our new stockings

Last year I wrote about how I felt trapped with stockings…like once you buy some you are locked into the same ones for the rest of your life. I had the same stocking growing up and figured my kids should have the exact same one year after year. That is the way tradition works right? Well, last year I decided it was going to be the last with our old stockings. They just weren’t ‘me’ and I wanted some that reflected the personality of our home more. Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful stockings and just right for so many. Honestly, they looked too classy and traditional for our “Ashley’s craft box threw up on all the walls” house.

I was talking to my oldest son about wanting to make some new stockings, but not sure what I wanted. He was flipping through one of my old Martha Stewart KIDS magazines at the time. Moments later he excitedly told me he found just the stockings I would like and could probably make.

I didn’t spend time looking for the perfect socks to use because I knew I’d never get them done. I grabbed a few from the first two stores I visited and one from my sock drawer. In hindsight, it would be better not to use so many stripes. I don’t sew correctly. I sew fast, so my stripes didn’t line up well. However, wonky is the name of the game around here. I just started cutting and mixing…8 stockings, one small one for Poppy.

I used my mom’s serger to sew the parts together. They aren’t finished yet. I need to add names and some fun embellishments. However, I know I won’t be able to do that this year. So, they are hung as is for now. The best part is we are all home together for Christmas. ALL our stockings are hung by the theater seats with care. That ache of looking at stockings and knowing my child is half a world away…it’s gone and my heart is so full.

…who knows by next year I’ll either actually add those embellishments or I’ll make new stockings. Maybe our tradition will be new wonky sock stockings each year…

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  • tm - cute stockings! and i love your comment about think your house looks your craft box threw up. it doesnt, but that was funny! on a side note, didnt know if you knew about this instagram change. saw it this morning – http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-57559710-38/instagram-says-it-now-has-the-right-to-sell-your-photos/

  • eRin @ Growing Up Senge - They’re perfect! I can’t wait to see them evolve with embellishments. I think this Christmas, as a complete family, is a perfect time to start with new stockings. And I LOVE that your son knew what would perfect for you to make and perfect for your family. Merry Christmas!!

  • Tonya - Love the new stockings. I also like how you hung the old ones. I don’t have a mantel and always struggle with how to hang the stockings. What a great idea.

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Yay to being able to forge new traditions for your family! I felt the same way, but this year, bought new ones that I love (adding a new babe to the mix will do that to you!). And about LO being home now- so wonderful. It’s funny what something little stockings will do to you year after year while you’re waiting for the next member to come into the family. It can really rip your heart out. So happy both of our girls got to come home before Christmas this year!

  • Casey - Your stockings are really fun! New stockings every year would be a nice tradition, ours is the kids each get a new ornament for the tree

  • megan - I have always kind of felt the same way about stockings…that once you have one, it is yours forever. But, just like you, the only reason I feel that way is because that’s how I grew up. I remember how excited I was to find that the stocking I had purchased for my daughter was still available when my son was born. I think these are so cute, and I love it even more that your son found the idea! 🙂 Have you seen these? I could see them with your usual mix of vintage fabrics…you know, if you decide to make new ones again! 🙂 http://thimbleblossoms.bigcartel.com/product/merry-pattern-141-pdf

  • Kristin - Ashley, thanks for warming my heart this morning. I know that when I need a break from all the crazy chaos of the day, I can count on you to make me smile. <3 Merry Xmas to you & your big, beautiful family.

  • Amber Campbell Hibbs - I have the same issue. My mom made us all stockings exactly like we asked for back when I thought I was all fancy. Mine is beautiful and perfect for someone else. It is not “Amber’s craft box threw up on all the walls” which may be my new definition of my style. The best name I’ve come up with is “Flea Market Rainbow Polka Dot Farmhouse.” I don’t think these are quite me, but they are SOOOO much closer than anything I’ve seen. 🙂

  • Sara - My older daughter just read “Little House On The Prairie.” On Christmas Eve, Ma pulled out one of Laura’s stockings and one of Mary’s and hung them up. In a Winnie the Pooh Christmas story that we read tonight, Pooh was worried because he didn’t own stockings, so Christopher Robin let him have some of his for Pooh’s friends. We don’t have stockings because I couldn’t ever find the right ones, but these are perfect. We live in Asia so I’m not sure I can find socks like that, but if I do (in the two stores I go in ;)) I hink these may be our new tradition. Thank you for inspiration that things don’t have to be perfect, but that it is about the moments shared and the memories made.

