Pre-Craft Weekend getaway

I was able to get away for a couple days last week with Little One. We loaded up the car and headed north to see Meg and Kimberlee. I was so excited to get to introduce them to Little One and it has been far too long since I last saw them. To make the trip even better….I got to meet Megan and Becky….and enjoy the Craft House. I imagine most of you know about Meg’s Whatever Craft Weekends, but for those of you that don’t, let me introduce you. Meg and Kimberlee host craft weekends at Meg’s old house about once a month. There is a waiting list a mile long to attend, but it is worth getting your name on the list…your name might just get drawn before you know it.

So the weekend consists of about 12 ladies, incredible food, fun crafts, thrifting, and just plain ole’ fun. I didn’t actually go to the Craft Weekend part because I had Little One. I stayed for dinner the first night and then headed home. And that was okay this round. As much as I enjoy crafting and all that Craft Weekend entails – I really just enjoy Meg & Kimberlee. They do my heart good. They are comfortable friends – you know the kind that you can just kick back and be yourself around. I got to pick up Megan and Becky at the airport. I only got 2 days with them, but I am so grateful for those two days. They are both incredible woman and both have the best smiles. Megan was such a great source of encouragement to me while we waited to bring Little One home, so it was nice to finally get to hug her neck.

Becky, Kimberlee, Megan, Meg, Me (thanks for the photo Becky!)

I thought you might like a peek at The Craft House – the pictures don’t do it justice.

Jess & me (yay for getting to see old friends again) ~ Becky, Megan, & me taking advantage of some great shopping

I just adore this picture of Kimberlee and Little One. Little One was quite happy among her new friends and the colorful house.

There are days when I want to live without a computer, without email, blogs, facebook, pinterest, smartphones.

Then there are all the days I am overwhelmed by the sweetness in my life that is a direct result from those things. Friends I would have never made because the miles separating us are too great. Rivers of kindness and generosity have flowed into my little life in Oklahoma from states, countries, continents away. This big world, made increasingly smaller by the internet, is full of incredible individuals….women like my friends Kimberlee, Meg, Megan and Becky. And I sure am grateful for this crazy internet bringing them into my life.

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  • Ashley Efaw - So excited you got to go to Craft Weekend again! I just loved it so earlier in the year and really felt welcomed by all the gals. I’m equally excited that Little One got to share in on the goodness. 🙂

  • Casey - It looks like a fun time! I know what you mean about wanting to live without a computer, I would love it most days but I have met some amazing people because of the Internet so I can’t give it up for too long

  • Cate O'Malley - so many bits of happy color, love seeing the craft house.

  • Mary@ Finding Healthy Hope - meg’s house sure is swoony!
    i just love her style.
    i am finding that these internet relationships are such a blessing, too.
    although i probably spend too much time on the computer some days, the Lord has blessed and loved me so much through these dear friends.
    i can truly say that i love them!

  • Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - i feel the exact same way. the internet has my “net” growing so much. i’m full and overflowing with sweet friends and new memories. blessed! loved your take on the weekend. wishing i would have gotten some pics of your girlie. she was such a doll:)

  • Jane - These pictures are so bright and fun. Looks like you had a blast! It reminds me of a program a few moms started in their homes here in Alabama. Created for a Purpose! We have a week long summer camp and a Christmas weekend where we sew, cook, paint, craft and share the blessings of God’s word with girls in our area. Your pictures remind me of the fun we have together.

  • Jill E. - i know you have answered this before but did you make all the amazing blankets in your home?

  • Amy at Fig Milkshakes - How stinkin’ fun! Good for you, mama!

  • AshleyAnn - Jill – I didn’t make a single one! My aunt, grandma, Rachel Denbow (Smile & Wave blog), Anna Pham (For the Love Joy etsy shop) made them 🙂

  • kelleyn - I just adore all your quilts! I love the cosy feeling they exude. The bubble gum machine rocks too!

  • Melissa - This is wonderful! My friends aren’t crafters like me…I’m so glad you got to get away with little one and spend much needed time with friends. They really do the heart good:) My mom just had one of her oldest friends fly up here to WA from OH and they spent 4 days crafting, sewing, eating, having fun. I was incredibly jealous. I hope I too can have friends like that one day.

