guess who is walking?!

She still crawls some, but is on the move. Each day her number of steps in a row grows. It is so exciting. She is so proud of herself – and she has quite the loud cheering section each time she sets off. She prefers to walk towards me so that has made getting pictures a bit hard. At least daylight pictures when I like the lighting. So in addition to sharing her exciting news, I thought I’d share how I was able to capture her walking to me.

Set Up: Knowing I had to use the self timer on my camera, I started by setting the camera on the ground. My aperture was set at f/2.8, so I needed to be sure she stayed the about the same distance from the camera while she was walking if I wanted her to stay in the depth of field (stay in focus). Imagine an upside down triangle: my camera was the bottom point, she was the top right and I would position myself at the top left. I placed a cloth on the ground to focus on before I set the timer. I focused on the cloth instead of her in case she moved before I got over to her I could just set her right back where the cloth was and insure she was in focus. So…once my camera was focused on the cloth, I started the timer. (she was upset about me interrupting her walking practice)

Take 1: I stood her up, then moved to my spot and let her walk to me. However, she was too fast and beat the timer and I forgot to throw the cloth out of the picture.

Take 2: Repeated the above steps, but remembered to toss the cloth out and had her start a little later. However, I didn’t like that our faces were cropped out.

Take 3: I set my camera on a push toy nearby and repeated above steps. Keeper!

Take 4: Same as above, just another keeper.

The best part about her walking is the end. She smiles the whole time, but when she finally gets to me she falls into me and wraps her arms around my neck with a big grin and giggle. The Best.

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  • Michelle H. - There’s no stopping Little One now! Precious & Priceless <3

  • Jen - Hooray Little One! Soon she’ll be chasing her brothers and sister. So fun! Thanks for the tips! I would have never thought of using a random object to focus on first.

  • Kerry - Everyday victories! {Every.Day.Victories.}

  • erin - Way to go little one!! It is amazing to see how she is thriving since being home with you.

  • Leila - You are an amazing mom. That baby is not only getting all the love, she’s getting the photos too! Well done.

  • Steph - That is heavenly. I love that you’re not afraid to work for your shots, especially ones with you in them. I feel silly sometimes and you make me feel better about it!

    She’s such a peach, so happy for her accomplishment!!

  • Lisa M. - Oh my goodness Ashley, what strides this child has made in such a short period of time. That’s what love will do 🙂 Awesome!
    Beautiful picutures!

  • Lori - Super sweet! How exciting. I love that she is hugging you tightly now. Melts my heart. God is so good.

  • Heather - Hooray Little One! So much Joy, and so much to be thankful for. What a delight. Blessings!

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Oh! That IS the best! Way to go Little One!!!

  • Lori - Adore!!!! She is a happy little girl!

  • Mareen - That’s amazing. Way to go, little one.

  • christie - Love that happy little grin!

  • Angela - Ashley, I love your photos as much as a I love your crafts and family stories! You are incredibly talented and your family is adorable! Do you mind sharing what lens you are using in these photos? Do you typically use the same lens?

  • amber - So completely great. 🙂

  • Christine - Way to go Little One! Those strong legs will carry you far!

  • Jacki - Today a baby girl from China, living with her amazing mom and gorgeous family in America, made a women in Australia smile so much the happiness bought a lump to her throat and tears to her eyes! Isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing?

  • jenny - so precious!!! 🙂
    Isn’t it funny the things we will do to capture these moments with our kiddos…love it!

  • RobyGiup - Applause for Little One!!! 🙂

  • SayonadaT - Hi Ashley! I follow and adore your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your joys with us so beautifully.

    I have heard a couple stories on the radio recently that reminded me of you. First there was a CD reviewed called ‘Rabbit Days and Dumplings’. There’s a review on NPR and I thought you might like it. (The review is here: NPR also recently profiled four young women who were adopted from China who were featured in the documentary ‘Somewhere Between.’ The interview aired last night, but i can’t find a link yet. Their stories were lovely and their perspectives now a few years after the documentary’s original release were great to hear.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your toddler!!

  • Alison - !!!!!!!!! Woo hoo Little One!!

  • Amy - This made my heart so happy. 🙂 Go Little One!

  • Jill E. - how exciting! great tips on capturing the moment with you in it!

  • Maria - LOVE!

  • amy jupin - my God, i love her!

  • Sherry Eckblad - Yippee! Way to go little one. She has come along way since you and your family brought her home and I have enjoyed and am enjoying watching her change into this blossoming beautiful little girl.

  • Nikki - Omg!! She’s walking! I am also part of the cheering section, haha. I’m so glad that you share these moments with us. I have cried and laughed so much reading this blog. I feel like everyone is family.

  • Susan P - this just melts my heart! thankful you allow us to be a part of her, and your family’s, life through this blog 🙂 God bless!

  • Brooke - Wow, that is such a great surprise to see this morning when I opened my Google Reader. She has made such exciting strides since she came home. Thanks for sharing your life, family, ups, downs, projects, ideas, etc.

