one happy set of sisters

It is so good to be home. We fully soaked up and enjoyed our time in China, but goodness do we like being home and all together. Little One became a citizen of the United States of America when our plane touched ground in Chicago. It was a very cool moment…here we are just after arriving in Chicago. Welcome to America!


We were greeted at the airport by friends and family. My friend Shannon took a bunch of pictures, so I’ll share those when I get them. Chris and I are surrounded by incredible people. Our friends and family have supported us through this journey and were out in full force to celebrate our arrival home. We are abundantly blessed and felt so loved as we walked through the airport surrounded by those we love.

Little One is doing incredibly well. She had a bit of a rough time sleeping at first, but for the most part has transitioned to a new time zone very smoothly.


FireCracker is walking on sunshine. When we exited our gate at the airport and could see the waiting area, we could see her jumping up and down. We could also hear her screams. Her excitement was not for mom and dad, it was all for her baby sister. They are quickly forging a deep bond.

FireCracker was happy to pass down her Wonder Woman shirt. I think it looks just as cute on her little sister.

So, all that to say – life is very good at the Campbell household. Not perfect. Not without obstacles and challenges. But, very, very good.

Something tells me these sisters agree.

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  • Jenni - Sweetest thing ive ever seen! Another tear-jerker! God bless you!

  • emmybrown - LOVE seeing the pictures of her at home with Firecracker…been waiting all weekend for them and thought/prayed for you often as you were arriving home and settling! 🙂 Congrats!

  • Heather - It made my morning to see these two together. FireCracker finally has her sister with her. Yay!!. The last picture is oh, so precious. Blessings! Sweet Campbell family.

  • Julie - Adorable. Congratulations again on your new baby girl…they are precious together. So happy for your family 🙂

  • Heather - Congratulations and welcome home!!! Have LOVED reading your updates everyday, but I have to say this is one of my favorites. I couldn’t wait to see how Firecracker welcomed Little One home. I audibly sighed when I just saw these pics. The one with little One’s hand on Firecrackers face – I was holding back tears. you have a precious family. So glad you are all home and adjusting well.

  • Andy - oh my goodness the first picture of them hugging…..melt my heart. i just love it. and this last one is pretty great. sisters are wonderful

  • zoe - huge congratulations! I nearly didn’t cry at this post at all until I saw little one touching firecracker – after everything you have said about how she protects her hands so much – that photo said it all. wishing you all, all of you, all the happiness in the world.

  • Kimberly Troth - SO CUTE!!! Love that Little One is wearing the Wonder Woman shirt 🙂 So HAPPY for all of you! Praying everything stays smooth for all of you 🙂

  • mary from tenn - this post is beautiful what a wonderful big sister!

  • Shannon Phillips - PERFECTION!!!!!

  • Lyn - Ashley your family is truly beautiful. The beauty of your two daughters together has made me cry. Thank you for sharing your blessings with all of us. You have brightened a strangers day! God Bless!

  • valerie - congratulations, congratulations, congratulations…love is such a healing balm, adorable how big sister is loving on your new arrival!

  • Michelle G - Just beautiful.

  • Michelle H. - These are the pictures I have been waiting for! They are as precious & as beautiful as I had imagined. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful family.

  • Ruth @ Living Well Spending Less - Oh my gosh Ashley, those pictures of the two of them together are just precious. There is nothing like a sister. And I can’t tell you how excited I am to see the Wonder Woman shirt again! xoxo

  • Reidunn - This is the sweetest post ever!!
    I have loved to follow your journey, and I’m looking forward to glimpses of the continuing story.

  • Seriously Sassy Mama - There is nothing in the world like a sister. I am so happy my three girls have each other!

  • tara pollard pakosta - I am over the moon for your older daughter to have a baby sister to love and I can see that your new baby really loves having someone close to her size to love on her!
    happy happy!

  • Brandi - I was so looking forward to this post!!! Firecracker is such a doll and already an amazing big sister! She was made for this. They are going to be peas & carrots. So happy Little One is adjusting well and thinks are good!! God bless you guys!

