diy {best of my days calendar 2013}

So, this is not related at all to the Best of My Days Calendar…but I have breaking news to share….

Little One is standing on her own!

She has a cheering section of 6 people each time she does it. The longer she stands, the bigger her smile gets. Now, I need to capture her with my camera and not my phone. She is so proud of her accomplishment – I am too!

I am ahead of the game this year! This marks the third year I’ve done this little download on my blog. Last year’s version was recently featured in Fresh Style magazine, so I’ve been getting more requests for the new version.

If you are new to the blog, this is a very simple idea. It is kind of like a little notepad, but with a goal of recording something great from each day. Maybe it is a big event or maybe it is just something small. Recording the joys of each day helps me nurture gratitude in my heart. The calendars were actually created with the idea of giving them as a gift at Christmas. It can be something to slip in with gifts for friends, teachers, family and kids.

Step 1: Download the pdf files by clicking here. (you will need to open each file, then go to the top left corner “File”, then download)

Step 2: Print each pdf on cardstock paper.

Step 3: Trim each page. Mine are cut to 3.5″ wide. I also trimmed the top a bit so the ribbon would bleed off the page.

Step 4: Punch a hole in the top corner and add a metal ring to hold them all together.

Step 5: Add paper, ribbon, tape, etc. to wrap around the calendar for a bit of embellishment before you give it as a gift.

Download the pdf files by clicking here. (you will need to open each file, then go to the top left corner “File”, then download)

The October/November SnapShop is now full.ย  I am considering doing another one in December depending on how much interest there is. If not December, the next one will be late January or early February. I am selling gift certificates for 2013 courses again. You can find more info on SnapShops by clicking here.

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  • nicole - Of course she is standing!

  • Liz - So glad you released it a bit early this year. I was thinking of something like this as part of a wedding gift for a dear couple, and now here’s yours so beautifully done!

    Keep up the great work Mamma, it’s so nice to see her smiles and now standing every time I stop by your blog!

  • Lyn - Love that she is standing. Love the calendar. It is great for making sure I remember my days and the wonderful moments I share with family and friends. Thanks for doing another one!

  • Kelli - Thank you for getting this out so early! I’m thrilled you’re doing this again and I have enjoyed doing it each day of 2012. I plan to make these for all my friends for Christmas gifts and now I can get it down super early!

  • Stephanie Rohde - Congratulations!! She is beautiful and looks so very happy to be in your family!!!

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Yay Little One! You tell that sweet girl that we are all adding to the cheers of the 6 of you!
    Thank you for this calendar! I’ve given them away as gifts for the past couple of years. Love your concept and it is so handy. A perfect way to count blessings.

  • jenny - woo hoo! That is so exciting about Little One! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the download as well-love it!

  • Carrie - Thank you so very much! Been waiting for these. I do them every day with my girls age seven and almost four. I love reading back over what they said was the best each day! Thank you again!

  • Emily - Thank you! We’re making felted beeswax candles “from the boys” this year for christmas and these will be a great little add-on! (I’ve also co-opted your use of instagram for posting things you’re thankful for. I don’t have the one-a-day discipline, though. Mostly it’s 2-3 a day.)

    completely unrelated – can you talk about shutter speed and ISO for middle-of-the-day outdoor events when you’re shooting either at a fixed 2.8 or a similar wide-open aperture. I was trying to capture my son during a trike-a-thon and, while my images are good, I was stressing out the whole time. But I credit the existing awesomeness to your snap shop. I’m tempted to sign my husband up for it one of these times!

  • denise@victoryrd. - this is a great idea! thank you for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gina - Thank you for the cute download!!

  • Elise - So cute! I love the idea! Where do you get all of your cute fabric/tape? And do you know of any cheap places that have fabric that resembles the stuff you have? I especially like the chevron pattern on the front of the calendar.

  • TB - I am giving this to my sisters-in-law for Christmas. They have a lot of negative things happening in their life so hopefully this will help them keep prospective and find the good buried underneath the bad.

  • beth cupitt - thank you so much for doing this calendar! this is something i can probably keep up with. you’re a sweetie. and congrats to little one!!!

  • maggie may - what an awesome idea! i love it. and what a big girl you have there! mighty impressive how much she’s growing and learning!

  • Whitney - She STANDS! What a sweet accomplishment!!

  • Stefani - Gooooo Little One! So fun! Thank you for the calendar. I think this would make a beautiful perpetualy birthday calendar too! Is there a version without the 2013 that could be made into a perpetual calendar for Grandmas and Grandpas and such? Everything you do is beautiful! Thank you for sharing everything!

  • tara - LOVE this! thanks for sharing. :]

  • Carol - Yes, this would make a great present. (hint)

  • Kristy - She is just adorable! What a huge blessing!!! Thank you for this adorable notebook/calendar! What a special gift these will make!

