naptime around our place

The girls sleep in my room….on a cushy pallet on the floor.

Long story. It works.

It works wonderfully actually. At least for now.

The only downfall is a big sister than can’t handle when her little sister is asleep.

I told FireCracker not to wake up her sister.  A few minutes later,  I found her enjoying a snack and watching Little One sleep.

This photo speaks volumes about my girls right now.

It is hard to believe they’ve only known each other for less than two weeks.

Little One is getting lots of cuddles and entertainment when she should be sleeping.

I remember less than a month ago thinking about how sleep arrangements would work out. I thought about how her orphanage lacked any color and how she slept on boards. I was prepared to take down pictures, keep the surrounding neutral and even lay on the wood floor with her if that is what she needed.  And yet here she is – totally happy and thriving with the complete opposite. Super soft bed. Lots of bright colors. Lots of sibling love. It is good to have her home and I am thankful she is able to adapt and adjust to her new home so easily. Oh, and she is sleeping through the night now. YAY!!!

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  • Leila - What a blessing. She looks happy, and what more can you ask for? And I love that patchwork quilt — so sweet!

  • Danielle - So beautiful! Everytime I decide we should wait to adopt I see a post from you and all my reasons not to yet go out the window…

  • Erica G - I’m really beginning to feel as though you owe me a box of Kleenex and case of water. Looks like FC thinks the China dress is a winner. 🙂

  • Andy - love the last pic how she is looking right at you. so sweet how cuddly she is with firecracker. younger kids just love older kids, i’ve seen it in both of my two kids. how special that she has four older kids to look up to, to love and to love her. what fun times.

  • laura - So sweet! I love all of Firecrackers different outfits too! Cracks me up! Great news about sleeping through the night…makes a huge difference in how you can function as a mom and a person.

  • Melanie - Love never fails!! You’re right… she looks like she’s always belonged. 🙂

  • Cecile - What joy to share with you this special time! We are truly happy to see you and your family so blessed! May you continue to have many joys and good luck with the not-so-easy parts!! Your family are in our daily prayers!

  • Kari - Snuggling with big sister and holding her foot . . . something about the flexibility of babies gets to me. Love that they look so in love with each other.

  • Serene - These pictures of the kids together warms my heart. I grew up as an only child so to see Little One surrounded by the love of siblings is wonderful to me.

  • Ayesha - Bless…..I enjoy reading and smiling and as i look i notice there holding little ones hand……:) im so glad how quickly shes adjusting

  • Kimberly Troth - SO CUTE!!! Glad to hear she is doing so well 🙂 FireCracker looks like a WONDERFUL big sister!!!

  • Elizabeth - I just recently found your blog and I have LOVED reading through your adoption story. Adoption is dear to my heart and we have started praying about taking our own steps toward adoption. Thank you for sharing your story!

  • Michelle G - An analogy popped into my head while reading “children are like plants, given the right conditions they too will thrive and bloom”


  • Asha - These pictures are the BEST!!!

  • Angie @ - So happy she is doing so well and there really just is NOTHING like the relationship between sisters, is there? So sweet!

  • Heather C - Love this post! Little one is so lucky to be surrounded by such love! Did you make her quilt with your fabulous fabric stash ;)? I’ve noticed she always has it with her, must be her comfort item!

  • Elizabeth - oh my golly- so precious! Such a wonderful reminder of how perfectly God orchestrates EVERYTHING- she was born to be in your family. Thanks so much for pulling back the curtain, so we get a glimpse into your life during this time!

  • Brandi - Love these pictures. So simple, yet so sweet! Firecracker’s love for Little One is so beautiful! Little One is blessed beyond measure to have you Campbell’s!

  • Rose - Little One is just soaking it all in and loving it. Just to go from one extreme to the other like that is mind blowing, yet she is doing so well! That is super 🙂

  • Charla - I was so thrilled to bump into you last night!!! Your family is just as beautiful in person! Love watching how God has blessed your family with little one! 🙂

  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators - I love how patient and tender and big-sisterly Firecracker is with Little One. That is a bond that will only strengthen over time. And who wouldn’t want to sleep in a comfy bed (especially surrounded with such fun bedmates).