  • Debbie C - My heart is melting. Love seeing her in Firecracker’s Wonder Woman shirt! They are adorable together.

  • Jennifer Shoemaker - it is SUCH a cliche to say so, and you’ve no doubt experienced this so many times already with your boys, but isn’t it true that the family’s most recent baby looks positively full grown when the newest baby comes home?! That’s what I kept thinking looking @ the pix of Firecracker. Whereas just last week she seemed so tiny to me, she now seems so big, like a true Big Sister. That can be a bittersweet emotion to witness, but I’m sensing it is lots of sweet in this case! In all the goodness that is this lovely, lovely story, my very favorite bit is that your girls have each other – sissies!

    Congratulations, best wishes, and much love to you all — so, so many of us are cheering for you and yours! xo

  • jinia - Thank you for sharing your amazing story. These pictures are down right magical!

  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators - Is it weird to say I’ve waited for this moment for a long time? There is something so special about sisters (I have two of my own) and Firecracker’s obvious love for her sister even before she arrived is just so heartwarming. It looks like the Littlest One feels the same way… she seems especially at ease with Firecracker and just sits a little bit closer and touches her a little bit more than with others. That is so so wonderful.

  • Lisa M. - So, so sweet!

  • tracy - I thought I wouldn’t cry at today’s post so I went ahead and read it at work … I was wrong. 😉

    Congratulations to little one on her forever home and her new US citizenship! Firecracker is going to be the best big sister ever! 🙂

  • Angela - Congratulations. Thank you so much for sharing glimpses into your journey with us.

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - oh, these photos are killer! so, so sweet.

  • Courtney - I wish I could read one of your posts without the sweet tears, but I fail every time. I’ve been looking forward to this post for so long, and it is even sweeter than I imagined. You have a beautiful family.

  • Jessica @LifeOnCottageHill - I found your blog a couple of years ago and because life got busy I had not checked it in a very long time. Long story short: my husband and I have been having many conversations lately about growing our very wanted and already loved kids #3 and #4 eventually through adoption instead of biologically. We sort of “finalized” that plan verbally on Saturday, Sunday morning my heart was so hurting when I helped care for a foster child during church services and came home and something (or someone ;)) told me to check your blog completely out of the blue and I spent the rest of the afternoon entranced by your adoption story. God sent me to you just when I needed it, so thank you for inviting us all on this journey, I can’t wait until we are on our own similar journey very soon. Much love to you and your beautiful family.

  • elizabeth - What a nice way to start off a Monday!

  • Jen - Beautiful. So beautiful. What blessed little girls to have each other.

  • Michelle W - Welcome Home Little One! Congrats Campbell’s!- The Wear’s

  • Suzanne - Beautiful!

  • Angie Webb - My heart is happy. Thank you.

  • giozi - Is so good to have a sister, a brother is good but never is the same. Love that hug and the last photo, is so tender.

  • giozi - Ohh I was thinking. The oldest has the big brother, and your priceses are going to be together always, and the little brother ?
    Is difficult be the medium

  • mindy t - sweetest pictures ever! So happy that they have each other. A sister is such a sweet blessing. Sometime will you share about little one’s quilt. It is beautiful!

  • Jamie - Oh my goodness… welcome home. It has been such a joy watching your journey. Through all the post, this one is the one that made my cry. When I got down to the pic. of Little One and FireCracker hugging and then seeing Little One in the Wonder Women shirt, I lost it!

    Amazing. WELCOME Home Cambells. Party of 7!

  • Susan - Now I have to save your updates until I get through the rest of my e-mails, or I’d never get anything done 🙂 Sweet & beautiful sisterhood!

  • jenny - Beautiful….just beautiful. 🙂

  • ~abi~ - melt my heart!! i have two sisters, and the are my lifelong best friends. what a blessing for your girls to have each other now!

  • Maria - so sweet!

    Welcome home!

  • Tracy a - Oh my, that last photo just makes my heart so happy!! So glad you guys are adjusting well.

