diy {washi tape holder}

So after getting my tape out for the calendar yesterday, I got the urge to finally organize it. There are a thousand ways you could organize tape, but I decided to go with simple. When we were in China, I saw tape displayed on long wood rods. Simple and so pretty. So I decided to make my own. I think later I’ll attach it to a shelf, but that is down the road.

FireCracker is always around to help me. She kept pulling out a different roll and declaring, “Mommy it is so beautiful!” I like her.


  • Wood Circles (got mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • Dowel rod 1/8×36″
  • Drill

Drill a hole in the wood circle and the dowel rod. Attach them together with a screw. Add your tape. Repeat and add another wood circle to the other end. Professionals would take the time to measure precisely to get things centered. I was just trying to beat Little One before she woke up from her nap. Perfection is overrated anyway.

It is so pretty. It does look a little lonely though. I couldn’t fit my fabric tapes on it, so maybe I’ll start collecting those so the washi tape rod won’t be lonely.

You can find washi tape online in many different places. I would just do a google search for it. You can also do a search on etsy for it. I have gotten my tape from various Etsy shops, Cute Tape, Somi Tape and a few other places. I use it a few times a week for embellishing random things. A little bit goes a long way, so it lasts for quite a while. I’ve yet to finish off a roll, but I am getting close….well, I was getting close before I came home from China with a box full of more!

For those out of the loop and are wondering, “What exactly is washi tape?” Here is a great blog post by Cute Tape answering that question. I learned so much reading it!

UPDATE: Just to clarify, I don’t plan to take the tape off the holder when I need to use it. I’ll just pull a little bit of tape off…leaving all the rolls on the holder. Eventually it will be mounted to a shelf in the studio.

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  • Ruth @ Living Well Spending Less - Wow, that is a LOT of washi tape! I bought some a few years ago after reading about it here and I love it. You are right though, a little goes a long way! Your cute holder makes me want to buy some more just because. Good thing we’re on a spending freeze this month! 😉

  • Stefani - She’s right! It IS so beautiful!

  • kim - That’s a great idea to display…but, I know I would always need that one roll right in the middle 🙂

  • Sarah - I am so jealous at all your fun washi prints! Did you organize them (obviously by color) so your favorites were on the outside of the rod? I did something simlar to this with ribbon and then hung it on two command hooks so that I could just pull off what I needed without taking the entire roll off the rod.

  • amber - That’s so great! I need to get on my tape stash…it’s sad compared to all this! ha

  • Pamela - Ironically the day before you posted about the shop, I had emailed them about posting to South Africa. I was nervous about ordering though. After seeing that it was real place I ordered! Yay, and now am the proud owner of quite a few rolls.

  • serioulsy sassy mama - I love tape. I cannot believe I do not own any washi tape.

  • liaana - So jealous of your huge collection of tape…You must have over 100 rolls of that stuff!
    Love the idea! I hog all the tape in the house!

  • marcy - I was just organizing my washi this morning…. it’s outgrowing it’s container though… hmmmmm.

  • emily anderson - well i think you should share some of that washi tape. i only have 1 lonely roll.

  • Michelle G - It looks so lonely on it’s own. I think you need to get it a friend!!????

  • Erin - I’m envious of that washi tape collection! I have just enough to carry around with me (about 6-7 rolls) and I love using it in my planner to block off long events, or color code certain things.

    It has so many uses! I definitely need to purchase more colors!

  • Laura (Betula`Loo) - Wow! I am jealous of that washi tape! What a great collection.

  • tracy a - Hey Ashley! I have washi tape envy….look at all those pretty colours and patterns! 🙂
    So, bad news…I won’t be able to make it to OBU in November. Bummer…we just signed a mortgage (about a month ago) and feel it is too much dinero, too soon. I was so hoping to see you guys! Next time I visit my dad, I’ll just pop over for a visit!

  • sonia - I love the rainbow colors..

  • dee - Great idea.I have mine on a paper towel holder (well 3 holders) but not no more-love deex

  • Kate@Songs Kate Sang - This is going on my project list!

  • giozi - When I saw the first picture, without reading, was torn between admiring your creativity, or envy you for your tapes. hahahaha
    Then I saw it was from the shop, even so, you also have a beautiful collection.

  • Elizabeth - look at all that loveliness! thanks for sharing this Ashley…if i ever get enough tape ~ i’ve got to make {or have my hubby make :0}

  • Lanny Lou - Great idea I must say ! but way do you have so much tape ? :))))