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Random post time. This post has zero rhyme or reason.

I found a few pictures on my computer I had forgotten about from our last night in China. We stayed at Noah’s Ark. I mentioned it while we were there and then never shared any photos…so here you go. Noah’s Ark landed on the coast of Hong Kong.

It is a park and hotel. The hotel part isn’t really set up for traveling families with luggage, but it was fun for the boys. The hotel rooms are on the top level. They have doors so you can walk out on the deck of the Ark. We were a little sleep deprived and our visit was super short, but it was something the boys will always remember.

Random, remember. I bought a desk –  a big, old metal desk. The spray painting has commenced and it will soon be a happy little desk in the studio.

The red chalkboard wall has been painted, seasoned and I’m working on drawing on it….

The little girl that never wanted to touch things has discovered the joy of spreading cat food.

Last night was SO GOOD. For those that have read this blog for over a year you might remember that we began our adoption journey with another family – very dear and close friends. Last night we got to anxiously await their arrival at the airport and I finally got to meet their sweet girl. I love her. And her siblings. And her family.

My friend Cindy and I with our girls. I will always treasure the journey of bringing these girls home, but I am so thankful the wait…the trip…the airport…are all behind us now. Now it is just life at home with our families. Great is His faithfulness!

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  • Kimberlee Jost - Congratulations to Cyndi and her family! What a beautiful girl she has!!!!

  • Leila - Having just come back from Hong Kong, with that flight behind me — but without all that you went through — I can imagine how you feel about that airport!!
    Well, thanksgiving for the joy!

  • Annie Baker - WOW! Congrats to your friend. What strikes me about his post, however, is the change that has occurred in Little One. I have followed your journey of adoption. However, I have become accustomed to the latest pictures of her and her joy. She so clearly was meant to join your family. What a difference between the one at Noah’s Ark and the ones you post these days.

  • Tonya - awwwww….congrats now to both of you ladies!!!!

  • Lisa M - She is a beautiful little girl. How neat they will be able to grow up together!
    I just found out through a new friend of mine that her friend (who lives in Indiana) just left for China yesterday to pick up her two boys! I shared your story with my friend and of course sent up a prayer for that woman, her family and her two sons who await her in China.

  • Brandi - Don’t worry, we like randon! It keeps us on our toes! 🙂 Congrats to your sweet friend. Those two sweet girls are going to be the best of friends!!

  • Lisa M. - I was going to email you this question, but cannot find where to do that….
    I see you are painting a metal desk. I have an old black metal file cabinet that I want to paint, but have no clue where to begin. Can you give me some quick pointers on what direction to take in painting it (i.e. readying it, what type of paint, how many coats it might take, etc.)? I am so inspired by your craftiness and your ability to transform an item. I was going to throw the cabinet out, but the drawers work well and when I saw your metal desk, I thought what a great idea!
    Thanks so much!

  • Ashley - I think I spot a sweet grandpa Larry in the background–we love the Wells and are so thankful for having been in their class at church!

  • barbara - Love the last photo! You guys are so cute both mom’s and daughters matching in colors and babies in stripes! 🙂 I bet those two will become great friends!! Bless you all! xoxox

  • elizabeth - what an awesome place to stay. yes, im sure your boys will never forget it.

    cant wait to see how the desk and finished wall turns out!

  • Jo - Dear Ashley,

    I’m reading your blog for over a year by now but I had to write a comment now.
    I’m away from my family for a pretty long time and reading your blog each morning before I go to school (Or my new job soon) brings back the feeling of family and somehow it’s sort of getting a glipse of home.
    Thank you so much for writing and sharing your story!
    With big greetings from Canada

  • Molly - I really enjoy a good random post! love the cat food spreading…so fun:) I always think of your little one when I hear the song Home by Phillip Phillips. And happy that another little girl is now home!! Praises!

  • Heather - Happy National Adoption Month!! So glad another precious one is home with her forever family. Blessings!

