a toddler right of passage

A certain toddler learned something new.

It is weird to call her a toddler. But she is, I suppose. She toddles around the house. Toddler.

She was supposed to be napping when I heard strange noises coming through the baby monitor. Upon entering the room, it was clear she reached a toddler rite of passage in this family (and most families I am guessing). She, like her siblings before her, had learned to take off her clothes and diaper. The result of that rite of passage is never good. Nor does it smell like the lovely scents of Christmas.

I was thankful for a washing machine.

Thankful for a dryer.

Thankful she likes baths now.

Thankful we got cleaned up in time to make it to Chris’ staff party.

This photo and the close up of her hands were taken with my dslr, the rest were with my iPhone (and edited with RadLab – link on sidebar)

Happy Friday…I hope your day is full of joy and unexpected surprises (but the kind that smell good)!

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