  • Susan - Again, crying at my desk. Tears of sheer happiness at the joy of two sisters in love. Firecracker is going to be the best sister a little girl could ever have.

    I tried to post on fb, but I am not sure if it ever did. I picked up a new magazine completely as a lark. I opened freshstyle and to my complete surprise find your journal featured on page 15. Congratulations on the press!

    Could you please email me your home address. I have something to send to you.
    Thank you,

  • Elizabeth Beattie - So, so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie - Another tear filled read…beautiful! Sisters are incredible, Little One and Firecracker will be the best of friends forever. What a blessing in each others lives they will be.

    You have touched my life in a way I can not express…Thank you!

  • RachaelB - I can’t stop the happy tears!!!! I’ve been waiting all weekend for this post. Seeing those pictures of the sisters … like I said, tears, lots of happy tears.

  • Joy - What a sweet answer to prayer! You were right, Firecracker was meant to be a big sister!

  • Lisa Quick - bliss…I could hardly wait to see Firecracker with her sweet baby sister! These pictures are precious…so happy for all of you! God is amazingly good!

  • Sara - The last picture is beyond amazing…made me cry! Congratulations!

  • Teresa Culpepper - That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Katie Scarlet - Melts my heart.

  • Rose - You have a beautiful family! This little one has made so many people SO very happy.

  • kiley - oh, to have a sister!!! absolutey heart-warming and beautiful!!!

  • amy cornwell - I love it…Firecraker and Little One finally together. So, so sweet! Can’t wait to see the pictures from the airport!

  • Carrie - Can’t wait to see the airport pictures, but, right now, that last picture is just amazing. Clearly Firecracker is beside herself happy with little sister around. Beautiful – welcome back!

  • Darcie - Sharing her Wonder Woman shirt almost made me cry. That’s the love of a sister! I know she loved that shirt – what a sweet gesture, and a sweet way to show that she loves sister more than her shirt. 🙂

  • Lindsay - Love the pics of firecracker and little one! I’m so happy everything is working out.

  • Serene - At the risk of sounding redundant, those pictures are precious especially the last one. I’m filled with joy for your family.

  • Lauren - Beautiful pictures!! So happy your family is home together!

  • Melissa - Just amazing!! I’m speechless! These photos are wonderful!! I have been following your blog for a long time…..and following you and your Family through this journey. You are remarkable people and such a joy! 🙂

  • MG Atwood - Oh how I love seeing the sisters together! Pure Bliss. thank you for sharing your journey to me, a lowly stranger. It warms my heart.

  • Jenni - Are you kidding me with these pictures? Lol. I mean they all are killer but the one in the wonder woman shirt and that last one. I don’t know how you are getting anything done. Insanely beautiful.

  • MeganJ - AMAZING bond already- Love it!!

  • Elizabeth - these are *BEAUTIFUL*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alecia - Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you guys! Thanks for sharing your journey – it has been very moving to read your updates and I am so glad you now have your little one at home.

  • Annieg - The most amazing thing…sisters. When we were told we were unable to have any more biological children we quickly started the process to adopt. 60% of the reason was because we wanted our daughter to have a sister, a forever best friend.

  • Neha - Now this was the post I was waiting for…:)..I want more pics of little song with everyone..God bless u all..more love to the little kids..

  • Aja - This is so beyond precious. Your girls are adorable and it brings me to tears to see them finally together! So glad you guys are home, safe and sound and all TOGETHER!

  • Hannah - Simply beautiful. Congratulations on your arrival home & reuniting as a new, bigger family. I’ve so enjoyed reading all your posts, and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you all xx

  • Tanya A. - HOORAY! A happy teary Hooray! Congrats to all and hooray for Firecracker & Little One! 🙂

  • Gretchen - These pictures are wonderful. Love, love, love seeing these two girls together. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stacey Ball - I have been sitting at work for the past two hours feeling as if I have forgotten something. All of a sudden it struck me that I hadn’t opened up my Google Reader yet. As soon as I did I scrolled as fast as I could to your site…giddy like a school girl.

