celebrating my mom

Thank you for all your kind comments on last Friday’s post. I appreciate your honest and thoughtful words. You other moms that have been down this same road – I might have to ban you from commenting. Your words are so special to me, but also make me cry EVERY TIME. Thank you all.

Last year my sister and I had the honor of throwing a party for my dad’s 60th birthday. Well, my mom had a big birthday this year and we got to celebrate her. Dad’s party was at his favorite hotdog restaurant (the same one we celebrated his 40th at) and it had a mustache theme. Well, mom’s was quite a bit different. A tea brunch with ladies that love and appreciate her….

Of course, her 4 granddaughters were in attendance. It is now my personal mission to get a photo of these two when they are both smiling..someday.

FireCracker wanted to wear my old dress. She calls it her ‘party dress’ because it twirls in the best way. My mom and grandma made it when I was her age. FireCracker added the fringe boots. I am not sure how one would define her style….maybe Little House on the Prairie Meets Indians & Etsy. Whatever it is, she pulls it off proudly.

The studio is still in construction mode, but it cleaned up nicely for its first party.

Lesley made ombre grahams….idea was from Cookies & Cups

And just for proof that I can bake – I made scones and coffee cake. Lesley made everything else!

Lesley also created 8×10 prints as party favors. The print says, “I get by with a little help from my friends”. She is selling them in her shop now.

The only guest that did not have a good time was Tangled (that is what Firecracker calls her). She was enjoying the party until Lesley’s daughter decided to hold her over a candle…just a little test to see if she was flame resistant. She’s not.

No worries, my niece didn’t get hurt, the studio didn’t burn down and charred Tangled was promptly hidden in a locker. She has since been replaced.

….and I also want to say “Happy Birthday Dad!”….he is celebrating today!

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  • Gaby {lifeineight.com} - Adorable party decoration! I bet your mum was delighted with it and it seems that the little ones had as much fun as the big ones ;o).

  • Caroline - It’s a nice, sweet little party!
    And ain’t it sweeter that your parents’ birthday are SO close to each other?? πŸ™‚

  • Cate O'Malley - What a fun and happy party! I think we need more information on that sequined balloon – did you make it? buy it? I think I need it in my life. Also that print, which I’m off to buy.

  • emmybrown - oh, how LOVELY! I love all the pictures of FC….she is looking so much like the older brother, especially in that first photo! πŸ™‚ Hilarious to see Sweet P snacking on that cake, while FC is all into her outfit. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Ashley Ann’s Mom! Looks like you are very well celebrated! πŸ˜€

  • Cindy - Looks like an amazing party! Loved the vintage tablecloth (I have several) but where did you get the adorable sugar and creamer? Love, love, love!

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Oh wow! Look at how wonderfully your craft space hosts a party! Perfect!
    And poor, poor Tangled. But with all that tempting hair- she had it coming!

  • Lori - I loved the party! How sweet…every detail was thought out and whimsical. I am totally copying the glitter on balloons! It was really festive. Love it. Poor Tangled. (they will never forget that party). Her dress. sigh. Looks like Ethel on I love Lucy when they ran out of costumes for Ethel and she had a Japanese, Indian, Eskimo costume…super funny. Love you all. Great party as Always.

  • Debbie C - Oh, so sweet! The studio seems like an awesome party space! You could even set up a dance floor… ;D

  • Lyn - Sounds like a wonderful day. Ashley you are inspiring. I love Firecracker’s style!

  • Seriously Sassy Mama - With three daughters I have replaced many a doll.

  • Lisa - What a great looking party! And good for you for letting Firecracker rock an outfit that made her feel so pretty! I love the photo of her grin and clenched little fists…pure joy!

  • jenny - i love your parties! They are always so pretty and simple…simple in a classic, fantastic way! :)LOVE πŸ™‚

  • Gena@BakeAllTheThings! - Looks like a fantastic time – way to make a wonderful lady feel special!