  • Amanda - Little One standing has a lot to do with your Best of my Day’s Calendar, because it truly is the best of this day for you guys ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so happy for you and your family, you are all wonderful and beautiful inside and out!!

  • Lori - Hooray for Little One!
    Btw, a friend gave me the Best of My Days notepad at the
    beginning of this year and I have written something down
    EVERY day. As you said, it helps me to really focus in and
    treasure those good moments. Thanks for sharing the 2013 version.

  • pinksuedeshoe - At the beginning of this year I had started a similar type of list on my phone, kind of a cross between this calendar and the one you made that has a notecard for each day of the year, and you add to it each year… and last weekend my phone crashed hard and I lost the whole thing. Gaaah! So, now I’m writing it down on real live paper with a real live pen. I can hang on to paper forever. And I do. It’s a borderline obsession, I’m ok with it. Congrats to Little One! I was so excited when I saw the pic on instagram. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rebecca Lovell - Yay!!! for Little One!! That is so exciting!!! And thank you so much for this! I will love using this and sharing it!!

  • Jennifer - First, hooray and congrats to your baby for standing so proud and strong! And re: the best of my days — wanted you to know that we did very well in keeping your calendars (and gave them as teacher gifts @ Christmas, too) for a while…and then began to add “the best” to our bedtime prayers. After stories we go around the room and everyone says their special prayers as well as the “best of my day” — inspired by you! xo

  • Amy @ PaintWineRepeat - What a lovely idea! Thank you for sharing the download.

  • amber - I love, love these! Can’t wait…also, that chevron tape is amazing. And…yay for Little One!! She is just precious.

  • Katie - Thank you so much for sharing this free printable. I am so excited to capture all our great moments in 2013!

    Also, thank you for sharing your beautiful story of adoption. Your little girl seems like pure joy!


  • Kiki - Yay! It’s so great to see her standing! She has truly grown so much in such a short time.

    And thank you for the printable! I started doing this this last year (2012) and have really, really enjoyed it. It’s so much fun looking through and seeing what was going on in my life earlier this year. Thank you again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Aimee - Thank you so much for the 2013 Calendar! I made these last year as presents. My daughter and I have kept one through 2012, and it is such a blessing! My daughter has trouble with the tiny spacing. Could you send me your original file (not the PDF) so I can increase the spacing a little for her and the 4th and 5th graders that I teach at church? I love your design and could never create something so cute. I would like to increase the spacing a little for my daughter and the girls though.

  • Chris - Ashley..thank you for emailing back about your Oct/Nov class. Unfortunately the timing wasn’t right to sign up now. I would love to take your class after the first of the year!! Hopefully you’ll schedule one at the time! Thanks again!!

  • Nancy LeB - Love that little one is doing so well. thanks for sharing the calendar ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kristin - Thanks so much for sharing the download for this! I am going to be using this for teacher Christmas gifts! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anna - Thanks so much for sharing the calendar. What a great way to remind ourselves daily how blessed we are. I’m having a hard time downloading the file….should it still be active? A Google Doc message comes up and says “Google Docs has encountered a server error.” Should I be trying something different?

  • Rachael - Thanks for this beautiful download! It’s a perfect gift for more people than I can count!

  • Tami H. - Thank you so much for this great tutorial and downloadable 2013 calendar ! I have made up a few of these for Christmas gifts for my girlfriends ! Merry Christmas. I am looking forward to seeing your calendar that your putting together in Dec.

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  • Stacy - Do you have a tutorial on how to make those cute (I don’t even know what to call them) labels that you put over your photos? They look like ribbon or tape or paper and usually state the name of the DIY project like “Best of My Days 2013 Download”.


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  • Melissa S. - Last New Year’s Eve I printed the Best of My Days calendar for some of my friends. Last Sunday one of them said that she really enjoyed using the calendar last year. She said that in the past she would try to journal and then eventually quit, but writing out the one best thing of the day really helped and she could stick with it. She asked where she could get one for 2013 as she was using the backside of her cards. I emailed her the link to this post. Thank you Ashley, you are a blessing!

  • Kirstin - So, is there any chance that you are planning to update this pdf for 2014 anytime in the next 2 weeks? I am part of a homemade gift exchange and I would love to use this for my item. Thanks in advance!

  • CATH - Hello,
    I am looking forward the “Best of my days 2014” version -:)
    This is so pretty

  • Sydney Matejka - I used The Best of My Days for myself and for gifts last year. Would love to use again for 2014. Will you be updating the template?

  • vicki - I am hoping to print this out for a christmas gift for young/ teen moms and this looks perfect but need it for 2014, please let me know if you have a printable templet for 2014. Thank you!