sunny & snowy days

Several of you have asked over the last couple months about my kids running around in shorts and no shoes. Truth be told we’ve been known to wear shorts to the mailbox in the snow. Bare feet are better than shoes around here. The other thing is, Oklahoma has crazy weather.

70s one day.

Snow the next day.

Then maybe a thunderstorm will roll in.

We don’t have seasonal clothes and we never put up the flipflops.

And the trampoline is always in use.

This was a couple of days ago.

The Super Hero crew…totally overexposed her face, but I still love it.

A couple of days later…yesterday.

It was Little One’s first snow. She was pretty indifferent about it. That snowsuit has now made it through all 5 of my kids. Size 6-9 month boy snowsuit.

It is supposed to back in the 60s by Sunday. Which is totally fine with me and the flipflops waiting by the door for my feet!

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