we’re better now

No post yesterday…weird, huh?

The stomach bug came on fast and furious here. Sunday night there were 7 people throwing up in this house – one of which was my sweet pregnant friend. I win for best host ever. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that sick – it was horrible. Lots of tears, toilet flushing, laundry and lysol – and lots of gratitude that it was just a short little thing. My family is normally pretty healthy. We are seldom at the doctor. Seldom on medicine. Seldom sick. I am very grateful for that and I can’t help but think of all those that sickness is a way of life. I take my health and my family’s health for granted far too often. We are better now….thankfully.

Last week we got peeks at our recent family pictures, I got to go on a trip to visit friends and we had our 10 year college reunion…lots to share, later. Now I am resting…..well as much rest as one can get with 5 kids 🙂

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  • Tonya - I thought something was amiss when you didn’t post yesterday. Glad to hear you are all on the mind. Hope you are all feeling 100% very soon 🙂

  • Natalie - Oh yuck. Stomach bugs are NO fun. So sorry! Hope everyone is back to their normal, happy, spunky selves very soon!

  • Shauna - Glad you are all well. We got hit but that bug a few weeks ago here in the UK and my family in Australia had it too.
    I am glad it was a quick bug and out of the system.
    I could only imagine how you delt with it with so many peopl sick at the same time.
    Glad you are on th road to recovery.

  • Andy - boo that you were feeling bad. hope you continue to get better. can’t wait to see your family pics. i’m sure they are great.

  • emmybrown - Whew! So glad everyone is resting well now! I kept checking throughout the day for your post….and started praying for you and your family by 8 AM when one wasn’t there. It’s like that good friend you are going to meet for coffee and they never show up….you start to wonder and pray and try not to let your mind go wild on all the possibilities of what could of happened! :)~ SO HAPPY to hear you are all OK!

  • seriously sassy mama - tummy sickness is never fun.

  • Michelle G - You’re forgiven…..

  • Tammy Kay - Oh goodness, that is the worst. We had the stomach bug last year and it was terrible. I have five kids too and three of them are hacking and gagging along with me right now. Sickness is the worst, but it makes us grateful for health. So glad things are brighter this morning for you. xo

  • molly - THIS is probably what’s preventing me from wanting a huge family. I’d have a nervous breakdown. I love that you handled it with grace! I’m sitting and wondering who was the lucky one that didn’t get sick if there were 7 people sick and one was your friend? Hope everyone recovers! Glad to hear it wasn’t something more serious!!

  • Amanda Torres - We just healed up from that one too. I have never done so much cleaning and laundry in my life! It comes on so fast and thankfully it leaves fast too.

  • haley - I had the same stomach bug and it sucked. I cant imagine having to also deal with 6 other people sick at the same time. Thinking of y ‘all and hoping you have a quick recovery!

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Oh dear! I had a feeling you guys were under. So glad you are all on the mend! Wish I could bring over a pot soup!
    Rest all you can mama!

  • Susan - So sorry that you all had the bug. Take the time to mend and spray the Lysol. Saying prayer for you that the bug goes away and stays away!

  • LeighP - Get well soon! Seems like that time of year again.

  • carolina - happy you and yours feel better now.

  • Georgia - I knew something was up. Prayed for ya’ll all day.

  • Kelleyn - So glad you are feeling better and that it didn’t last very long.

  • PJ - My husband, toddler son and I all had the stomach flu two weekend ago. It hit us with a fury that was just beyond awful. I can’t even imagine having 7 people under one roof suffering from it! Glad to hear you are all feeling better now.

  • Jacci in Ohio - So glad it didn’t last long!!!

    Hope your day is restful and that you all are well very, very soon!

  • amy beachy - SO sorry you were sick. we had the same thing awhile back but individually in 2 days increments. it took 10 days to blow thru the whole family. praying for strength!!

  • Barbara - Oh no!!! I hope you all get better soon!!! I missed your daily post! Was wondering where it went!! Glad you’re getting better!!

  • Kiki - So glad to hear you guys are feeling better! And thank you for the reminder not to take our health for granted. I was just complaining about the little cold I’m battling (mostly the stuffy nose) and how hard it makes teaching, but your words were so humbling and perfect for this Thanksgiving season. Thanks for that! 🙂

  • meg duerksen - crazy town.
    i am so glad it didn’t whip through the craft house the same time!!
    i loved seeing you and can’t wait to see you again!
    feel better soon!

  • Izabela - Oh my, this is the exact thing that happened to us this weekend. I am glad everyone there is better. Cracker’s are a girl’s best friend sometimes 🙂

  • MommaBird - I hope everyone is feel better. I did get a good chuckle at the picture of the cracker, though 🙂