    Welcome home.

  • Georgia - So sweet! Made my day!

  • Denise - LOVE!!!

  • Wendy - So beautiful! All your pictures ooze love!

  • Nicole L. - Oh how sweet! I love seeing your girls together and that last picture is precious. Every girl should have a sister!

  • amy - God Bless You, Campbell Family!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.

  • Stoich91 - This is a bonkers happy tears post. Congrats a thousand times over, and way to firecracker for passing on the Wonder Woman powers! 😀

  • Victoria / Justice Pirate - my son was giggling in excitement over these pictures. He said, “Jesus loves that little girl!” 🙂

  • Emily B - Oh how beautiful! Such a sweet relationship between them!

  • mandy - Precious, precious!!! Oh, the girls are incredibly sweet together and the love is evident! Love these pics Ash!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Melted 🙂

  • Mary J - I have to stop reading these updates at work because I get so teary. Many congratulations to your family! As the oldest of 4 sisters, there is a very special bond with sisters.

  • Melissa - I’m not sure I’ve ever commented before, but as a fellow adoptive mama, I just wanted to say congratulations. I am so happy for you and so pleased that the transition has been relatively smooth for your family.

  • kariane - I am so happy for your family. That last picture… sweet peace. Such a gift. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Dee - Best. Post. Ever.

  • gina - Having experienced it in my own life and in the lives of some friends it is still so amazing to me how God arranges adoptions and puts families together in a perfect fit!! Precious photos!!

  • Jen - How adorable is that last picture – well, all of them but particularly the last. You’ve waited so long to see that.

  • Amber B - The picture of the girls sitting on the floor hugging is completely heartwarming and precious. Your journey has been so touching…I couldn’t help but tear up a little at the pictures of your “family reunion” 🙂

  • audrielle - so beautiful. thanks for sharing. I dont think I havent balled or teared up at any of your posts lately

  • Jacci in Ohio - Oh, SO THANKFUL for the Lord’s gracious answers to lots of prayer for you ALL! 🙂 Smiling big smiles here!

  • Danielle - So beautiful! It has been a privledge to along with you on this journey. Thank you for taking us.

  • Debi Brown - Oh Bless! The words out of my mouth seeing your new baby girl and Firecracker!
    Amazing you all are!

  • Robin C - Isn’t God good?

  • Vanessa - Aahhhhhh, sweet!!!!! Love the last pic! Life is indeed very good. So happy for you. Thanks for sharing!

  • Fliss - Shauna just saw your photos… she said ‘That is me’…. and I had to explain to her that it was her ‘little Yangxi sister’ and that she just came home from China to be with her Forever Family… then she asks me what is wrong with her mouth… so told her what it was and she wanted to know ‘why’… so explained to her she will have to go to the hospital to get it fixed and she says ‘Will she be ok?’… I told her that she will be fine… then she says she is different but we are the same inside…
    This is Shauna’s new thing… that everything is the same ‘inside’… lol… gotta love it 🙂

  • Katie - This set of photos is so adorable! The love is totally obvious. Thanks for sharing this exciting journey on your blog – there are so many of us that are praying for your growing family. Enjoy your two girls!

  • AmandaH - I’ve been reading your blog faithfully since Firecracker was in the hospital, so its great to see her pass down the Wonder Woman shirt to her new little sister. They look so, so sweet together! LOVE that last photo!

  • masha - Incredible. you are so talented in catching the real moments! both your daughters look at ease together. xxxx so happy for you!

  • Taylor - We all knew fire cracker was a sweetheart but you can tell this is bringing out even more of a nuturing side to her 🙂 they are both such sweethearts!

  • Josephine - Beautiful. Peace to the Campbell Clan.

  • Flunatje - Oh that last photo is so sweet! Congratulations with your baby girl! And thanks for sharing all of this with us 🙂

  • Jenny Chesnick - Best post yet!

