diy {Warhol soup cans}


Okay, so I could not think of a title for these. “Warhol cans you buy at Target, cover in sealer and put stuff in” was too long. I have no idea how long Target has had these Andy Warhol soup cans, but I saw them for the first time last week. Granted, they are extra fun for me because my last name is Campbell – but what great colors. They feel more spring/summer than fall, but I kind of prefer spring/summer over fall decor anyway.

Step 1: Empty the cans of the tomato soup and clean them. I just froze my soup. I figured one of you could give me ideas on how to make the canned soup taste better. Feel free to leave ideas in the comment section. There are benefits of not being able to grow tomatoes. If I grew my own, I wouldn’t get to buy such cute cans. Anyway, back to the point. Be very careful when cleaning out your cans. You really want to avoid getting the label wet. Take your time on this. And – the rim might be a little sharp, be wise, don’t let kids play with it.

Step 2: Cover with several coats of Triple Thick. I really like this spray because it goes on thick, it is a spray (verses something you brush on) and it drys really smooth. It has a pretty glossy finish too.

And after all that labor intensive work….cute little cans for flowers, pencils, paintbrushes, etc. The sealer will help them last a lot longer. But if you really like canned tomato soup, I suppose you can just keep buying new cans until the Warhol edition is gone.

I know rocket science diy post happening here today. Sometimes the simplest projects are my favorite. Sometimes life just doesn’t allow for big projects or time heavy crafts. Sometimes I just need to spray sealer on a can to feel a little creative…to have a punch of color while I wash dishes…to be reminded that creativity doesn’t have to have 10 perfectly executed steps….to remember even in times of transition and change I’m still just me.

“An artist is someone that produces things that people don’t need to have.” ~ Andy Warhol

**Update – Great idea to seal the cans before cleaning them left in the comment section. Much easier way to do it. And thanks for the link to Young House Love’s version…much better way to keep the cans from cutting skin. You people are so smart 🙂

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