wrapping up

This week is wrap up week around here for so many things. We are wrapping up basketball. I am wrapping up the first SnapShop of 2013. Trying to wrap up random projects before we host an overnight guest in the studio tonight. Wrapping up just lots of stuff. So in this wrapping up Friday, this post will make not make any logical sense. Kinda of like me right now.

Chris is a GREAT coach. The boys and their friends enjoy having him as coach for now. I hope that lasts for a while longer.

All my pictures of them playing include too many kids I don’t know…so I won’t post those online. Just know that my 6 year old may be short but he can make a mean basket. I could not be a coach…I get too fired up. It is better for me to be in the stands passing out snacks to siblings.

I will use the pink flourish to designate my transitions today.

So, I am guessing a bunch of you have already heard of Hope Spoken…but I am sure many of you have not. Let me fill you in, here is a blurb from the Hope Spoken website:

“Hope Spoken is a women’s conference where we all can come to know Jesus more, and make Him known in our lives. Our conference will be filled with stories. Stories of Christ in each of our lives, and how we can use these stories for His glory. This is a weekend to rest and feel His love, to lay burdens and hurts down and feel His grace. We want to let women know that they are enough, to encourage women to use their passions, their words, and their creativity for the Lord. We, above all else, want to glorify Jesus’ name and share the hope we have in Him.”

The event will take place March 28-30, 2014 in Dallas, Texas

This is not a bloggers conference. You do not need to be a blogger to attend. Which is good because I’ve never been to a blogging conference and am still a little overwhelmed at the thought of ever going to one. A conference for women, that I can handle. I’ll be there as one of the small group leaders and I am so excited about the speakers lined up. Some powerful stories will be shared. You can find all the details, speaker line up and purchase tickets on the Hope Spoken website.

And just so you know, I already called dibs on rooming with my sister. She’ll be there as a small group leader too. I’m sure she has friends she’d like to room with and who would like to room with her, but I am forcing her to be my friend for the weekend! So if you are nervous about big group settings too…just force someone to be your roomie.  Worked for me.  We can be wallflowers together!

And, a big Thank You to those that nominated and voted for my blog in the Parents Magazine 2013 Blog Awards. This crazy ole’ blog was named the blog “Most Likely to Wow You with Photos and Videos”. Thank you.

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  • Bekah Decker - Your photos wow me every day!

  • Savannah Smiled - I’m shooting a wedding that weekend, but it seems so amazing! I hope the next time I’ll be able to go. Way better than any conference I’ve heard about lately 🙂

  • Necole @seriouslysassymama - Congrats on the blog win.

  • maggie may - that conference sounds awesome. i grew up near d-town! what, what!
    -best gangsta impersonation i’ve got.

    congrats on your blog win! wahoo!

  • Melanee - Congratulations on the win and most definitely deserved. I get so much inspiration from your photos and hope to take one of your workshops soon. I can only aspire to have your artist’s eye.

  • Nicolle - Congrats on winning! I voted for you. 🙂

  • Ann Voskamp - Hope Spoken! I *Love* the whole vision! You are a wonder!
    And congrats, friend, on the blogging award — I simply couldn’t agree more.
    More love than thin letters can carry…

  • Kaylee Stevie - I didn’t know you were going to be a small group leader too! So am I! Can’t wait to meet you and serve together!

  • Kaylee Stevie - Congrats on the award! You definitely deserve it. I didn’t know you were going to be a small group leader too! So am I! Can’t wait to meet you and serve together!

  • amy cornwell - Congratulations! No one more deserving of that Parents award than you! Kudos!!

  • Kimberly Oyler - ohhhh my goodness. you’re going too? gosh. I think I’m just going to have to sell some blood or something so I can go.

  • tasha roe - Congrats on the award!!

    I’m exited about the Hope Spoken conference. We are moving to Dallas this summer. Love that I’ll be so close!!

  • teresa - Ashley, do you have an email that you share? We met w our builder Friday and I would love to get some ideas/info about your AH-MA-ZING studio! Would love to know the materials used for railing, brand/sizes of windows, how you heat/cool it, and any other info you could share! We started drawing plans 2 months ago then I found these pictures on your blog! I was excite to see better ideas that I had planned 🙂 Our ceiling pitch is 19 feet (yikes!) b/c the other end is our farm machine bldg but I see you have lowered your ceiling in the big cathedral part but still have high ceiling for loft… that was genious and will save us heat and a silly looking ceiling that would look tooooo tall! I know you are a busy, busy girl but if you get a few minutes I would love your input! 🙂

  • Paige - i just registered for hope spoken today. i’m so looking forward to it. i hope i get the chance to meet you and give you a hug, and thank you for speaking hope in my life from your story.

  • Yvette Walshe - Congratualations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay You!!!!!!!!!! You so deserve this!!!! Your awesome and totally real. A true child of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! God Bless you and your wonderful family.


  • Jacci in Ohio - Woohooie!!!!!!!!!! YAY! I’m so glad you won! 🙂 that’s so exciting!

    I miss SnapShops 🙂 I do! It was so great in so many ways, and I really think some of my best photos from the whole year were the ones I took during your class.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - 1. You are gonna be there?!!! EEEK!
    2. Congratulations on the award! I agree 100% I am wowed by your photos 🙂 Kee hee.
    3. I like the pink flourish
    4. Go Chris! I love when daddies are coaches! Brian coached soccer for a while and I loved it! (I was a little too vocal sometimes and was told I should probably just take pictures sometimes – lol)

  • Lori - If you’re ever searching for a photo tip idea to give, I would be extremely grateful for some tips on how to get good action shots in low light! I tried to photograph my daughter’s basketball game this weekend (me=novice) and had lots of trouble. :/

  • Michelle W - Yay yay yay! You’re AWESOME! Congrats.

  • tracy a - a little late to see this post, but Congratulations! well deserved friend