gathering for the studio

Finding inspiration and ideas for decorating the studio is easy. Finding time to implement all the pinterest pins I have – not so easy.

I really want to get a few main furniture pieces in there before I start making holes in the walls and adding details. I am on the hunt for a great couch – who knew couches were so expensive! I was spoiled by having my dad build the one in our living room. The second thing we need is a work table. A BIG work table. We have been using our old kitchen table (back in the days when we were a couple with a couple of kids). I am thankful we didn’t build a worktable right away. Using the small table has helped me know what we really need in our big worktable.

Here is what the table looks like 95% of the time. We need more room….and kids that pick up before moving to the next thing.

The studio is very industrial right now. Lots of metal and concrete. I couldn’t take it any longer…so I made a new pendant to go above the stairs. When we built the space I just had the electrician hang a standard pendant, so I could make something custom later.

I used an old hat box and the ribbon chandelier that Sarah gave me. To combine them, I glued the hatbox lid on to the bottom of the hatbox and cut a hole large enough for the light fixture in the center. The inside of my hatbox had glue from a previous project, so I cut some scrapbooking paper to cover up that mess. Next, I attached it to the light fixture and then tied the chandelier to it all.

I like seeing what other people pick out at antique stores, garage sales, and estate sales. So, I thought I’d share with you some of my recent finds.

This metal desk was previously olive green with one drawer that didn’t match. Yay for spray paint.

I had told myself “no more metal”…and then I found this little guy. I’ve never seen a vertical one like it, so how was I to walk away? To be spray painted.

Slowly, but surely all of our wedding dishes are getting broken (mainly by me). I picked up two new dinner plates. The boys are pretty pumped about the presidential one.

Christmas tin and tablecloth

A little print to frame and then there is the butterfly collection. I’ve mentioned before how much my 6 year old son enjoys all things nature. He has been wanting some framed insects and butterflies, but all the ones I find are so expensive. I found this one at a flea market for 40% off. I’m going to give the frame a facelift and change the red paint to another color. My son hasn’t seen it yet, I can’t wait to surprise him once I finish its makeover. If any of you out there have any framed insects or butterflies you want to get rid of – let me know!

This books is SO GREAT! It is beautifully illustrated and is full of projects my boys can’t wait to try. The outdoor shower needs to happen this spring.

A perfect Campbell crate for our books! (Thanks Jill)

My original plan was to purchase new barstools to go around our bowling lane counter….alas, another too expensive idea. Instead, I have been collecting random barstools. They ranged from $5.00-$25.00. In the end, I like this look better than perfectly perfect new stools.

Crazy girl trying to block my shot.

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