  • Emily - Ashley,

    I have been reading your blog for over a year and have never commented, but I could not resist any longer! I am so excited for you and your family as you welcome a new little one. We also have a little girl that was born with a cleft lip and palate and it has been such a faith building experience for me and our whole family. We lived in Oklahoma when she was born and had amazing experiences with the cleft lip and palate clinic in OKC. Dr. Keving Smith is amazing! So amazing that we have discussed coming back for surgery if we are ever blessed with another cleft lip and palate (we are in the process of a special needs adoption now). I am rejoicing with you and your family as you start this new journey!!

  • Stacy - These photos are precious! 🙂 Welcome home!

  • Melissa Whitten - oh Ashley, I too am so glad that we met in China. I only wished I knew that you were a photographer:) I bought me a nice Cannon camera 2 years ago and I love it but dont know a lot of good tips. I would have been bugging you the whole time, if I had known:) Love looking at your pictures, there beautiful.


  • shadi - your post made me cry! Thanks for sharing…Im speechless after seeing your daughters’ pictures…

  • shadi - your post made me cry! Thanks for sharing…I’m speechless after seeing your daughters’ pictures…

  • zina zraikat - Awwwwwwwwww…that last photo is just too precious! I am so very happy for you and your family. Adoption has always been a dream of mine, one that i fear i won’t ever get the chance to realise, so it makes me so happy reading your story.

  • Robin - Wow, so wonderful. Those pictures are adorable. So happy for Firecracker and Little One. I have been so excited to see them together! So blessed!

  • Debbie - I love the pictures of your two girls together, especially the last one!

  • Emily - Sisters are one of life’s true blessings. 🙂

  • Natalie - So happy for FireCracker and everyone! Congratulations. She is a doll!

  • Lori - Precious. Just precious.

  • Carrie - i have read this post three separate times today just to revel in the joy of your daughters! the last photo makes me teary eyed every time FireCracker looks so content with her sister. Congratulations and welcome home!

  • Kimberley Parker - Looks like two little girls who needed each other finally found each other. I feel silly writing words of love to someone I have never met. I have never done it before, but you have just gone and made yourself like the movies – so real I feel I know you. And one day, in eternity, I will. God bless and grow your heart to fit in it all he has for you. Be still, strong Momma, be still. With love. Kim x

  • karen - goosebumps

  • Eva - Well, good golly….isn’t it awesome to see Little One finally home…right where she belongs. I love seeing just how taken Firecracker is with her little sister. Heart warming indeed.

  • Johanna - I’ve never written a comment on your blog before, but I’ve been a long time follower and fan of your work and your blog.
    I have learnt so much about photography through your blog, thank you so much for being so open and willing to help others.
    Your recent trip to China has struck such a chord with me…I’ve been rooting along for your family since the first mention of adopting.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Little One is such a beautiful little girl and is clearly loved to bits by all of you. I’ve been in tears so many times reading your story and these most recent pictures of Firecracker and her together make my heart sing! Such love between the two of them.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’ll keep coming back for more inspiration and happy stories.
    God Bless.

  • Sandra - That last picture says it all. It’s filled with LOVE.

  • Irene - Oh goodness gracious, they have formed such a strong bonding already! Firecracker is going to be such a great big sister. Happy happy happy for your family 🙂 Irene-NZ

  • Ashleigh - Thank you for sharing the beauty that you are and that of your family. Love will conquer all. My heart swells for you. Thank you for reminding me of what is important many many days.

  • phanie - those two little girls must be in love. Firecracker has been waiting so long and is already such a loving and caring sister, and Little One is just soaking up the love from under Firecracker’s wing. what an exciting chapter that is about to begin. you have such a huge heart, there are no obstacles you and your huge support system can not overcome.


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  • Sophi - Sisters are the best! 😀
    They are so sweet together.

  • Betsy C - Huge tears welled up while seeing these two beautiful girls together, but you know what really got me? Firecracker’s Wonder Woman shirt on her little sister. That is true sharing and her little sister is adorable. Her smile is so big and she seems so at home playing with her sister and sharing toys. I hope things keep going well. Love to all of you!

