duct, duct, cat

Thanks for your sweet comments yesterday. It is fun to look back on that day with you all. The next two pictures I shared last year too, but you didn’t know what FireCracker was looking at…so here they are again! She carried those two referrals pictures around with her for months…and showed everyone that would stand still long enough to see them.

So no tears today. How about a random story about painting floors? I started painting the upstairs floor of the studio. Alone time. A little Brad Paisley on Pandora. I painted myself in a corner. Literally in a corner. I had to text Chris, he brought a ladder and I climbed out the window as a tornado approached the house. My oldest could not wrap his mind around how I managed to paint myself in a corner. I blame it on Brad. (not really a tornado, but that cloud looks like one!)

“Fresh & Crisp” is the color…floor, wall, & ceiling.

While the painting project was going on, we saw a coyote out back so I told the boys to find Poppy (our cat). She goes in and out of the house all the time. We looked ALL OVER, in every cabinet and couldn’t find her. Finally we heard a little ‘meow’ so we knew she was inside. Then my oldest found her…in the duct work. I left the vent covers off the floor upstairs to paint and I guess she went exploring. Seriously. Poppy was fine, but my arms hurt from trying to hold the cover, the screw driver & the cat.

The upstairs is in progress…trying to decide what I want to put up there. I put the vent covers back on. Then I took them back off for another coat of paint.

This time Chris got to rescue the cat. He looks much more graceful at cat rescuing than I do.

Vent covers are back on…until I take them off to spray paint them. Poppy won’t be allowed in during that time.

Totally unrelated…these girls love to rock the guitar and dance.

Rock on. Rock on in your Spidey shirt and heart leggings. Rock on, crazy girl.

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  • Andy - awesome post. love the upstairs. it looks like a blanket of snow. just love it. cute girls jammin out. my little girl would fit right in. 🙂

  • Necole @seriouslysassymama - Your firecracker reminds me of the three firecrackers I have at home.

  • Alice H - Did Poppy not learn anything the first time?

    So funny about you painting yourself into a corner!!

    Love the studio! You are very blessed to have this extra space for you and your family. You have done amazing things to it!!

    And I love the pictures of Firecracker and Little One!

  • Debbie C - I love how fresh and bright the upstairs looks! Literally a blank canvas for all of your creative ideas. Looking forward to seeing the “after”. 🙂

  • Jody - Really, can we all come over & drink coffee in your studio (or wine – you can pick!)?! It is unreal. L.O.V.E. it. Is it part of your house or separate? How lovely!!!! You are one lucky gal. Enjoy all that sun streaming in through your windows!!!!

  • Tonya - I remember having Underoos….I think that is how it’s spelled. But they usually were super hero underwear…I remember loving them…Looks like Fire Cracker is loving hers too!

  • Lindsey McClennahan - A fellow photographer friend suggested your blog to me! I’m in love with your house colors! Makes me want to run away from our rent house and never look back! : )
    Love from Checotah, Oklahoma.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Love this entire post! love and color and cheer – rock on sweet friend!

  • kiley - ha! what a silly cat!!! love that bright, clean white!!!

  • Melissa - I love the way you guys have decorated your house. So eclectically beautiful. So bright and fun!

  • danielle - Such a beautiful space! Cats are crazy. My friends cat got it’s head stuck in a jar. So silly.

  • Lori - I love every single thing about this post. Every. Single. Thing.

  • Kimberly Dial - Oh Ashley, when I read the part where Chris was rescuing you with a ladder as a tornado approached I thought “Oh my goodness, Okies are really laid back about those things!” LOL I can feel the Vitamin D coming thru those awesome windows … no wonder those girlies are dancing 😉 Sunshine makes ya feel good! Thanks for sharing.

  • Molly - i do love the random stories of life! Is your studio attached to your house? Just curious:)

  • jenny - this has me laughing…for real! I would totally do something like paint myself into a corner and then call me husband! So funny! 😉

    And I love the upstairs!

  • Jackie - I have a niece who is ten and daughter who is one. They so remind me of firecracker and little one. My daughter follows her niece around like she’s the best thing in the whole world. and My niece is a wild crazy girl too. Love your photos and stories!

