diy {owl coloring page clipboard}

While in China I mentioned that Little One had gotten some super cute (and comfy) clothes from Tea Collection. Remember these….

Well, with the clothes came an activity book. Tea sends them with all orders – I think. I might have been as excited about the activity book as the clothes. I did not let the kids see it until I had time to photo copy all the pages. Only later did I realize I could have just downloaded them all. I have a few ideas for ways to use them. I started with a little project for FireCracker. I think these would be cute framed and done with watercolor too. So many ideas. So little time.

The actual activity book’s pages are thin so you can see the image on the other side a little bit. I photocopied my pages onto cardstock so they would be a little more heavy weight. And then I got to coloring….with the good Prismacolor pencils. Our “studio” is in constant use, but I have yet to decorate or move long term furniture in to it. Right now we are using the old kitchen table my grandpa built me when I first go married. I remember the days when we only had one side up and it was plenty of space. Now it is far too small for us, but it is working until we get a new table built.

You can download the owl page by clicking here.

After I finished coloring mine, I cut it out closely around the edges. I then used Decoupage on the back of the owl to glue it to my clipboard. Just a little is all that is needed. After it dried I brushed on Triple Thick to coat the whole top of the owl and clipboard for a glossy finish. I would have used the Triple Thick spray but I ran out and only had this type on hand.

It makes coloring together a little more fun when the pages are Nordic images instead of Lego Superheroes 🙂

You can download all the pages from this activity book by clicking here.

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  • Catherine - This looks beautiful and I was so hoping there was a link to download them all! Thanks! I love Tea Collection’s clothes too.

  • Bethany - I drool over the Tea Collection catalogs often! I was so excited to see a link for the coloring pages. I didn’t see the girl riding on the bike picture though…my favorite! Is that one not available for download? Thanks for sharing!

  • Angela - @Bethany, you can get the girl on the bike from their blog.

    It’s my favourite also 🙂

  • Angie @ - Thanks for sharing. I am always looking for adorable wearable clothing options that not every other girl in our small town picked up off the rack at Wal Mart. Great clothes and the coloring pics are something my four yo will go nuts about!

  • Molly - We are so doing this!! I can’t wait to color MY owl!! 🙂

  • Anna@agoodhome - Those downloads are amazing! Thanks for linking, I just got them all 🙂

  • Ruth @ Living Well Spending Less - So cute! I am obsessed with Tea Collection clothes for my girls too (on sale with a coupon, of course!) 😉 I just wrote about my obsession with Mod Podge today & now I’m curious about the Decoupage product, which I’ve never heard of….do you like it better?

  • suzanne - what great, simple ideas you have!! thank you.

  • Jenny B. - That is so cool! I didn’t know Decoupage was a brand (I thought it was a verb). 🙂 I also had never heard of Triple Thick. Learn something new every day! Fun stuff.

  • lyn - We love owls here. Thank you for this download it will make a LO happy in the morning.

  • Lindsey Bonnice - I love this owl! I just saw her on a Tea shirt yesterday and fell in love with it. I didn’t get it yet because we are in the process of adopting a little girl and aren’t sure when she will be born yet. Thank you so much for sharing this so now I can do something fun with this cutie owl for her nursery!

  • Chrissy - Oh…this is super cute!

  • Brooke - what a great idea! I’m also a huge fan of owls 🙂
    might just need to download and print this cute one out for myself. Just cause I’m 33 doesn’t mean I’m too old for a little coloring session right? lol

  • Elizabeth - i LOVE the Tea printables ~ they are such lovely little pieces of art!

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