  • Catherine - Yay!!! *much clapping*

  • Serene - Congratulations!!! Oh how wonderful! I’m so happy you were able to capture such amazing pictures of her walking to you.

  • heather - YAY!!!!!!!!!

  • Esther from A Lovely State of Mind - yay little one! this post brought tears to my eyes as it was not too long ago my little girl started walking. the expression of pride and joy on their faces is priceless. gorgeous!

  • Pip - How blessed is she and how blessed are you! This is such a heartwarming journey to follow!

  • Emily - LOVE THIS. Love. Thanks for sharing your technique!

  • Kara M - So wonderful!!

  • barbara - Ah, that’s so exciting!! My baby girl is about to walk too… I can’t wait!!!!
    Congrats to you both!! 🙂

  • Lindsay Ross - So exciting!! Such a sweet photo. This post just brought tears to my eyes thinking about all her milestones so far since she has been home. Love it!

  • Georgia - Love this. Love seeing her thrive bathed in your love. (def) your – all of you

  • Anna Schroeder - THE BEST. Just gave me goosebumps. Love her little feet. Waiting for my little one to start walking any day now. The “this-is-a-little-wobbly-but-I’m-so-proud-of-myself!” smile is my favorite part of our days right now.

  • Karli - What a lovely capture! I’m so happy for you and your family, how exciting! I don’t comment to often (if at all) but I read everyday and get so excited for how amazing she is doing!

  • Tracy a - Supermom! You craft, give photography tutorials, and have 5 kiddos….not to mention that big heart of yours! Thanks for the inspiration! And congrats to little one for walking!

  • Alice H - Love it!! I need to learn how to use my self timer. Great tips. And I love the end part of her walking! Missed you last night at the Christmas Gathering.

  • Lyn - Love that she is walking. Her Smile is amazing! It’s so great to watch her come into her own. Thank you for sharing! Thanks for the photo tips.

  • Steph - So exciting! These pictures are adorable…her facial expressions! Too cute.

  • Sarah - I love it. I love your family. I don’t comment often, but know that I’m always smiling for you guys!

  • Gina - Yay for milestones!! She is so precious and what a great capture!!

  • Vicky Kindschi - I am so excited for you and Little One! The transformation in her has been nothing short of miraculous. Your attempts at getting the great photo are hilarious and ingenious!


  • Stefanie - Oh, JOY! Look at her precious face!! And look at your face… I LOVE it. Love is such a beautiful thing!!

  • Betsy C - Go Little One! I am so excited to see the confidence that the love you’re experiencing has created. You are an amazing little girl!

  • Eva - Oh, how awesome!!! I bet her cheering section just got a wee bit louder! And I love how you were able to capture such a significant milestone. Just simply awesome!

  • Kathy - This is my first time commenting – have been following you for over a year now I think… Love the progress that Little One is making, but I just had to comment that I love Take 1 for the fact that it shows one of her big brothers doing his own thing at the table – a bit out of focus, but there just the same. He’s still in Take 2, but by the time you get to Takes 3 and 4, his little boy sitting (standing) still timer has gone off and he’s vanished from the background.
    Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  • LeighP - Love this. I just do.

  • Will @ Bright.Bazaar - Ahhhh, yay! Such a happy, heart-warming post. Happy weekend!

  • twirlingbetty - Hooray! Dear little muffin. She is SO freaking cute!

  • Dana - I know you are a photographer, but it would be so neat to watch Little Ones early steps via a video! Congrats to her!

  • jennie - way to go little one!!

  • stephanie - beautiful as always.
    so proud!!!!!

  • Kimberlee Jost - This makes my heart sing!

  • Angela - How sweet!! I’m so happy that I had the privilege to meet you and Little One – even if only briefly – at Craft Weekend. Little One is a pure joy with an infectious smile and personality. Now that she is ‘on-the-move’ the real fun begins!

  • Jen - Whoo Hoo!

  • Cheri Dietzman - Hooray! Nothing like a child’s first steps! I am in awe of the evidence of love in her life and the difference that love is making! Love Wins!

  • Sharron - I just “stumbled” onto your blog from Contented Sparrow. Looking through I have tears and a big smile. We also have a daughter from China. She became ours Dec. 15, 2006. I saw your post about your daughters hands and I laughed! Kate did that too for a while. Not ever upset, just staring, especially when going to sleep. And do I see a blanket in your daughters mouth? Kate still chews on her blankets. Yes, she is 6, almost 7! We’ve weaned her to only having it in the car and home, not in public anymore, but I’m thinking she may be walking down the isle with one! LOL Well, I just wanted to say hello. Adopting Kate has been amazing and I was excited to “meet” you.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Yay little one! So wonderful!

  • able mabel - I love that you were able to capture these pictures! They are so special!

  • Tanya - That is the sweetest thing ever! Love this post, love that she’s so happy at the end. My heart just melted. And thanks for explaining the process–you are always so good with that.

  • elizabeth H - SO SO SWEET!! i love the beauty in how your arms are reaching for each other. oh, the JOY of motherhood!!

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