  • Katie - What are you planning to do with the old stockings? I haven’t been able to find ones that speak to me yet, and your old ones look perfect!

  • Corrie Anne - Lol. Those are adorable! We’re a few short around here — I should get my mom to make some for me! Haha.

  • tracy dickinson - i sooooo feel the same way. i hate being “locked into” our stockings. maybe i’ll try the same thing!

  • Natalie - Did you remember to transfer the little notes out of the old ones? If they haven’t found a home yet I would eagerly buy them off you! We don’t have any stockings hung yet.

  • Trisha Jackson - I love how your house is decorated. You can come decorate my house or let your craft box throw up on my walls anyday! Haha! 🙂

  • Shauna reed - i feel the same way about my stockings.
    and also, don’t you just feel like they shouldn’t have to be so BIG?
    how much tiny throw away crap/ candy do they really need, right?
    when i saw these on instagram, i showed them to my 9 year old and we agreed that they rock 🙂
    perfect size.
    perfect happy colors.
    and probably a lot more like the stockings that the legendary St nick probably filled with money, anyway

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Wonky makes me smile!

  • Kristina - I love this! I hate our stockings… but next year you’ve inspired me to make my own! 🙂

  • Emily - Fabulous. I like your description of your walls, too 🙂

    Unrelated to stocking amazingness: did you know there a watermark app for you idevices? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iwatermark/id357577420?mt=8

  • Melanie Routhier - I love these! I think they are perfect. I especially like that they are just regular sock sized. I’m trying to decide what type of Christmas sock is right for my family while taking into consideration that I’m actually going to have to fill them without breaking the bank. These could really work! Thanks.

  • Juli - I know what you mean about the stockings. I made a gorgeous one for my firstborn from old feedsacks & a chenille bedspread and loved it. When my son came along, I tried to make one for him that was masculine but “matched”- no go. Then the next Christmas I made him one of his own “personality” but it lacked a lot. I muddled along until I made stockings from old sweaters which are gorgeous but not traditional enough for our our 1926 Colonial with it’s regal stone fireplace and formal mantel. This year, I’m trying again…I’m sure these will be the ones!

  • the.mrs - I love the size of them! I was just telling my husband I didn’t think I’d put out our stockings this year because I don’t really think my kids need a stocking full of filler gifts. Too much. LOVE the small size and crafty look.

  • Krissa - Your “craft-box-threw-up-on-the-walls-house” happens to be my dream house! Seriously! I have the same style as you, but not the gorgeous house. I often go to your site just to dream, get inspired and be envious of your beautiful home.
    It may feel like a craft box, but it is awesome, plain and simple. My favorite home EVER!

  • rachel - so so so cute! was wanting/needing to make some new stocking for this year. 🙂

  • Susannah - What are you going to do with your old stockings? Are they up for grabs? 🙂

  • Nicola - Did I count right? Are there 8 stockings on the line?

  • lauren roberts - I have never thought of you as wonky, but hearing you say it so much I have changed my mind. I now consider you my wonky friends. lol 🙂

  • Jacci in Ohio - ha ha… “by the theatre seats with care”…

    I *love* them! They are very you. I’m guessing the girls are going to get some lace. No? 😉

  • Christine - I wish I knew you in real life and could call you and say, “Can I pleeease have your old stockings?” Because we have NONE and I am scrambling to find four just right stockings and those old ones are just what I’ve been looking for. But the stripey idea is way cute and accessible. Thanks for sharing!

  • able mabel - I’ve been dreaming of making stockings for my kids. I’ve always just picked them up on clearance after Christmas. This year, I decided I’m really tired of looking at the same ones year after year. None of them have a special meaning or story behind it. I love your idea of asking the kids what they think of getting new ones. I think I’ll try that for next year.

  • alison holcomb - love them! what an awesome idea for those of us who are quirky and like to change things up every year:) thanks for sharing!

  • Ellie - super cute color choice! Not wonkey at all…the only issue is in the name! they should be called sockings!

  • Stephanie - I so LOVE your wonky style!!! It is so totally not my own but it is beautiful and I admire and long for the freedom of expression you have!!! Truly, I LONG for that freedom! I’m a perfectionist from way back and plain and simple it is painful bondage! I love everything in your home and I know my creative juices would flow like crazy in such an awesome environment! You truly are an inspiration to me to just go with the flow. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!!! Merry Christmas!