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It is February and I am back to more regular posting. It was weird and wonderful to take so much time off in January. Initially, I wondered if I would miss it or not. I did miss it. It was good to be away though. I spent a lot of time thinking about this year. Thinking about where and how I want to invest the time I’ve been given. Blogging is a great joy for me. I spend time in this little online corner because I enjoy it. Blogging provides me an outlet for creativity: photography, diy, writing, family.

With that being said, having time away made me realize things I wasn’t so aware of before. For instance, at night if I got the kids to bed and I wanted to just sit and read or hang out with Chris – I did. Usually, kids get to bed and if I don’t have a blog post ready for the next day I take time in the evenings to write one. I have decided to give myself permission to not post everyday. If the kids are in bed and I haven’t had quality time with Chris or I want to read a book – well I am going to make sure that happens instead of getting a post together. I’ll still be posting regularly, but I might miss a weekday here and there. I know you guys don’t care, but I realized I need to not care too.

So, I am not sure what the posting schedule will look like. Some weeks I might post everyday. Some weeks maybe three times. I’ll just start today and see where it goes.

Just fyi – hese photos have no rhyme or reason to them.

This girl loves to sing. And sing LOUDLY. And sing ALL THE TIME. Barbie Princess & the Popstar….”Here I am!” (anyone know my pain?)

We’ve been keeping our bird seed out and to my surprise we’ve attracted a whole bunch of birds. Chickadees, Robins, Blue Jays, Sparrows, Cardinals. Late in the afternoon the boys keep Poppy (our cat) inside and they wait for the birds to come fluttering down for a meal. My parents got the boys binoculars for Christmas and I hung a hook by the window in the studio, so they’d be easy to grab for bird watching.

Little toes in the sunlight. She is running now. And racing up the stairs with a giggle and a glance back at me.

I had a giftcard to Target and splurged on this cookie jar and 5 coordinating mugs. I am so tired of plastic cups. We threw out all the sippy cup lids long ago, but the cups still linger. I was also tired of the kids using several cups a day. Now they each have their own mug and they use it all day – everyday. (No Little One doesn’t use hers – yet). If one gets left out, I know who it belongs to. I know a lot of moms that color coordinate everything…cups, plates, towels, blankets, etc. We do it with a couple of things and is sure helps knowing who to remind regarding picking things up.

We are still talking a lot about ‘seeds of kindness‘ around here. This guy came up with the idea on his own to make ‘spiders’ for his basketball team. Oreos, frosting, pretzels, and M&Ms….not the healthiest of snacks, but totally worth it to see him work so hard to surprise his friends.  Obviously he went out to play basketball before changing out of his pj pants…at least he got on a shirt though.

an announcement for those interested:

Fearless Conference

Do you read Jen Hatmaker’s blog? Several of you have sent me her posts related to adoption over the last year. She is coming to the Tulsa area in March and I am so looking forward to hearing her speak. If you come, look for me and say ‘hi”!

“Join Jen Hatmaker, Dr. Barbara Sorrels, Dr. Alex Himaya, and the ADOPT(ED) Ministry at The Church at Battlecreek on March 2, 2013 from 8am – 3:30 pm to Explore fears associated with foster care and adoption; Connect with other families, experience opportunities to care for vulnerable children, and ultimately celebrate God’s faithfulness. Whether you are a current adoptive or foster family or are now considering your role in caring for orphans and vulnerable children, you will not want to miss this amazing day.” click here for info

Cost: $20.00 individual, $35.00 couple



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