duct, duct, cat

Thanks for your sweet comments yesterday. It is fun to look back on that day with you all. The next two pictures I shared last year too, but you didn’t know what FireCracker was looking at…so here they are again! She carried those two referrals pictures around with her for months…and showed everyone that would stand still long enough to see them.

So no tears today. How about a random story about painting floors? I started painting the upstairs floor of the studio. Alone time. A little Brad Paisley on Pandora. I painted myself in a corner. Literally in a corner. I had to text Chris, he brought a ladder and I climbed out the window as a tornado approached the house. My oldest could not wrap his mind around how I managed to paint myself in a corner. I blame it on Brad. (not really a tornado, but that cloud looks like one!)

“Fresh & Crisp” is the color…floor, wall, & ceiling.

While the painting project was going on, we saw a coyote out back so I told the boys to find Poppy (our cat). She goes in and out of the house all the time. We looked ALL OVER, in every cabinet and couldn’t find her. Finally we heard a little ‘meow’ so we knew she was inside. Then my oldest found her…in the duct work. I left the vent covers off the floor upstairs to paint and I guess she went exploring. Seriously. Poppy was fine, but my arms hurt from trying to hold the cover, the screw driver & the cat.

The upstairs is in progress…trying to decide what I want to put up there. I put the vent covers back on. Then I took them back off for another coat of paint.

This time Chris got to rescue the cat. He looks much more graceful at cat rescuing than I do.

Vent covers are back on…until I take them off to spray paint them. Poppy won’t be allowed in during that time.

Totally unrelated…these girls love to rock the guitar and dance.

Rock on. Rock on in your Spidey shirt and heart leggings. Rock on, crazy girl.

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