  • Barbara G - Congratulations on bringing your daughter home!
    This is so wonderful!

  • ashley green - That hug! Such an amazing big sister all ready. Love seeing your whole family together at last!

  • Paige - They look like they’ve been together forever! How sweet! So happy all are home safe.

  • Irene - That second black + white picture is too precious…. It seems like the two do understand each other :0

  • Lindsay - They look so sweet together! I can see they are going to be the best of friends.

  • Crystal P - Fabulous!!!! I am so happy you all have made it safely home and now have a beautiful addition to the family!!!! Congratulations and God bless your beautiful family!!!

  • Kate - These make my heart swell. Sisterhood is precious, and I’m so thankful these two can gift each other with it!! And the handing down of the Wonder Woman shirt… so dear.

  • Megan - Happy happy tears for all of blessed and beautiful family!

  • Lynda @Me and My Pink Mixer - So glad your family is all together – welcome home! The photos of Firecracker and Little are simply precious – they brought tears to my eyes because I am so happy for you all. Congratulations!

  • miss chris - Oh, this is all so beautiful!! Wonderful! Congratulations and love… love …love. I am catching up on your posts and am in tears with joy for you all. Thank you for sharing this incredible, beautiful journey with us. xoxoxo

  • tanya - This last picture makes me want to cry every time I see it. It needs no words. Perfect. 🙂

  • Paige - ?!

  • Paige - Whoops, that was SUPPOSED to be a heart, exclamation point. I guess it doesn’t take. =(

    So happy for y’all!!

  • Carol Van Boening - These pictures say it all!! SO precious!

  • twirling betty - Can you PLEASE stop making me cry! Your posts have seen me plough through as many tissues in the last 3 weeks as our whole winter. Beautiful, beautiful sisters.

  • katie - i keep getting chills when i read and see pictures of your new daughter. it so sweet.

  • Marnie - This journey of yours is amazing. I look forward to reading your posts and it’s entries like this that make my day. Your new little one is so lucky to be a part of your family just as much as your family is so lucky to have her in your lives. I look forward to watching the continued love that you all share.

  • Marsue Fields - Thanks for sharing your family’s story! What a beautiful family you have!

  • Ellie - I noticed she is wearing the ‘wonder woman’ shirt. The same shirt ‘firecracker’ wore when she broke her leg long ago. touching…

  • Alison - I just keep coming back to that last picture. It just melts my heart. I have a sister, and I know that you have a sister, and the bond your girls share is just one that I wish the whole world knew. Absolutely precious. Can’t get enough of your precious family!

  • Daniela - hey there 😉
    what a pretty story and what beautiful pictures, first of all the 4th one! i’m reading your adoption-story….with tears in my eyes!
    wish you all the luck of the world for your family!
    greetings from switzerland, daniela

  • Francesca - I’ve been sat reading through all your adoption posts and I just wanted to say you have such a lovely family. Your little one is beautiful. She is so so beautiful. I’m praying for you and your family that God would strengthen the bonds between you all and that he would bless you even more abundantly. Lots of love Francesca xxxxx

  • Renae - I just found your blog (from Pinterest) because of that adorable pallet daybed you made! Congrats on your little darlin’! I too am a Mom of two daughters born in China. M is almost 12 years old but came home when she was 3 1/2 and E is almost 11 years old and came home when she was 10 months. I smiled reading all about DTC and TA’s, wow, that seems so long ago but the agony of the paper pregnancy and the continuous well-meaning questions…..I will never forget. I’ve never birthed any babies but I’m sure that the indescribable feeling of holding your precious child that God designed to be part of your family is the same. Thanks for sharing your journey, keep great journals! My girls STILL frequently ask to hear stories or have me read to them from the journals I kept while waiting for them. Very best to you and your family! 🙂

  • Ashley Alston - This is absolutely beautiful and truly touches my heart. Your family is in my prayers and I pray the Lord continues to bless you all ABUNDANTLY!!