recently from my phone

Some recent iPhone pics. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen all of these.

Oh this guy…he’ll be 5 soon. He has my heart.

I have one daughter who is notorious for sneaking food. I have another daughter who has just gathered the courage to barely touch food. Grateful for both.

This week he told me, “My favorite living creatures are killer whales, sabertooth tigers, peregrine falcons…and monarch butterflies.” He has my heart too.

Did I mention here I joined a food co-op? I don’t remember if I told you that. I don’t remember a lot of things these days. What was I going to say about the food co-op? Now I don’t remember. Homemade Orange Julius. I do remember those.

Late afternoon bird watching. Everyday. One watches. One reads about the birds. Wonderfully created so differently.

I passed the Leia wig down to FireCracker. She passed it down to Little One.

We have chickens now….and trees. We joined a co-op, got chickens and the cow arrives tomorrow. Well, maybe not. But our friends were out of town and did let us raid their coop for eggs while they were gone. I also taught my oldest son to make scrambled eggs on his own (that is true). Life is good on our fake farm.

Happy Friday!

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