diy {cork stopper corkboard}

Well, I need to address yesterday’s stocking post…I am sorry to say, but the old stockings are not up for grabs. They actually all have my kid’s names embroidered on them! I turned them around for pictures to post on my blog. If my kid’s names weren’t on them, I would have been happy to pass them on to one of you.

Quite a while back, I pulled out a magazine page that had just a glimpse of a corkboard made with cork stoppers. I can’t find that page anymore. I also thought I pinned it on one of my pinterest boards and can’t find it there either. I did, however, find a bunch of great ideas for ways to make corkboards out of cork stoppers while looking for the original on pinterest. So, all that to say…this is not an original idea. It is just my version based on that old magazine page.


  • Scrap board
  • Corks (a sweet friend hooked me up with a huge stash)
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Table saw (not necessary if you know exactly the size you want)

You can barely see the board in this picture because it blends into the wall. It was just a scrap piece we had on hand.

I started on one edge and just started gluing. The hot glue held them in place great.

Little helper/mess maker

I left room for the last row on two edges. I wasn’t sure when I would run out of cork, so I wasn’t sure how big the board would end up being. Once I got close to the end of my cork, Chris trimmed the board down with his table saw, leaving room to finish off the last two edges. I trimmed them just enough to be hidden behind the cork once it was added. This project took me a month just because it wasn’t a priority…hence why I have different pants on in these pictures. There is also green paper on the floor in both pictures, which makes me laugh. I do sweep daily!

It is going on my desk in the studio. I still need to build shelves and such for storage on my desk, but it is getting there.

In other news, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my Bittersweet paper cutting. It was a gift from my friend, paper cut artist Lori Danelle. It is incredible. Lori is now selling silk screen prints, laser cut prints and hand cut prints in her etsy shop ~ Gratitude wells up in me each time I read it. The quote is by Shauna Neiquist from her book Bittersweet. If there was ever a quote I would use to describe this past year for me, it would be this one. A year full of beauty, nuances, depth, complexities, courage, guts, bitterness and sweetness rolled into one.

10% of all proceeds from any Bittersweet items sold will be given to support adoption/orphan care

Lori is offering 15% off your entire order through the end of 2012 ~ use the code MERRY15

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  • Jenny S - I have been meaning to make one of these for years, but was stalled by the fact that I thought it should be framed. I ADORE your non-framed version. So thanks for the inspiration to actually go through with making one of these!

    PS. Love your blog. So warm and delightful. 🙂

  • Emily Morrice - beautiful idea!

    my family lives in a wine region in Southern Canada and wine corks are always everywhere, though they don’t drink above a “normal” amount (if I can say that!). Many friends and family collect wine corks as a result, and we have our own huge stash though we don’t drink wine often from corked bottles. If you save a cork from every bottle, even if you rarely consume wine, you’ll be surprised how quickly a stash adds up! We’ve taken to keeping the cork from everything, as a memory. A bottle of wine from France, from a friend’s wedding, etc.

    Thanks for this great idea!

  • Kimberlee Jost - Who’s the wine drinker?
    I know it’s not you.
    Love this project…good thing I am a wine drinker.

  • Tracy a - You did a wardrobe change in the split photo! 🙂 looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

  • sarah k - What a cool project! Now I wish I had saved all of our wine corks over the years…time to start hoarding them. 🙂

    Also, Bittersweet is one of the most helpful books I’ve read in the past year, too. Most books that people suggested did nothing for me. But Shauna’s did something in making me feel not alone, and also in showing that the real picture of life is fuller and deeper and more complex than the “happy-happy-joy-joy” image that we sometimes set up of the christian life.

  • Monica - Great idea!

    I like your little helper. I know that kind of help. LOL 🙂
    I saw you have little tea cups, where you get them? probably in a flymarket ? I like them. I just bought one tea set for christmas for my 3 years old daughter, but it is kind of tinny , I want a better size , but I was looking and I didn’t find it.

    Do you have a tutorial how you made the white /gray garland?

    Talk to you soon!

  • meg duerksen - yeah….. a “friend” gave me all these corks. suuuuuure ashley. i saw those pictures of you on my camera. 😉

  • Amy at Fig Milkshakes - Very cool! I did a cork STRIP like this recently. I couldn’t believe when I went looking for a cork strip they were just under $20. That’s a lot of money when you can DIY one for free.

    Then I decided to do a VERY large on in my kitchen. My mom’s a bartender, and she hooked me up with like, 1000. If anyone asks you for extra corks, you can send them my way if you so desire! I have TOO MANY now!

  • Asha - Today’s post is stunningly beautiful and awesome.

  • amber - I love, love that quote, the art & the corkboard:)…heading to her shop. Totally something I want to remember everyday. Awesome.

  • Debbie C - I love the corks as a cork pin-up board! My husband’s uncle actually made a small one for us as a trivet and it works great. It looks like he took an 8×10 picture frame, removed the glass, then glued the corks inside onto the back. So many possibilities!

  • Tonya - I have a small version of the cork board in my kitchen. For us half the fun was drinking the wine 🙂 Yours is super cute.

  • betsy berre - ashley. you are one of the few blogs that i read daily. i love the way that you are using the creativity that God gave you.
    the photos from today ARE stunning, i bet this little vignette on your desk is even better in real life.
    i am also wondering about the white/silver tassel garland…did you make it? buy it?

  • Mel - What a cute and fun project! PS I remember you used to share your kid’s names on your blog here (or at least they were mentioned once or twice). Is there any reason you choose not to do that anymore? Not sure if you addressed this, and I bet it was for privacy reasons, but as a potential blogger in the future, I’d be interested to know why!

  • Alisha Argo - This is completely unrelated, but I saw this pin and thought your family might like to try it some day. You could even paint a background (star wars perhaps) for the little lego men to be in.

  • Pam - I am so inspired…I just hope my friend has enough corks for me to make one. Was this the original?

  • Laura - I love the cork board! It looks like woven bamboo!