we’re better now

No post yesterday…weird, huh?

The stomach bug came on fast and furious here. Sunday night there were 7 people throwing up in this house – one of which was my sweet pregnant friend. I win for best host ever. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that sick – it was horrible. Lots of tears, toilet flushing, laundry and lysol – and lots of gratitude that it was just a short little thing. My family is normally pretty healthy. We are seldom at the doctor. Seldom on medicine. Seldom sick. I am very grateful for that and I can’t help but think of all those that sickness is a way of life. I take my health and my family’s health for granted far too often. We are better now….thankfully.

Last week we got peeks at our recent family pictures, I got to go on a trip to visit friends and we had our 10 year college reunion…lots to share, later. Now I am resting…..well as much rest as one can get with 5 kids 🙂

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