the kind of friend that makes the extra stop

I dropped two little people off at preschool.

Rushed to Target to pick up a needed item. Had to be fast. Chris was at home waiting for me to return so he could go to work.

I really wanted a nice hot caramel macchiato, but the line was long. Not enough time to wait. Bummer.

I fast paced walked through the store, got my items, checked out.

As I looked up, a saw a good friend just getting her coffee and about to leave the store. I waved and said hi.

She was surprised to see me and then handed me the coffee and a pumpkin muffin.

“These are for you. I was going to drop them off at your house on my way to work.”

She didn’t have a coffee for herself. She was on her way to work. She made a special stop with me in mind.

I want to be that kind of friend.

The kind that thinks of others before I think of myself.

The kind that goes out of my way to be thoughtful towards others.

The kind that makes the extra stop.

My friends are teaching me how to be a friend. Especially in the last year.

I want to not be so self absorbed. So distracted. So in my own little world.

I want be the type of friend that my friends are to me.

What about you? What kinds of thoughtful things have your friends or family done for you? What are some simple ways others have expressed kindness to you or ways you’ve expressed it to others?

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