing…this is random since it is just in the background of your pic, but where did you get the print of the CS Lewis quote? Not seeing that particular design on Etsy! Thanks!

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