they’ve got the same haircut

It has almost been 5 weeks since Little One’s surgery. Crazy. She still has some lingering stitches we are waiting to fall off and she’s still a bit tender. Other than that – all is well. She mimics everything right now, including the way her big sister plays with dolls. Before we left for China, FireCracker wanted a doll that looked like her sister. Now Little One is the one usually playing with it.

She smiles more with her lower lip now, compared to the huge upper lip grin she used to have. I miss her original smile. Sometimes in the morning when I hear her wake up I go in and expect to see that huge grin I’ve known and the change surprises me. Don’t get me wrong, I cherish her new smile. I am in complete awe of what her surgeon did for her. I am deeply grateful the for all that this successful surgery means for her future. But, it is all still so new for us and missing something you loved doesn’t mean you aren’t grateful for what you’ve been given.

Eventually the cuddles lead to giggles and then she’s done.

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