a dreary Sunday afternoon

A movie and popcorn is always better in a fort. I’m not sure what about it makes it so special, but it is worth the ten minutes it takes to string up lights and sheets to see their delight. Little One was sleeping, but she doesn’t exactly sit still for movies anyway. I think I’ll leave the sheets up for a bit. Just maybe, just maybe I could snuggle up in there with a book sometime. Probably not, but I’ll hold out hope. Happy Monday!

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  • T Garrett - Fun!! Gotta know though, what’s the blue thingy attached to the mac?

  • seriously sassy mama - Oh to snuggle up with a book. I look out the window and see our trampoline, and I cannot wait for camping out with the fire, smores, and a movie. My girls cannot wait either.

  • Lyn - This inspires me to do more forts and get more lights!

  • Becky - You are one awesome mom! These are absolutely the times your kidlets will remember ~

  • Becky - too too cute! love this idea!

  • Mary - how FUN is this?!
    my kids would (obviously) love this! 🙂

  • kiley - No longer dreary with the colorful sheet fort! Love it!

  • Lisa - Love it! Forts are so fun. I love it when my kids make them…it brings back many memories of my own forts. I love your sheets too! I think I have one of the same ones! I recently started making Jammies out of them – repurposed vintage sheets make wonderful nightgowns for little girls. I hope to make them for our adoption fundraising. 🙂

  • Ellie - Love what you decided to do with the sideways filecabinet!

  • Anna@agoodhome - Good grief, Firecracker is just too funny for words! Her vast array of hilarious faces always makes me smile.

    After your last post about the fort you made for your girls, I went thrifting for pretty vintage sheets so I could do the same thing for my little ones 🙂

  • Kristin S - This was my favorite IG photo of the whole weekend.

  • Sharon @ Discovering Blog - That fort looks like a kid’s dream! Little things like that do make a simple experience 10x more fun.

  • jenny - Yes, better in a fort for sure! Coffee, dark chocolate and a book…also better in a fort!
    Hope you get your time in there too. 🙂

    So fun!

  • Jessica P - Looks like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I’m totally craving popcorn now. 🙂

  • sarah k - I say leave it up–even 5 minutes with a good book is worth leaving it up for a while, right? 🙂

  • Modern day Mummying - Oh I love it! I remember doing this myself when I was little with and mum would let us keep it up for days during school holidays! There’s something about being hidden from the world, even if it’s only under a sheet of material 🙂

    Gorgeous pictures…

    Sophie xo

  • Madeline - I adore your blog and hope to be a mom like you some day! loving all the little things and how you document daily life with amazing pictures.

  • giozi - That moments are for all the life. You are creating a wonderful world to your children.

  • Sara Torbett - This looks lovely! There is something quite magical about a fort and lights…..I recently blogged about the same thing :). And honestly I enjoy it just as much (or more) as my sweet daughter does! What a fun hideaway you created. What movie did you watch?

  • Alicia - So lovely. I am on the hunt for adorable vintage sheets like this!

  • Susannah - This is where I wish I could spend my dreary Sundays!

  • Lex - “Probably not.”? You gotta MAKE time for books in forts, girl. 🙂

  • meg duerksen - i love that fort.
    that is all.

  • Hili - Your son is super sweet . (little brother ? You need better nicknames for your sons ) . Incurious whether you took his photos as verticals or cropped them to verticals afterward .

  • hili - hi ashley. i’m wondering how your kids feel about you photographing them . i’m asking because i’m at a point right now, where my 2.5 year old says very clearly that it bothers him that i’m taking his photos.i tend to take a lot of photos, always trying another angle . i’m wondering whether you think you take a lot of photos, or whether you are taking a few carefuly thought out photos, as to not disturb them too much, and make them feel like they are being photographed all the time ?

  • ali thompson - i love the creativity and inspiration that oozes from this space!

  • Ashley - Where do you get your sheets?

  • Candace - Ashley, if you don’t mind me asking — do you have the camera settings available for your close up pics (of Firecracker and your son), also what lens you were using?

  • elizabeth H - looks like a LOVELY Sunday afternoon!!
    those are such happy sheets ~ i’d definitely want to snuggle up in there w. a good book.