help needed from green thumbs

This is our garden.

This is what our garden looked like 2 1/2 years ago shortly after planting.

There was a time I worked in the garden each day. The kids helped – a little bit. We had strawberries, spinach, onions, lettuce, potatoes, etc. We even grew tomatoes. I don’t like tomatoes, but if you have a garden there is some kind of law around these parts that to be a garden there must be tomatoes in it.

Last year we tried to plant a few things, but FireCracker ended up spending all of April in the hospital so that kind of put a damper on the gardening.

This year I didn’t even try. I could blame it on travel plans, but really it was just too much work. I like the idea of a garden. I like the food coming out of my garden. But to really have a successful garden you must work at it. Your garden is really only as good as what you invest in it.

I’ve had NOTHING to invest in our garden and it clearly shows.

Except one lone vegetable that randomly sprouted up and creeped its way across the ground.

If you ignore it, they will grow. (If you build it, they will come – such a great movie)

I have plans to try the garden out again next spring, but until then I am going to try houseplants. Here is the thing – I really like houseplants. I have bought and planted so many over the years. But, eventually they all die. I just want to water them every few days and that’s it.

I am pretty great at growing beans in jars and sweet potatoe vines in cups.

I am not good at growing actual plants, but I know so many of you are. So today, I would like some advice. If any of these plants require a bunch of attention or fertilizing every week – it just won’t happen so I will need to find a better home for them.

So…all you with green thumbs….here are 5 plants the boys and I potted. Any tips for how to keep them alive? They are numbered so you can give plant specific advice. It is highly likely I’ve already done something wrong in potting them, so be gentle with me in your advice. Also, these are all small pots.

Do any of you have any suggestions for easy to grow indoor plants? And I mean EASY…as in just give it sunlight and water. If not, I will be covering my home and studio in sweet potatoes and beans.

~ tutorial post for the fabric covered pots can be found by clicking here

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