Martha was determined to be cheerful

I have more than usual on my ‘to do’ list this week, so things can easily go from handling it to overwhelming. Yesterday I was talking with the boys about today’s election and read a quote by Martha Washington – our first first lady. In the quote she talked about how the greater part of our unhappiness is determined by our disposition, not our circumstances. It is easy for me on busy days to get unhappy quickly. So yesterday, in the midst of the busy, I used my phone to capture little details that make my days great.

My budding naturalist ~ YouTube video that makes little boys laugh until they cry

Plastic straws…they are cute and don’t get soggy like paper straws ~ print by Katy Girl Designs

The only photo we ever saw of her smiling pre-adoption ~ She’s home!

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  • RachelC - Love it! Love that print!

  • ahren - love this post! what is that adorable frame in the background of the picture of little peanut smiling pre adoption? the teal one, with lace and felt letters…

  • Sarah - Must know where those straws came from, I must!!

  • Lisa-Marie - That is a fantastic quote. I like it.

  • amber - Our past few weeks have been too busy around here too. I’ve been fighting for a better perspective. So thank you:)…

  • Ali @craftyWImama - Our house has been so hectic lately too. It is just so easy to get overwhelmed, then unhappy and the worst is angry at those around me.
    Thank you for such an upbeat post, including your beautiful children. Seeing pictures of your boys laughing so hard made me smile, and Little One smiling made me tear up (she is just so beautiful), and Firecracker peacefully sleeping made my heart melt.
    Children are such a good reminder of the joy in life… reading this post was just perfect timing for me. Hoping to have a positive day today!

  • Brandi - Love the post!! But, more importantly, we need to know where to get those fancy straws!! 🙂

  • Elizabeth - I am going to try to remember that tomorrow morning if the election doesn’t go the way I want it to– or even if it does! 🙂

  • Jane - I so needed to hear that today. Have a blessed day! Jane

  • Kelleyn - I believe this to be true! I have seen some of the poorest people be some of the happiest people in the world.

  • AshleyAnn - The straws are from Target this summer!

  • Lori - Love it! I need a peacock outfit however to help me as I go into my next two busiest weeks ever…it would at least let me look good and feel good! :0)

  • meg duerksen - umm…you made me cry.
    this is happy and lovely and i miss you.

  • Teresa - Happy Election Day! You provided the perfect quote to remind us how lucky we are in this country or any.

  • Lisa M - Great post. Thank you!

  • Susan - Beautiful post, beautiful quote reminding us to stay on the sunny side of life!

  • Sandy - Needed this today…thank you!

  • Becky - What a wonderful quote! Thank you for sharing.

  • heather - the monkey farts were a huge hit, and also- can i second Brandi’s comment? where’d you find those rad straws.

  • able mabel - I love that quote! It is so true!!

  • andy - great post. love the framed pic quote too about the valley

  • kim - martha speaks TRUTH!

  • Molly - I had a week like that last week. and unfortunately i let it get me, which made me even more overwhelmed. there is just way too much good in my life to waste it being grumpy! great reminder to look for the little lovely things!

  • tracy a - those target straws are my favourite too! they are dishwasher safe, but not indestructible…my little one decided to bite down and the plastic cracked!

  • Mara Wolff - Thank you so much for blogging. Each day your post brightens my spirits and makes our lives a bit better. Your kindness and generosity is contagious. Hope your day today is a blessed one.

  • Amanda Torres - I can’t express my gratitude for you posting such an awesome video link. The Torres kids have found great joy in the flatuating animals.

  • Jessica P - Great quote and great post! Absolutely precious kids you’ve got there!

  • Emily - i clicked on that youtube link and my 3 month old son started dancing in my lap. You’re apparently never too young to be amused by that. 🙂

  • Ari - I have those same straws from Target. Love them! (Got ’em on clearance too).
    Oh, and we recently got the Jesus Storybook Bible and love that too! (saw it upside down).

  • amy jupin - your blog makes my day.
    each and every day.
    thank you for that.

  • Lisa - If your kids are like mine, in that they enjoy “fart humor”, have they seen Jurasic Fart?

  • beth - i needed those words from that quote today….thank you !

  • Gina - I see Firecracker has been reading the Jesus Storybook Bible. We LOVE that one and have been thoroughly enjoying the new book by the same author, called “Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing.” It’s sort of a devotional or daily thought for kids, but they often bring me to tears as well. It’s a beautiful thing to see the gospel in such simple terms. We grownups like to complicate things, don’t we? What a comfort to know our hope is not in things on earth…but in a King and a Kingdom! Thanks for being real and transparent, Ashley!

  • Agnieszka - Thank you for this post! I never heard that quote by Martha, but I realized the same thing a while ago. That doesn’t mean I always live by it so I’m really grateful for the reminder.

  • Jess - Oh my word, that last picture is awesome! What a great shot! I love that you used your phone camera to help change the outlook on your day – good call! I’m going to have to try that one 🙂

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Martha was totally cool.

  • Cyndi - Please tell me where you found those fabulous plastic straws? I am so tired of my paper ones getting soggy. Thanks so much. LOVE your blog, I read it everyday.. so inspiring!

  • AshleyAnn - Target!

  • elizabeth H - i know i’m posting this a month after the fact…but this is SO good Ashley!! I often get overwhelmed w. my circumstances, and this is such a good reminder to CHOOSE my disposition…
    Thank you for the LOVELY encouragement!

  • Chris - Love the Martha Washington quote at the bottom!! So true!!!