taking care of her babies

There is so much about childhood that captivates me. One is how kids can get completely lost in their own imaginations. I could hear FireCracker playing in her room, so I grabbed my camera. I hoped to catch her before she realized the camera was out. Sometimes when she hears my shutter she stops playing. This time she seemed unaware I was clicking away at her caught up in pretend play. My mom made her dress, she puts in on at least once a day.

ISO 320, f/2.8, 1/200

ISO 320, f/2.8, 1/125

ISO 320, f/2.8, 1/125

ISO 400, f/2.8, 1/160 – Eventually she realized I had my camera out and then she was wanting to pose.

ISO 400, f/2.8, 1/160 – In this photo she is showing me how she wants me to pose for a picture.

I put the camera on auto and zoomed out. The camera changed the settings to ISO 400, 1/80, f/4.0 ~ for those of you that understand what all those numbers mean, look back at the settings on the photo above to see the difference between Auto mode and the settings I chose.

And, yes, her pallet bed is missing the cushion. We are relocating things. Always something changing around here.

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  • Jill - I agree! My 5 year old gets lost in his imagination. But there is generally alot of growing, lol. Love the pictures of her holding the babies, my 1 yr old daughter loves babies, and that is fun to watch after my son didn’t care much for them 🙂 I also like your pose 😉 Thanks for bringing a smile to my morning!

  • Anna - Love the dolls. I used to carry them around everywhere when I was little. By the way, I was just looking at your past DIY week. I love all the things there. When will you be doing another one? I can’t wait!

  • Ruth @ Living Well Spending Less - So sweet! My girls love to dress up every day too, & ever since I took all their toys away (http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/2012/09/14/why-i-took-all-my-kids-toys-away-why-they-wont-get-them-back/) it has been so fun to see their imaginations really come alive. They will sometimes stay in character the whole day long! Just wait until Little One is old enough to play her part–it is so precious! xoxo

  • Jacci in Ohio - She is just too spunky sweet! Seriously… I could look at your photos of your children all day. So much personality 🙂

    I love that you gave her your big camera. But with no strap on it, I’m assuming you set it on a nearby surface for her… it’s so heavy!

    I’m *trying* to learn how to get all of my children to be excited about my camera., not just my oldest who gets to use it from time to time. You’re such a good example of how to do that! Thank you for the encouragement!

  • kristin - Glad to see you are getting yourself in more pictures!!! Don’t let those kiddos forget the awesome mama behind the lens!!!!! 😉

  • Katie - You are such a cute, fun lady (and mom). I don’t comment nearly enough, but I always love reading your blog. 🙂

  • Midwest Magnolia - Melissa Lewis - I see a major difference in the two pictures – thanks to you! Gosh, that SnapShop class has changed my life. Firecracker is so adorable, and I love her two little dolls. One looks like her baby sis:) So happy for y’all!

  • sarah k - Little girlhood is so lovely. 🙂

    One thing I don’t feel very clear on is how to decide where to set my ISO. I know general ranges (I usually go high inside if it’s kind of dim–like 1600) and low outside (100-200) but I am always taking a picture, looking at it, and then re-adjusting. I’m curious whether you just learn by long practice, or whether there are more specific guidelines that I’m unaware of. I need to take one of your Snap Shops sometime! 🙂

    But if you ever feel like addressing some of that in a little photo tip in the meantime, I’ll be all ears. 🙂

    I love that she wanted you to pose. My kids recently got toy cameras (that take real pictures) and they are all about it now!

  • Natalie, the Chickenblogger - Ah, I like what Kristin says!
    Beautiful moments, beautifully captured.
    Always a pleasure stopping by here.

  • Paige Y - You are such a fun mom! Love you girl!

  • Lori Danelle - ACK! You’re making me miss the painted white floors in our old house!! Now we’ve got (*gasp!) carpet! 🙁 I’ve decided we’re not a carpet family — though we could single-handedly keep a carpet cleaning company in business.

    I too find myself trying to get photos before they realize I’m there. Love the poses they come up with, but the unaware pics are always so much better!

  • Ashley Morgan - Thanks for adding the settings you used on these pictures!! I’m in your snapshop class now, and I love more examples like these!

  • findingoasis.com - I love the little Chinese baby she has! Firecracker reminds me a lot of my little four-year-old. She has a little African-American baby who is so well-loved that her head is missing quite a bit of hair at the back. Last week we had someone over, and my daughter held her baby up and exclaimed, “I think you are blacker than my baby!” Haha

  • jennie - she’s such a doll! thanks for the photo lesson:-)

  • Jamie - YOU taught me what those numbers mean- and you’ll never know how grateful I am!
    I have a three year old- LOVE when she is being a “mommy!”

  • Victoria / Justice Pirate - I can see how much she looks like you in the last two shots with how you both leaned over!! That is adorable. What a beautiful way to “spy” on her having fun with her imagination. I love her dolls too! aww.

  • marcie - precious <3

  • Teresa - I love reading your blog. Change is always exciting.

  • dee - Gee I love her dress your mum did a lovely job.My boy has a few stuffed dogs that he loves to play with and when he talks to them it is so cute.I really love kids imaginations they are just so pure.-love dee x

  • Abby - Fun. My little girl (almost 3) is really into taking care of her baby right now too. I also have a seven month old, so it is interesting to see all the things she has learned from me. Humorous and eye opening too!

  • Heather - Thanks for the camera settings. Just wondering if you use any actions routinely in the photos you post? Seems I can’t get my lighting right inside even with all the window shades fully open using the same settings. I like how bright your photos always are. Blessings to your family and your new sweet little one!

  • Nette - Sometimes I wish I was a little girl, dressing up as a princess.

    She looks sweet and happy in the pictures.

  • JL - Hi there!

    Thanks for giving out your settings for each shot, but could you also mention in your posts which exact lens you are using every time?

    Many thanks, we really love and enjoy your blog at home!!

    Barcelona, SPAIN.

  • Juliana - Wow! I really see the difference between your settings and the auto settings. As I am attempting manual for the first time this week, I can’t help but think about how much better my past pictures could have been. I love her room by the way!:)