  • Jack - Wow! The light in the studio looks amazing – so light and airy!

  • jules - I absolutely LOVE the space you’ve got for yourself! Adorable retreat, so fresh & new, with all those special touches that make it YOURS. It’s so much fun watching and living vicariously through your updates. Thanks for posting!

  • Teresa - You just can’t make this stuff up!

  • kelleyn - That is pretty funny! Looks like you started in the wrong corner. Good thing you were able to get out! Have a great weekend!

  • stephany @ home is what you make it - I absolutely LOVE your studio space. I dream of a space like that someday.
    What brand is the paint?
    I am looking for a white for our walls and cabinets.

  • Allison B - Ah, my cat did that once when I was painting. I ended up having to disassemble part of the ductwork in the basement to get her out because somehow she got down there and couldn’t get back up!

  • Kara M - That was a good distraction from crying during yesterday’s post! 😀 I love this story of Poppy in the vents…so hilarious! Hope your kids enjoyed that.

  • Lynn - Love the pictures of the girls…they are so cute together! Thanks for a good laugh this morning……real life!! Your studio is beautiful!

  • Laura@Ms Smartie Pants - just a simple thanks for joy, such joy your little family brings to my heart 🙂

  • Lex - Maybe there’s something really cool in your duct work that you don’t know about … 😉

  • Brooke - What kind of paint did you use on your floor?

  • Bekah Decker - I love your studio!! It looks amazing!! I do have a question..I painted the floors in 2 of my rooms white and was wondering what you use to clean them? I love them but so far in my experience they seem pretty hard to clean. Just wondering if you have found a favorite cleaner or something since you have had painted floors for a while now!

  • marcy - Umm… best blog post title ever! LOL

  • Tiffany - Oh my goodness I just laughed so hard when I saw the pics of Chris getting the cat out of the vent the second time. Great post today! Love your stories!

  • Sara - Our cat hides whenever a storm is nearby- maybe Poppy was trying to seek cover!

  • teresa - Discovered your blog a few months ago… It is my calm every evening… I so look forward to it! Your family is beautiful and you are simply an eclectic, smart, creative inspiration to me! I have a couple of questions… how do you keep that beautiful studio warm? I love the concrete floors and amazing windows… I live for sunshine and brightness! We are thinking of building a small metal building and everytime I see photos in that marvelous studio I want to inquire about all the details! Where is your house from there? Dimensions? heated floors? etc… I would love to see a floorplan! xo, a big fan! Teresa

    ps – I just bought a canon t4i w 18-135mm lense- a far cry from your equipment… 🙂 but wondered also if you have any suggestions for another affordable lense- I have a 2 yr old and would love to take awesome photos of him (yes I know a lot is in the photographer 🙂 despite the equipment! Thanks Ashley!

  • nancy - Well silly me! I was feeling kinda weird about rocking out in my spidey shirt and heart leggings. Guess it’s all the rage! Who knew!

  • AshleyAnn - Nancy – Come rock out in that outfit anytime!

  • Cara Louise - Ashley, I’ve been praying for you and your family for so long now, reading your stories make sme feel like I am almost a part of it! Much love for the entire Campbell clan! You inspire me, and I featured your blog on my own this morning…

  • Alma - Wow that light in that room is amazing… perfect for inspiration and snapping pictures. Those last pictures of the girls… love them!

  • Dina - Who makes Fresh and Crisp? I can’t find it anywhere and my paint supplier can’t either! Thanks!

  • Brooke - Hi! I was hoping you might be able to tell me who makes that paint color. I can’t seem to track it down by its name. We are picking the wall colors for our new home and doing white everywhere, which I thought would be easy, but I didn’t realize there are a zillion shades of white! We have to choose from Benjamin Moore but I was hoping to match this color with one of theirs. This is just lovely! Thanks so much!

  • AshleyAnn - Brooke – maybe it is called “Clean and Crisp”. I got it mixed at Walmart, but I am not sure the actual brand. I might have had them match it. Sorry I am not much help!