seeds of kindness

I was talking with the kids about ‘seeds of kindness’…planting kindness in those around us. It is something I want to be more a part of my daily life. When the laundry has been piled on the same chair for 2 days, when the dishes are flowing out of the sink onto the counter, when crumbs lay on the floor and kids are hanging from stair banisters…the notion of planing seeds of kindness in those outside my home feels like mission impossible. And yet, I want to be that friend. I long for thoughtfulness to overflow from me, but it doesn’t come naturally for me.

So, I’ve been trying hard this month. I’ve been talking with my kids about it. Teaching them as I teach myself. Bringing them alongside me in this journey to be a woman that finds ways to plant seeds of kindness in those around me.

Earlier this week, a package arrived on my door.

A box brimming with seeds of kindness.

A box of lemons.

A sweet friend who lives out of state had posted a picture on Instagram of her lemon tree. I made a little comment about wishing I could sit with her and enjoy some lemonade. The thing about this friend is she is someone I would truly love to sit with each day and laugh over lemonade. She challenges me. She inspires me. For those that know her…they know her as someone that plants seeds of kindness…consistently and thoughtfully. We couldn’t enjoy lemonade together, but she sent me a box of her lemons.

I couldn’t stop smiling. I got a box of lemons from a friend. It was such a happy box to open.

I have many other friends & family like her. Those that shock me with their thoughtfulness. Those that I hope I can grow up and be like them.

Kids are still going to be hanging from banisters. Laundry will remain. Dishes will stack up. But I got a box of lemons. I’m going to make some lemonade. I’m going to sip it with my crazy kids and we are going to learn together to plant seeds of kindness in others.

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