diy {filing drawer coffee table}

Last fall I was in Kansas for Craft Weekend….well for the day leading up to Craft Weekend. I got to do a little shopping with Megan & Becky and found this little beauty of a filing cabinet…it was $10.00 and I got her to sell it to me for $5.00. I didn’t have a plan for it, but I hadn’t seen a vertical filing cabinet like it before and those big handles needed me to take them home. A little paint, labor and sink counter cut out later, I have a new coffee table.

I lightly sanded the whole thing, then taped off the handles and label spots. I added a few coats of spray paint to the areas you would see. Once the paint dried, I filled the label areas with scrapbooking paper.

We redid our kitchen a few years ago with IKEA butcher block counters. The piece we had to cut out for the sink has been propped in the garage since. Chris cut down edges for me.

The top of the cabinet had little metal notches sticking out. Instead of permanently attaching the butcher block, I drilled out little grooves for the notches to fit. It was ugly work because I didn’t have the best tools for the concept. However, it is on the underside and it worked perfectly. The butcher block fits tightly on top of the cabinet.

I added stuff for butcher block counters to seal the wood. You could use just about any good sealer though – water based, the other kinds tend to go yellow.

I stick back issues of my favorite magazines inside. The plant needs a bigger pot. It’s on my list.

She’s a big fan of Martha Stewart KIDS. I so wish they still published that magazine. Martha, please bring it back!

And he was just hanging around while I was taking pictures. CUTIE PIE.

My little coffee table makes me happy. It is just the right height and size for our family. Cheap + fun project = winner in my book.

Oh yea….Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  • Rebecca Alexis - gorgeous! I love your fabulous coffee table! So perfect for young kids and it fits so perfectly into your wonderfully beautiful, happy, cozy home. The pics of oyur sweet children are a bonus! adore! xo

  • Fee ist mein Name - I’m totally in love. Like absolutely… <3

  • Angie - I swoon!

  • Seriously Sassy Mama - I just found a metal tray that made me think of your wall. I am putting my entryway together and it looks perfect on my shelf.

  • Allison - That’s gorgeous! You are so talented!!

  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators - I love this coffee table – and everything else you’ve got going on in that corner. The sofas, the art… its all so cheery!

  • Heather - Your space just keeps getting better and better! The coffee table is perfect:)

  • Sharon @ Discovering Blog - I’m am so inspired with your garage sale finds! This is adorable, and fits that space perfectly.

  • Lennie - LOVE! The whole room is so inviting and comfy. Very nice work.

  • Amanda - You seriously have the most fabulous, creative things around your house and studio! It amazes me how you can visualize that amazing table from a $5 file cabinet. I would get lost for days in your house (and NOT want to be found) trying to soak up all of the fun stuff you have!!! =)

  • Danielle - I have been thinking about switching to butcher block counter tops. Have yours held up ok? I keep hearing mixed things about them and I have two rough little boys that like to spill.

  • Jane in Canada - Oh wow Ashley! Another perfect project. What a great coffee table. Your studio is turning out to be stunning!

  • Amy @ Fig Milkshakes - The whole area has come together very nicely. You just have this way of pulling together this n’ that thing that inspires me, and also makes me feel that I don’t even need to drool over the best and most expensive of everything. This is much nicer. Thanks!

  • Catherine - Such a happy space! I seriously covet that yellow floral chair and I am so with you on Martha Stewart Kids. I was heartbroken when it stopped. Ok, maybe not heartbroken but very disappointed! We should start a petition for a digital version at least.

  • carolina - I hate coffee table, I don’t know why I don’t like it and my husband can`t live without them. But when I saw your coffee table in your older post I thought it was really beautiful and has a good size is not soooooooo big, and not to small. I really love it.

  • Anna@agoodhome - That is an incredible find and what a ridiculously awesome price! I love how you made it work perfectly for your home. Beautiful 🙂

  • Stephanie George - What a cool project. Wish I had an eye for finding stuff at flea markets, etc. The scrapbooking paper totally gives the final project the perfect finishing touch! Beautiful job!

