Tangled is running free

My oldest daughter has transitioned into the role of big sister so smoothly. She was made for this role. The love she has for her little sister is deep and fierce. It has been there since the day she first saw Little One’s picture. For obvious reasons, Little One needed a lot of attention the weeks following her surgery.  In those days following surgery, I could tell it was wearing on FireCracker. She wasn’t getting as much attention and everyone was on edge worried about the healing process.

FireCracker needed a date with me.

We went out for frozen yogurt and then meandered around Target…where she found a Tangled wig to go with the Tangled dress my mom made her.

I gave in…

She wears the wig all the time. When it comes off the boys tell her she still looks like “Tangled”…after her haircut.

When she isn’t running free screaming “BEST DAY EVER!!”, she can be found stealing the swing from her big brother….not very princess-like all the time.

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  • Stephanie - Oh! Love this! I’m so fond of your stories about Firecracker – her antics remind me so much of my own daughter.

  • Jenny L. - Oh.My.Gosh – Love that girl!

  • Jamie - Love it! And so happy my weekday mornings will be back to “normal.”
    But at the same time- hope you enjoyed your blogging break and helped your little one heal!

  • Molly - I agree with your boys! She totally has the Tangled role down!!

  • seriously sassy mama - Too cute. That dress your mom made is pretty awesome.

  • Meg - She is so sweet. I have a friend who’s daughter just became a big big sister and could use som extra love. Do you know if your mom used a pattern? If so what pattern was it? The dress looks simple but so special.

  • Lennie - Very sweet. Yay for individual dates with the kiddos. You are such a good mama.

  • Anna@agoodhome - Definitely the most mischievous little princess on the block! And your son in the background is doing my kids’ EXACT pouting pose! My 2 yr old son usually accompanies the look and folded arms with a scowl and the declaration “I grumpy!” 🙂

  • Tonya - She is just too cute!

  • Jenny - Love it!
    We do dates with the kids sometimes too. Its hard to get that one on one
    time with each of them otherwise.

  • Monica - Pretty princess! 🙂

  • maggie may - how fun!
    i have really been impressed reading your posts about her and little one. they seem to get along so well!
    before Christmas we started doing “mommy minutes” and “daddy dates” where one kid per day gets 15 minutes with me or their dad to do an activity they like. it gives us one-on-one time with the kids and it’s enough time to do something fun like a board game…without it taking up so much time that it’s not doable.
    the kids love it. they each have a day of the week with me and a day of the weekend with my husband and it works great!

  • sarah k - Adorable. Love those bare feet in the air and the crossed arms of big brother in the background!

  • Sharon @ Discovering Blog - Oh, isn’t one of the best things about having little ones the way that they love to wear costumes?? She looks adorable, and that dress is fantastic! I can see why she loves it.

  • Corrie Anne - That wig was totally worth it. Too cute.

  • Jenny B. - How cute! She’s “Tangled” at our house too. When it first came out, my little boy (same age as Firecracker) would always say, “Tangled running!!” 🙂

  • Tracy a - Don’t you just love saying, “my oldest daughter”!?!

  • Debbie C - Firecracker in her blonde wig…priceless. 😀

  • Tiffany - Welcome back! You were missed.

    (BTW: I love the idea that Maggie May had about mommy minutes each day…I might start doing that to make it more official!)

  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators - Firecracker is just the perfect mix of sugar and spice. I love hearing about her antics.

  • Stacy Dean - I am coming out of silent blog reader mode and piping in to say “SO cute!”

    Also, I love your blog/life/self. I have cried and smiled so much reading your blog. You are inspiring and I’m so happy your little one is healing and happy. I love how your family and blog is such a burst of light in the blogosphere world!


  • Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails} - Hahaha…my youngest got the same wig last year for Christmas. I love that you had a one on one date with Firecracker. That time is precious for any child 🙂

  • Vicki Farr - Ashley, I am friends with your mom and dad and Sandy and David. I enjoy your website so much. You are an amazing mom.
    Thank you so much

  • Susannah - I love hearing about how sweet your boys are to Fire Cracker! She is so lucky to have brothers who love her so much!

  • Kimberly Dial - Oh Ashley, your Firecracker is a girl after my own heart! Sweet girlie 🙂

  • Marcy - I luv the pouty boy pose in the background on the last picture. Adorable!

  • Marty Ann - What a great mom and grandma she has. She looks so cute and happy, love your post

  • Emily - Too funny… big brother pouting in the background!

  • Sophie - My daughter is exactly the same! Same age, and shouts ‘Best day ever’ and ‘wahooooo’ whilst jumping from sofa to sofa…in a very long blonde and matted wig! The only difference is, we are in the UK, so she has developed a brand new accent to go with the Rapunzal role, we can’t quite get used to it…!

  • Kaylee@life chasers - oh my gosh, oh my gosh. i can hardly handle this goodness.