  • Paula S. - Goodness! All I see is L O V E and it is absolutely breathtaking. That one picture with Firecracker on the right looking up at brother on the left and brother looking at your newest little one…soooooo sweet!

  • Natalie, the Chickenblogger - Missing some zzzzzzs, due to affection and cuddles…
    Pretty sweet.
    Life is good.

  • Lisa M. - Those two girls are going to share such an amazing bond. I loved this post. She is so loved and I’m sure she can feel that.

  • Mrs. Saukas - Its amazing how so many times the children get the things fast and adapt easier than the adults. And its so much better when the children are surrounded with love. How blessed is the little one for such beatiful sibblings and lovely family.

  • jenny - Those girls are SO sweet together! 🙂

  • Mareen - It is wonderful to see your family growing together. I loved following your story throughout the whole adoption process and shared the thrill with you. And now it is so awesome to see little one finally being home with her family.

    I can totally understand Firecracker always wants to play with her. Little sisters are the best thing to have. Sisters by chance, Friends by choice. It is the cutest that she sits by her side watching her sleep – and she did listen to you not to wake her up.

  • Jessica P - BIG YAY for sleeping through the night! That is awesome. And a bigger yay for sibling love!

  • Alaina - Good morning! I was recently introduced to your wonderful blog by my sister and I have to say that I love it! I’m not sure why but I am brought to tears (happy tears) almost everytime I see a picture of your precious family. I too have a firecracker, and your little one reminds me so much of mine. Thank you for sharing your adoption journey!

  • emmybrown - LOVE everything about this post!!! YAY!!!

  • Martina - So beautiful and cozy and sunny – looks like a lovely place to nap. Oh! And letting big brother touch her hands! She seems to be trusting so well.

  • Ann - I am brought to tears (happy ones)with all of your posts these days. Little One truly is at H-O-M-E! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Annieg - FireCrackers love for little one is the exact reason we wanted our Pumpkin to have a sister. Nobody got why I wanted to adopt after having her and these pictures are the exact reason why. I’m so happy LittleOne has FireCracker!

  • Natalie - Beautiful!

  • Tina I. - Love the pic where she’s holding her feet (love them all, really)! In yoga, we call that pose “Happy Baby”… appropriate.

  • Stefanie - Yay is right! Sleeping through the night is fabulous for everyone, but even more than that, it’s a wonderful sign that she is feeling safe and secure in her new surroundings. Double YAY!!
    And P.S. Oh my goodness, that Firecracker is Too. Cute.

  • Emily - sleeping through the night…so jealous… 😉

  • Natalie - What a blessing to have sweet siblings that love their sister! I just saw an old picture of FireCracker with your hubby on paper coterie’s website. Super cute! So glad LO is adjusting so beautifully!

  • Jane in Canada - Ashley, I log on everyday following your incredible journey. I don’t always leave a comment, but I think of you and Little One and the rest of your beautiful family often. Little One is such an incredibly lucky girl to be part of your family. Her life has changed immensely for the better. And forever.

    It’s great to hear that she is sleeping well. I hope that the feeding is going well too. Is she able to tolerate any solids? I’m curious as to how your team of doctors is planning to schedule her lip and palate repairs and how all of the different factors are being balanced to optimize the timing. Are there concerns that she will have some oral aversions to solids given her lack of experience with them so far? I’m also curious as to how insurance companies deal with adoptions. We don’t have these concerns in Canada with universal health care and I hope that with your insurance provider there aren’t any issues of coverage either.

    Sending lots of hugs your way. One of my neighbours works for Hilti (he’s currently the president of the Canadian division) and he travels to Tulsa where Hilti’s head office for North America is located. I wish I could go with him one of these days so I could come by for a visit. 🙂

  • Sadie - Oh my goodness. The photo of Firecracker watching LO sleep, PRECIOUS! Looks like things are moving along perfectly! Love keeping up with your family. Been praying for you!

  • nancy - Second to last image… FAVE! Luv how he’s upside down!

  • heather - i’m dying over the fact that she grabbed a snack to watch her sissy sleep. that is fantastic! and the love she has for her is written all over her face. so cool to witness!

