a little of what I’ve been up to

It has been a good month.

Little One is healing so well and it is good to have that first surgery under our belt.

She is a big fan of headbands…determined to get them on when they come off.

I’ve been able to start and complete a few projects lately. More info and tutorials on those coming soon.

I’ve been able to go on lots of dates with little people this month…Frozen Yogurt with these two (she just runs, doesn’t partake in enjoying the sweets)

Jam sessions with daddy. Covering the wall in bird illustrations and photographs. That coffee table is in progress too. Tutorials and more info on the table and wall coming soon too.

We made the world’s best lemonade to quinch our thirst. Bible & gratitude journal to feed my soul.

FireCracker and I went on a date to The Vintage Comb. She got her first ‘real’ haircut and I got thick bangs. We both left very happy.

Charley Harper paint by numbers from Target. The best super power in my book would be the ability and chance to take an undisturbed nap!

Little One learned to climb…on everything. It is a battle of wills regarding the stairs. She is not too fond of me not letting her go up and down them as she pleases. On the other hand, she climbs right up into my lap for a hug. Slays me.


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  • Amber - Oh man, Little One is healing so beautifully if pictures are any indication. I LOVE your new hair do, it really seems to suit you. And, I’m going to have to go to target to get those paint by numbers, pretty much don’t even have a choice, it is so happening!

  • beth - i love love love your bangs !!

  • Julie - I love the bangs on you!

  • Amy M - charley harper paint by numbers at target?!! right now…can you get them right now??? what section? i love charley harper and i LOVE birds…LOVE. WANT.

  • danielle - So adorable! I love seeing what your kids are up to. Firecracker and little ones boots are so cute!

  • Misty Milliron-Grant - Firecracker looks stiff and terrified for her first real hair cut 😉 Also really glad to see Little One coming into her own. With each new picture of her, I marvel at what a beautiful girl she is and what a beautiful woman she is going to become!

  • amy - wow bangs really suit your face! looks great!

  • Katie - Sigh. I LOVE the Charley Hopper Paint by numbers. Alas, there is no Target nearby. Happened before when I saw the limited edition of Warhol soups. Target Envy!

  • Katie T - Okay, love the bangs, the paint-by-numbers and the update as a whole but LOVE the hug at the end. Absolutely adore this whole journey (and the fact that it includes a battle of wills just makes it that much more fabulous from my point of view) May God continue to bless you with such road markers!!

  • Amanda - I LOVE your bangs!!!!! You look beautiful! I’m a bit jealous that you can rock them so well. I have a love/hate relationship with bangs myself. I love them on other people, get them for myself, and then can’t wait to grow them out. =)

  • Jamie - Your bangs/hair looks Great!!! Thanks for the update- can’t wait until I can enjoy my morning cup of coffee with you every weekday again!

  • Monica - Beutiful journey! 🙂
    I love your studio seems you can have some peace, but with 5 kids a doubt it is a quite place. LOL. Also I like your tea cups. I strat going to thrift stores because I want to get different ones for my doughters party that is in July I want a tea party :). and I love that idea of diferent styles.I love all your pictures but teh last one is beautiful!

  • Catherine - Charley Harper paint by numbers at Target??? Off there today to look for it!!!! That last photo slays me too. 🙂 Melt my heart!

  • Jenny - Love how your studio space is looking and love the bangs! Got mine
    Cut abt a month ago and love them!

  • Jenni - GREAT pictures! Love the bangs!

  • Stoich91 - SUPERSTAR! 😀

  • Raeanne - Do share the yummy lemonade recipe. I have a tree that produces year round, so we are always looking for fun new lemon recipes!!

  • Ashley - The bangs suit you! So adorable 🙂

  • katygirl - i’m getting bangs tomorrow. i feel really nervous about it. there is so much happy going on in this post. 🙂

  • Jacci in Ohio - Aw, I am *so* glad it’s been a good month! 🙂

    I loved every one of these pics. So beautiful in many, many ways.

    And, you, my dear are one hot mama! The bangs are so great on you… and even a little sassy. I’m betting Chris likes ’em 🙂

  • Lisa M. - I love your bangs! They look great on you. Are you finding them hard to style? I am contemplating getting bangs, but they seem like such a commintment 🙂 But you may have just helped make my decision!

  • Debbie C - Love the new hair! I have a love of anything Charley Harper too…I just bought the memory game (looks like you have it too?) and I’m excited to break it out when my little one is slightly older!