  • Carrie // cue the confetti - This is so great! WHAT A DEAL!!! I have seen this in your Instagram’s and I just love it! Also, I agree, bring back Martha Stewart Kids!!!! I have every issue published and they are my favorite.

  • Cheryl - I just love your sitting area! It’s such a happy space!

  • Lex - Gorgeous! I’ve been looking for a way to disguise my files around our little cottage, since the office became a nursery a few months ago. I hadn’t thought of Coffee Table, though. That could be just what I need … 🙂

  • rachel - so love this!

  • Monica - Love your place! Happy Valentines day!

  • Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - girl you are repurposing genius!! i was like what in the world will she do with that? and you go and turn it into this gorgeous functional conversation piece. job well done! i’m inspired:)

  • Mary - you have magic hands!
    i am sure of it!
    this is so amazing! 🙂

  • jenny - Your studio is such a happy place! Love all of the color and the great light it gets from the outside….very inviting! 🙂

    and the filing cabinet is way cool! Cannot believe you scored that for $5!

  • jerusalem - Such cuteness! And what a great way to keep back issues close at hand : )

  • Marci - I just got back from an amazing Craft Weekend! I went because I saw it on your blog and was secretly hoping that I would get to meet you. Did you get this at THE antique store? My favorite stop was the thrift store. It had amazing prices…as in $.30 for milk glass, $.05 for a package of covered buttons, $.10 for bias tape, etc. Even though you weren’t there, I’m so glad that I found it through you!

  • Jackie - Great coffee table. I never would have guessed how big it was, based on the original pictures. Fantastic creativity!

  • Nancy Farmer - Those file cabinets look like the kind we have in basement of our local court house. The documents were placed in small envelopes that were tied with red ties similar to red shoe laces. If the files were thick, it took longer red ties…thus the reference of having to go through lots of “red tape”. I love what you have done with these. You brought back some memories of days gone by. Nancy

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Absolutely love this! Great find, great color, great fabric – LOVE!

  • Sadee Schilling - Oh my, your studio sitting room is to die for! I love your style and your creativity so much, Ashley. That coffee table…AMAZING! Makes me long to go thrifting in Oklahoma or Kansas.

  • Mary - How cool! Your home looks amazing!

  • sarah - Hi. I have been following your blog for a bit now, not really sure how I found it. But I love it! I am leaving for Hong Kong in 4 days and then to Guangzhou and Nanchang to pick up my little girl! I loved reading all of your helpful posts on your trip and getting to see some pictures of things (some of the same places you were) before actually going over there.
    Blessings to you and your family!
    ~Sarah Gehman

  • Missy - Your studio is so happy!

  • Jamie - What a great table!! I can tell you and your family are enjoying your new space.

    Quick question: My husband and I currently “spicing up” our kitchen and we are seriously considering getting the Ikea butcher block to use as our countertop. I would love if you could do a post on yours (your pro’s/cons and how it has held up)!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  • Paige - I really like how you aren’t afraid to mix all kinds of wood types and colors in one room. Even next to each other. I love butcher block for coffee table. That would hold up to match box cars very well! Cool idea.

  • Jacci - 5 DOLLARS???!!!

    Good night.

    At this rate my name is *never* going to get drawn for a CW, but I’m seriously considering a road trip to Barely Making It this summer regardless. 5 dollars???!!! Here that would be $20 at *least* :/

    I love what you did with it. I’m amazed at how quickly the studio is coming together. It’s so lovely!!!

  • Steph Rodriguez - You are so creative! I love it!

  • hannah singer - love it so much!

  • DignifySJ - Sooo cool, I love it, love it! Who isn’t always looking for excuses to keep old magazines instead of throwing them away…?!

  • RachelC - What a beautiful space! I love it.

  • meg duerksen - pretty much the best room ever. 🙂

  • able mabel - Love it! It looks like an easy facelift!

  • Ann - Long shot but do you happen to know/remember what color that paint is? It’s beautiful!