  • Ruth@GraceLaced - I’m so glad you had a little getaway with good friends. I would so love to be in attendance someday, or at the very least, meet you in person, as the most meaningful dividends from GraceLaced have been the kindred friendships made in real life. Hugs to you, friend.

  • AshleyAnn - Jill- if you meant that for Meg, I’m pretty sure she didn’t make them but bought them at antique & thrift stores!

  • Tracy a - I can just feel you being refreshed by this! What a blessing…
    You said, “Meg’s old house,” does that mean it is just a craft house now? Oh the thought of having a craft retreat–bliss!

  • katygirl - i’m a little jealous you got to meet jess. 🙂 i have loved getting to know her over the last month. the decorating there is amazing!

  • Ceri - Looks like I great time. My mind is blown that I saw a picture of you and Jess together… why does that not surprise me? I am reading your blog because of hers. SO cool! Just goes to say, the internet brings us all together.

  • Tonya - Looks like an amazing weekend!!!

  • Jacci in Ohio - Little One in the CW house. That’s it. There’s no up from here. That is the pinnacle of blog perfection. My fave little bloggy person in my fave bloggy place. Too much sweetness.

    Actually… I take that back. Two additions would make the absolute BEST ever. Little One *and* LET LOOSE in the Craft House… with WAFFLE! 😀 I’d read that post everyday! ha ha ha 🙂

    Thanks so much for the smiles today, Ashley. What a privelege to get to see what the Lord is doing in, around, and through you.

  • Jacci in Ohio - Phooey! I meant to say…

    *Little One and Firecracker* let loose in the CW house with WAFFLE!

    Just the thought makes me smile!

  • Karen - I am signed up for Craft Weekend and I hope I get picked sometime. As always, your pictures are worth a thousand words. And little one is gorgeous as ever.

  • meg duerksen - love you. miss you. i am so glad you came!!!
    i miss the looks of a baby in my house.
    it’s so fitting.
    thanks for making the trip.
    next up…kimberlee and i at YOUR house.

  • amber - AH!! Amazing:). Gotta admit, I scrolled back up to look at a picture again, then started scrolling back down, & forgot who’s blog I was on! haaa Crazy internet. Thanks for sharing!!

  • dee - Ashley I am amazed by your faith your attitude to life and make me want to be a better dee x

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Right?! Who would have ever thought (of course we should have known) that God would use this amazing internets to create beautiful quilts of people!

  • Jen Cope - I believe my first intro to all that you do was on Design Sponge…years ago.

    As I’ve followed your blog, watched your children, your family and your online presence grow, I’m am in awe of your patience (so it seems:), and your love of life, most importantly your appreciation for your own.

    I wanted to extend an extra special cyber high-five for taking the time and patience to adopt a child with a cleft lip. I myself am a clefty, and although doctors predicted I had a 2% chance of having a child with a cleft, I did in fact have a child with a cleft; my first born son. As he is eleven now, I am realizing how much easier it is for a boy to endure the hardships of wearing a cosmetic birth-defect on your face. He thinks it’s cool ‘cuz it makes me look tough’. For a girl, it is obviously less desirable to wear a battle wound front and center.

    Thank you for taking in someone who needs someone exactly like you in her life. A strong, loving woman who will teach her that God marks the beautiful ones, some way some how, they need to stand out from the crowd.

    Please know I think you are wonderful from afar. You are intriguingly talented on many facets, loving to your family, and seem to be a all around fantastic person.

    Keep up the great work, you are a pleasure to iknow:)

  • amy jupin - amen!
    love you ash.

  • Aimee - Two of my favorite blogs in one post! :o) I want to go to one of Meg’s craft weekends sometime. They always look so awesome.

  • brooke - So glad that you got to do that! We sat and cried the weekend you brought little one home…as we saw the pictures show up and I happened to be at cw. I know I haven’t met you in real life…but this whole adoption thing, and walking through a lot of the process with you….it’s wild that we both have babies home. It’s such an amazing thing!

    On another random note….if you ever feel like posting…how do you put your iphone pics side by side with your reg. camera pics…and how do you size them into a template to post side by side? I’m sure it’s easy-ish…:)

  • ashlee - Ahhh…craft weekend:) i put my name in the drawing after the very first one and it finally was drawn when the babe was 2 weeks old:( i seriously cried. I had my name put back in. I will go someday…hopefully when you are there too!!