SnapShop {February 2013}

There are many, many wonderful things about photography.

One of my favorites is aperture.

Aperture in a basic sense is what lets you get really blurry or in focus backgrounds.

Aperture is what makes Christmas lights twinkle and a desk look lovely.

Aperture lets me look through my camera and see lovely instead of messy. Goodness, I look forward to some time to decorate the studio.

I’ve been packaging up SnapShop gift certificates. I could never own an etsy shop. It is so hard to get things packaged and mailed off in a somewhat timely manner. I tip my hat to all you small business owners that ship your items. I worked on tying SnapShop more into this blog instead of the totally different website a few weeks ago. You can click here to see it now. You can currently purchase gift certificates for a 2013 class on the new site.

For those interested in the next SnapShop, here are the dates you’ll want to write down:

Course Dates: February 10th – March 3rd, 2013

Registration opens on January 18, 2013 9:00am US Central

Class size is limited.

“I tip my hat.” – is that a common phrase or just one for those that live in cowboy states? Just curious.

SnapShop Online Photography School exists to help others gain the tools they need to be able to capture the beauty if their days through photography. Whether you recently purchased your very first DSLR and aren't even sure how to turn it on or if you have a little bit of a grasp on terms like aperture and shutter speed - SnapShop courses and lessons will propel you forward on your photography journey.

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