  • Alicia Robinson - I came across your website from a mutual friend who has recently brought home her daughter from China. Your story, your pictures, your family are beautiful. This post (as some of your others) brings tears of complete joy as your Little One is obviously adored by her siblings. Bless your family!

  • Lyn - This is love.

  • stacey - i can’t get over how BEAUTIFUL she is! how thrilling that she’s adjusted so smoothly…but then again, who wouldn’t with that much love surrounding them? 🙂 hugs!

  • Taralynn - I agree completely! A Moms gotta do what a Moms gotta do to get some proper sleep. I know we were a bit shunned about sleeping with our babes for so long (who am I kidding 4 years later and we still bed jump and with each other) but it is truly the only way for everyone to the best sleep. Good sleep = happier family. 🙂 Way to problem solve I say!

  • Debi - These pics say it all! Your Little One is so loved! Firecracker waiting for her baby sis to wake up and is so nurturing to her.

  • autumn - these pictures capture the beauty of siblings and a new baby. I love that siblings can’t leave each other alone. they always have to touch, talk, wake each other up. you caught the most amazing sort of love on film… well done mama!

  • Claudia - Amazing at what a wonderful transition it has been for her. How beautiful for her to know a family’s love. So sweet!

  • Layla - I always find myself skooching closer to the screen when I read through your posts. I don’t want to miss a single detail! 😀 This one had me smiling from top to bottom. Thank you for brightening my day…as usual!

  • Alice - JusT wondering if there is something wrong with my iPad, all of ur photos appear as ‘Heart BOx Studio’ logo… very strange! 🙁

  • Darcie - I love the one of her holding her foot and snuggling FireCracker. With 4 other siblings, it just looks like her little heart is getting filled and filled every day. Starting to make up for the empty from before… it won’t be long before she’s full up!

  • naomi - Hi Ashley! I’m reading your blog for a few days now… Your life, your kids and the huge heart of your family… You give me strength. Thanks for sharing. Just wanted you to know someone on the other side of the ocean (I’m in Italy) is thinking of you and your story and being inspired by that!

  • Kimberlee Jost - I can’t even describe what kind of joy this post brings me, Ashley.
    My joy isn’t giddy today. It’s deep, beautiful, and all kind of amazing that comes from seeing so many prayers answered. It kind of makes me wonder what else God is going to do??? 🙂

  • Katy@TheOpenDoor - I am so happy for you all! I love seeing these pictures and hearing how well Little One and your first 4 kids are adapting. Thank you for sharing! The sisterly love pictures just melt my heart.

  • the chronic utilitarian - these photos are precious.
    firecracker is the quintessential big sister.

    congrats to you and your family, ashley.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - YAY for sleeping through the night! Praise God!

  • Kerry - Who can resist an atmosphere of grace?

  • Stephanie - Your comment ‘I was willing… …(to) layon the wood floor with her’ is heart stopping.
    That statement just underscores how fiercely you have loved little one since even before you laid eyes on her.

    It has been such a pleasure to share you journey with you – thank you for sharing in your blog.

  • Jenny B. - YAY!!! So happy for your family. So thankful for a full night’s sleep. So in awe of your Little One.

  • amy jupin - these pictures just keep getting better and better.
    these kiddos…my goodness…seeing them all together just brings me such joy.

  • Shannon - I love how much she loves her sister, and the love she gets back! Wonderful! I have to know where Firecracker’s dress is from in the last few pictures! My daughter needs it!

  • kiley - What a treat to see these photos of your family as you build relationships! Just melts my heart!!! Blessings to you all!

  • Jacque Calico - I just think all of these pics are priceless!! Reading your blog has made me slow down and try to enjoy the little things in life!!

  • angie - incredible. all of you.

