a cheater’s pillow tutorial

Before all the holiday festivities began, Chris gave me the best gift – an entire day alone in the studio to finish up projects. I was up to my elbows in fabric, paint, and sawdust. He knows the way to my heart.

There are a few ‘supplies’ I tend to gather when I find them at a great price…vintage pillowcases, trims, tablecloths and fabric are among those items. They are great to have on hand for the rare chance I am able to just start making something. I am not a shopper, so if I can avoid shopping I do.

This fabric is actually a Pottery Barn duvet cover. It was on our bed 9 years ago. I moved on to a simple cream one, but held on to this one for the day I would find the perfect new use for it.

Kids snuck in, but I kept working. How do they always find me? My favorite game is hide and seek. I realized two years ago I can crawl on top of our dryer, which is stacked on the washer. If I move a box in front of me, I have a good 10 minutes before they find me. Now I just need to figure out how to get my coffee and a cookie up there with me. I digress.

I buy stained table clothes all the time. I use them for several different things…today I will use them for pillows.

And now a warning: If you are my mom or any other person who knows how to sew, you should stop reading now. There is sewing taking place below without a ruler, straight lines or any technically correct method.

If you don’t know how to sew and want to make a cheater’s simple pillow…I give you my pillow tutorial:

They may not be worthy to sell or give as a gift, but thrown on a bed they look mighty inviting.

And here is that 9 year old duvet cover on my Craigslist couch!

I have several other project posts from the studio…my desk, coffee table, etc. I might just post them all next week. Or I might weave them in over the next few weeks. I don’t know what I am cooking for dinner, so I better work on that first!

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