    I’ve always wanted to host a tea party – I’m saving your post for ideas!

  • Amy at Fig Milkshakes - It’s lovely! Oh, you make it look so easy, Ashley, and instead of being jealous, I am inspired. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • jessie - I’m drooling over every little detail. What a lovely party!!

  • heather - everything looks so lovely.
    well, everything except charred Tangled. πŸ˜‰

  • Juli - This is so beautiful (to the eye and the soul) You amaze me. You must have such a incredible relationship with your family. From your grandparents helping to build your addition, you Mom playing Nerf w/ you boys, you & your sister enjoying cooking & holidays with the cousins, your sister surprising you with that incredible chalkboard drawing when Little One arrived…it seems so picturesque. I didn’t realize that anybody’s family is actually like that. You are truly a blessed woman to be loved like that and to love like that.

  • Hannah - What a beautiful, bright, and colorful party. Lovely! And I love Lesley’s print! I may have to get one soon for a girlfriend for Christmas! πŸ™‚

  • Lisa M. - Lovely party. Beautiful decorations!

    And Firecracker…she never fails to disappoint! She always puts a smile on my face πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Nicole - What a lovely party! I love the sequins dripping off of the balloons!

  • Kelleyn - Poor Tangled! The party looks like it was a huge hit!

  • Mary - what an awesome space for an awesome celebration!
    also, i just received one of your sis’ prints.

  • Tina - My (4 y/o) daughter calls her Tangled too! Love all the linens you seem to have/use. Your sister’s print as a favor is a great idea.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Would that be Joe’s never on Sunday? (hot dog place?) I may have told you this before – Brian’s grandma lived in Tulsa and there were two places that we had to visit every time – Joe’s Never on Sunday and Merritt’s Bakery (sp?).

  • Mikki - looks like a great party!! i would also love info on the sequinned balloon, did you make it??

  • Stoich91 - I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Poor Tangled!” πŸ˜€ Also, Firecracker is the cutest button under the sun! Her style, methinks, is called, “cutie model baby” lol She is like hipster with her looks!

  • Kristina Abel - Great party favor… something pratical yet beyond special. I cannot even control myself over the decorations and your studio. Gets me giddy every single time. How did you make those confetti balloons?

  • stephanie - what a lovely party and lovely photos… AS USUAL!
    thanks for sharing


  • Frankie Wofford - Love everything! cute party. Where did you find the little glass creamer cartoon and sugar bowl? adorable. You have the cutest stuff!

  • able mabel - What a lovely party! Your mom is so lucky to have such thoughtful children!

  • Kelsey Gilliam - I LOVE reading your blog. I have been following for a few months now, and your life makes me want to have lots of babies right now.
    Not a realistic dream for us right now :).
    I think a good word for fircracker’s style is eclectic.



  • elizabeth H - look at your BEAUTIFUL studio…i’d say it cleaned up SUPER nicely!
    *LOVE* those hexagon garlands & those ombre grahams…
    oh, and yah, Little One walking around in the background!!!
    SO, SO lovely. HAPPY HAPPY birthday to your mom!!

  • maggie - what a lovely party for momma! Cant believe 60. Shoot time flies. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  • Julie - Hi Ashley! So, this gonna sound random…but I read in one of your posts you are couch shopping for the studio. I don’t know what you’re looking for…but I noticed the orange/yellow/green/brown flowered chair in one of these pics and thought maybe that’s the direction you were going. If so, my mom has a couch and chair with the same pattern she is wanting to sell. I have no idea for how much. It was her mother’s before it became her basement couch. She has recently added a huge counter and cabinet configuration to the living area for her crafting and sewing and no longer has room for it. It’s still in pretty amazing condition save for one small spot on the couch arm. Also, my husband went to OBU for a year and his brother and brother’s wife graudated the same year you did. Will and Bev Smith are their names, Casey is my husband. Email me if you are interested and I can get you some pics.