  • Robin C - I see your Little One standing in the picture. Is she walking yet? looks like she’s close!

  • Tracy a - Those last few pictures made me cry all over again! 2 beautiful girls…

  • Alice H - Will you keep me updated on your desk spray-painting job? I have an old metal desk I bought for $20 that I want to paint. It is so stinking heavy though that I don’t want to move it around if it won’t work.

    Also, that is so awesome about your friend Cindy. Her husband is my eye doctor. Hoping both your daughters grow a lifelong friendship.

  • Suzana - So great to see another family finally getting to hold their sweet little girl! Praise God for happy homecomings! Also, I love that mommies and daughters are matching in the last picture. So cute. 🙂
    God bless,

  • meg duerksen - YAY!!!!! cindy!!!!!
    i am so excited for you girls!
    i just wish i could give you a big hug and kiss your babies!
    we will.

    did i ever tell you about my giant deal i loved in Illinois that i garbage picked that looks just like yours…..and that my husband LEFT IT on OUR curb when we moved…and didn’t tell me till we had left the state?!!
    i still miss that monstrous desk.
    i am glad you have one now though.
    you will look like a teacher.
    Mrs. Campbell.
    you need a name plaque.eg

  • meg duerksen - DESK not deal?

  • Brandy L. Anderson - Both girls are so beautiful! I am happy for both of your families! 🙂

    I know you said before that Little One was still on formula and rice cereal because of her cl/cp. Have you tried any new foods at all since being home? Do you think she will end up being a picky eater from being on such a bland diet for so long? Those baby food things that are in the pouches may work for her because you can squeeze out a tiny bit at a time.

  • Robin - Adorable!! Congratulation!!

  • Caitlin - I have been a blog reader for quite a few months now and love your writing and photography. Today I couldn’t resist commenting on your photos of your friend’s precious new daughter. I am questioning if she might have the same special need as the daughter we are waiting to bring home from China. If so I would love to connect. Do you mind sending me a private email? CaitlinSund@yahoo.com

  • able mabel - such a special time! she is beautiful!

  • Anna - So so so happy for you and Cindy. What an incredible journey for you to share with your friend. 🙂

  • Krystina - Seeing your daughters pictures at home the last few weeks and then having you show us a photo from when you were in China…all I could see was how much of a difference she has in her eyes. She looks so much more comfortable in her new surroundings. It’s been so much fun watching your journey because I’ve been wanting to adopt a child since I was a teenager.

  • giozi - I remember your friend. Oh this is amazing, I’m so happy too.

    That hotel looks great.

  • Stephanie - I love all the homecoming pictures! So happy for you & your friend.

  • Michelle Straub - I love the randomness…sometimes that is just how our lives are. 🙂 Also had to comment that I love that you match your girl and your friend matches her girl in colors worn. 🙂 Planned or not I loved it!

  • kelleynr - So excited for both of your families! What a blessing! Who would have thought a Noah’s Ark hotel in China. One does not typically think of allowing Christian icons in it’s doors, but then it is Hong Kong which has always been a little more accepting of Christianity. I need to go back through your post and see your journey in China. Through all the blogs of those who have adopted in China my husband has finally softened his heart to adoption and we have submitted our papers to adopt. We can’t wait to be matched.

  • Jami Nato - dying over the red chalkboard.

  • Victoria / Justice Pirate - How amazing about your friend adopting as well so you can watch your girls grow up together and hopefully they can be able to be friends as they grow too.

    Please pray for us in NJ suffering from the hurricane. I know your family prays. It is a mess out here right now. >.<

  • amy jupin - yay cindy, yay yay yayyyyyyyyy!!!!
    praising God tonight for both girls home where they belong!
    feeling so thankful tonight!

  • lindsey b - the sweetest.

  • elizabeth H - so, so BEAUTIFUL!! another precious child w. a family that LOVES her…she is ADORABLE!!