  • Laura@Ms Smartie Pants - Ashley, you really can’t know how moving it is for me to see these pictures and read of your beautiful family. You see when I first started reading this blog I shared in the joy of excitement of your adoption and when you offered us all a way to help the orphanage that little one lived in I joined in because it hit close to home since my mom was born with a cleft lip and palette. At that time I shared the story with my husband, I remember it was very moving to him. He was always so good to listen to how much the blog community meant to each other as I would share the goodness from all around. Life has a funny way of turning out. About the time you were getting your little one I was loosing my husband, you see he died 25 days after finding out he had lung cancer. I see your family and I am truly happy for you but I am sad because I don’t have my husband here to share one more piece of joy with me. I don’t mean this to be a downer, I really am happy for you. You are a blessed family but you are also a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  • karen - FC’s face is priceless!!! LOVE!

  • Wen - LOVE these photos – toooo precious!!! So happy for your beautiful family!

  • Cath - The love, fun, colour and pure goodness that oozes from these photos is just magic! To see Little One at home with her family and so happy is priceless. C xxx

  • Lisa - These pictures are absolutely precious! Especially the ones of your girlies!

  • barnicles - i love your stories! now i want to know why a pallet on your floor works best 🙂 do you husband and yourself ever need more of your own space? (although with lots of kids im sure that is rare anyway)


  • Lanny Lou - I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime now. And you have such an awesome family, a loving family,a spiritual family… You’re all so blessed … and I feel blessed too 🙂 Thank you for sharing so much with us ! HUGS

  • Becky M - How old is she now? She seems to be exactly the same age as my son. It’s so great to see the little girls so in love with each other.

  • Candace - Every morning, I pour myself a cup of coffee and sit down to read a few blogs… Each morning yours brings me to tears of joy! What wonderful pictures of the sweet bond sisters share!

  • Amber - wonderful! wonderful! so glad to hear how well she has adjusted to such a cozy and warm environment! in love with how your other children adore her! what a blessing they will be to each other!!

  • Heather - Good thing there have been a few “no tears” posts. Today’s brought fresh happy tears, and a quick prayer of thanks to God for the gift of this little girl, and the gift of your family. The picture of her and FireCracker snuggling with Little One sucking her thumb, was my undoing. Blessings!!

  • rachel - oh my gosh.
    the picture of the girlies cuddling.
    melt my heart.

  • stephanie - if my naptimes were being interrupted, i would definitely want those interruptions to be cuddles from such a loving swarm of kids!

  • Emily - It’s lovely to see how God prepared your Little One’s heart for your family as he was preparing your heart <3

  • Paige - Nothing quite like the bond of sisters! I love the one of them snuggling. What a blessing she has such loving sibs.

  • Marie-Eve - Hi Ashley,
    A dear friend of mine told me about your family story & your blog.
    It has captured my heart & inspired me so so much!
    Thank you for your obedience and faith in Our Lord and Savior.
    I pray that one day we too shall do the same and welcome one of these sweet little precious ones for forever in our home…”Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me…”Mark 9:37
    P.S: Your pictures of your children cuddling = Melt my Heart!!
    God Bless,

  • Veronica - Love this post! They are so adorable together!

  • Amnah - These pictures brought tears to my eyes. Just imagining Little One’s thoughts. Where she was and where she is now. She is very, very fortunate. Congratulations on your new little girl. It’s going to be a pleasure to watch her grow.

  • reyanna - I used to read your blog every day, then I got sick, and I haven’t been here in a couple months. (Found out the “sickness” is actually pregnancy, so yay! LOL.) Anywho, I couldn’t wait to visit your blog, hoping Little One was home with you now.

    These photos brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy for you guys! 🙂

  • Elizabeth - beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

  • Katy - I popped in tonight just to see if Little One had made it home and am so glad to see she has! I have followed your blog for ages, but rarely comment. Lately, I’d been thinking of you all, and her. I have my own little “firecracker” and in some weird, not stalker-y way, I do think they could find some terrific mischief together! So, so glad to see Little One home and settling in.

  • sarah newburn - Hey Ashley Ann. My friend Sarah Wolfe told me about your blog. We are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia who also has a left lip and palate. We live in Fort Worth (around the corner from Sarah) and I would love to chat with you about surgeons when you have some time. I know these next few weeks will be stressful. I will be praying for your sweet one. Sarah mentioned you might be a good resource and we just got our referral the Friday after Thanksgiving, so I have about one million questions.

    Sarah Newburn