nana’s epic watergun fight

So…I would like to start today by saying “Happy Birthday Lesley!”

My mom and my oldest son had been planning a watergun fight all summer. Well, summer came and went and the temps are beginning to fall so we they had to make it happen this week. It was Nana and FireCracker verses the boys….

All photos were shot with my 70-200mm lens. That is the same lens I used at the football games. I purchased it back when I did weddings and rarely use it these days. But when I do, I sure enjoy it. All shots are at f/2.8, but the shutter speed and ISO change.

I think she got more in her belly than she got on her brothers.

Little One just watched and giggled.

Photo tip: Look at the grass in the shot below…do you see the small area that is in focus? That is what I was talking about a few days ago, the “depth of field”. It is the area of the photo that is in focus. The boys had just run out of that area, so they are blurry…except one foot.

Poor, poor little sister. There are 3 reasons she is such a tough little girl: Brother #1, Brother #2, Brother #3.

And she had enough.

Mid-watergun fight feeding led to an outfit change.

In the midst of all the water flying, I took a few photos of Little One. She has just transformed before our eyes the last two weeks. It is hard to even put into words. She has quite simply come to life. She’s got a silly, funny side that loves to smile and laugh. But she also has another side. A side that is both sweet and serious. The photo below melts me because it captures that other side of her. My daughter – the one who is both fragile and strong. Fearful and brave. Silly and serious.

And oh so incredibly sweet. She takes my breath away.

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  • emmybrown - AWESOME photos!!! Especially love the one of FC’s “done” face!!! Ha! 🙂 And yes, Little One is beyond sweet!

  • dee - Looks like they all had a wonderful time.My mum is just like yours beautiful-take care-dee x

  • Chelsea Lee - Ashley, she is so gorgeous, as are all of your babies. However, little one has come to life…she looks so different. She looks healthier & happy! My heart is so happy for your family of 7!!!!

  • Sarah M - This is just too great!
    Sarah M

  • annie baker - Love, love, love your blog! You are so blessed; your children are beautiful. Tell us about Little One’s amber (I think) necklace, please.

  • Cassie - Oh my goodness, Firecracker’s “enough” face is cracking me up.

  • Emily - Congrats on your littlest one. She’s so cute and looks so sweet. Firecracker’s face cracks me up On the 6th pic from the bottom. As always, i love your blog! (ps. penny is visiting and says hello!)

  • Beej - That last picture of Little One just kills me. Her eyes are so deep and knowing,

  • Lianna - The little miss is growing so fast…
    It is hard to beleive that in a few short years she will be in school…

  • Corrie Anne - Lol… exactly to the three reasons! I grew up with three bros!

  • Nycole - I am captivated by the last photo of your Little One. She is so beautiful it amazes me. I could stare at her little face for days. <3

  • Megan Bee - Little One is just breathtaking in the last photo! Absolutely stunning! I have loved following along on your journey with her. It has been wonderful to see how well she is doing with your amazing family. So happy for you all 🙂

  • Robin L - Beautiful! It is great to see LO’s personality coming through. I love seeing the photos of your children. Firecrackers enough face is too much! These pictures just make me so happy!

  • Lyn - You have a beautiful family. I want a water fight now but it’s to cold here 🙁

  • Deanna - I think my heart skipped a beat on that last picture – she is just so lovely and those eyes – melt! Happy Birthday to Lesley – hope she has a very happy new year 🙂 And you guys are just awesome. So glad to have found you on instagram and been able to enjoy your blog every day. Love to your beautiful family!

  • Brandi - The last pic of Little One is breathtaking. 🙂 Love your Mom’s Rocky Banana!! So much fun. Best. Family. Ever.

  • Seriously Sassy Mama - Oh my goodness what a sweet little picture. It makes me wish I could untie my tubes.

  • Jessica P - Way to go, Nana! Loved these pictures.

  • Stoich91 - So sweet! ;D

  • Jenna - This blog just makes me happy! I find myself smiling everytime I read the daily post 🙂

    I have a question unrelated to today’s post. I’m in the process of planning a bridal shower for my best friend and have been looking at your DIY section daily for different ideas. I’m wondering where you get the wooden hangers like the one in your sewn canvas DIY. I can’t seem to find them anywhere!

  • Jackie - What time of day did you shoot this at? Everything turned out great. What are the settings for the very last shot?

  • angie - Oh wow that last picture. So much depth in her little soul. And Firecracker’s faces crack me up!

  • Kristine - I am a new follower of your blog & I love it!

    I just wanted to add that your Mom rocks – you go on with your bad self, Grandma!!

  • Casey Ray - THESE ARE HILARIOUS!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!

  • Juliana - I just love this post! God bless your family!

  • Jessica R - It won’t be long before she is up and chasing after her siblings! I love that she gets such a kick out of them. This looks like such a fun day.

    I know it’s technically impossible, but: there is something in the expression of her eyes that makes her look like you. Maybe she’s picked it up from you over the past few weeks. Your LO is starting to resemble you 🙂

  • Victoria / Justice Pirate - Looks like it was loads of fun (especially for your mom even I think). haha. I’m glad that you are seeing more and more personality coming out of Little One.

  • kiley - What fun! And, firecracker’s pouty face…gave me a good laugh!!!

  • Mary - I have enjoyed visiting ‘Under the Sycamore’ for a while now. I always enjoy ‘reading the story’ in you pictures. In the photo of Firecracker and Little One on the quilt, Firecracker has obviously ‘had enough’ and Little One seems to be saying ‘Let me fix you a cup of tea and everything will be ok’. It’s wonderful to see the bond between these two precious sisters.

  • Tessa - Fun! Wow, your littlest really looks great! She looks so alive and healthy! It’s amazing how little time it takes her being with her family to bring her personality out. She just looks so great.

  • northern cottage - takes our breath away too….what a great day – LOVE firecrackers face!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Nana Rocks!

  • brooke - I love this photo of her. How amazingly sweet! She is just precious and so innocent. I love it. I know you are trusting God through your journey. I am struggling at times to trust God’s goodness in the midst of frustration with my sweet man…but he’s so sweet…he has the best laugh….he’s so kind…I’m so glad that even in tough moments or tough times, you know she is an awesome, sweet girl!

  • jagodka - I think I just love your mom! That is one cool nana! 🙂

  • Crystal - What an AWESOME grandma!! I am new to your blog and enjoying your stories. All of your children are beautiful and I love the way you bring the everyday to life in your photos! You inspire me!! 🙂

  • Tonya - Nana ROCKS! And, yes, Little One absolutely melts hearts. What a lucky mom you are, to have your life filled with such love and laughter 🙂

  • Amy - Little one is growing so big! I feel like she is changing before our eyes, that is the love of family! In a couple hours, Andrew and I will got meet our children, we are on our “court date” trip and are over the moon. Can’t wait to have them home so they can start to blossom like your little one!


  • Paige - She is just so pretty! Her eyes say so much… And as always, I love Firecracker’s faces. She has the best faces!

  • Angela - Ashley—I’ve been a reader of your blog for over 2 years and I just wanted to say how much I adore everything about it. I’m a Momma to an 18 month old boy who we adopted at 3 days old. I am so inspired by how you provide so many fun, creative opportunities for your kids; from drawing to playing in the mud! I always come away from your blog inspired! Your new Little One melts my heart every time I see a photo of her and Fire Cracker’s relationship with her is so beautifully documented through your photos!
    Blessings from TX
    Angela Moore

  • Jami Davis - I just have tears in my eyes at how beautiful she is and how beautiful your family is. You inspire me greatly.