  • Laura - Your children are fabulous! The weather must really be mild….3 of the kids were barefooted, and no one is even wearing a jacket! WOW

  • Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails} - Bangs on AshleyAnn? PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look beautiful with your new ‘do!

  • Barbara - Little One is looking cuter by the minute!!
    What a great shot of her holding hands with big sister!
    Love the photo of the kids on the swings too! <3

  • Paige C. Decknick - Oh my gosh, I love your new hair-do!! And Little One hugging you is soooo sweet. Miss your posts, but love the reason why they’re gone. ?

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I agree – that would be the best superpower! I had just dozed off, knowing I had 45 minutes before sweet baby J got home from their babysitter club meeting…. when I heard the door rattle and lots of giggles.

    They had decided to come to my house and make brownies 🙂 good times.

  • Kayla - LOVE the bangs! Please share more pics soon!

  • Rachael - I miss reading your blog everyday!!! thanks for such beautiful posts 🙂

  • Katy - I’ve been a reader for a while but have never commented until now. I was just so excited to see a new post when I came by this evening! Your bangs are beautiful. You have such a sweet family. So glad Little One is healing so well. She couldn’t be any cuter. I love the way you’ve shared your heart for adoption and how sincere and genuine you are on here. Hope your January has been relaxing and refreshing time with family. God Bless!

  • Eva - You’re totally rockin’ the bangs! I’m gonna have to check out the paint by numbers. Little One is getting so big!!!

  • sara - What happy pictures! It is wonderful to see how Little One is healing and thriving. Climbing, oh my! On another note, I just don’t get your weather. Some days it looks like snow out your windows and other days kids are barefoot in the field. What?! We’re kind of random on the east coast but that is crazy! Also would love to know which Bible you have, the layout looks interesting. I’m shopping for a new study Bible. Thanks for posting!

  • andy - Fun times. Love your thick bangs. Oh how i want mine back. But last time was a disaster.

  • Emily - Loooove your fringe (as we call it in Australia 🙂 It looks fabulous!

  • Carol - Hi Ashley, I have read your blog for a few years now. I have marveled at your view on life and family. Cried with you in your pain and taken joy at the wonderful events in your life. I feel like we are friends (at least I would like to be if we lived closer.) I also have 5 children, 4 I gave birth to and 1 I claim as my own because God gave him to me to raise. Most of my children are grown and my two youngest are in highschool. I wish you were around when I was a young mother. I would have loved to have had a roll model like you. Anyway I just think you are great, but today I want to tell you that I love your long hair and thick bangs!

  • Vanessa - Honesly, I follow your every post- but tell me, when did Little One grow up?!?! She’s looking so grown up, so happy and dynamic! Love her glittery eyes. Your children so expressive!

  • Barny - so gorgeous! xx

  • mandi@herbanhomstead - 3 things: Charly Harper paint by numbers?! Must get them all! Bird corner- absolutely precious! Have you guys signed up for the great bird count in February? So much fun! And lastly- your hair is looking really great! Hot mama, for sure!

  • Meredith N. - I love your hair!! I have also been loving Little One’s hair…she just looks so stylish with her short black do! (and headbands!)

  • Tracy a - The coffee table looks awesome!! Missed out on seeing that beauty while I was visiting! Glad to see you are well…miss your regular posts though!

  • Brandy - Little one is learning so quickly! And her hair is growing out beautifully. It will not be too long before she has to go to the beauty shop too! 😉 You guys are lucky its warm enough to play outside barefoot!

  • able mabel - LOVE the bangs!

  • Kimberly Dial - Girl you are rocking those bangs! Love the look 🙂 Firecracker looked like she was enjoying the whole experience as well. Loved all the pics. Thanks for sharing them 🙂

  • Rose - You and Firecracker look sooooo much alike. Nose scrunch and all! I think Little One has doubled in size since she came home from China. She looks so healthy (and accessorized).

  • McKenzie A. - So where did you get the WW mask? 🙂

  • Lisa@Firefly Flickers - Your bangs look great! Before long you will have two sweeties with you at the beauty shop. I’m picturing side by side manicures in your future someday! Little One just takes my breath away.

  • elizabeth H - father/daughter music & hugs from Little arms = priceless!
    two of my favorite things!!

  • gale - Glad to see you back for a bit – and to catch up – looks like you all are having lots of fun! 🙂

  • Jeannine - You totally ROCK those bangs! Seriously, your hair looks amazing. And your girls are gorgeous 🙂