one happy set of sisters

It is so good to be home. We fully soaked up and enjoyed our time in China, but goodness do we like being home and all together. Little One became a citizen of the United States of America when our plane touched ground in Chicago. It was a very cool moment…here we are just after arriving in Chicago. Welcome to America!


We were greeted at the airport by friends and family. My friend Shannon took a bunch of pictures, so I’ll share those when I get them. Chris and I are surrounded by incredible people. Our friends and family have supported us through this journey and were out in full force to celebrate our arrival home. We are abundantly blessed and felt so loved as we walked through the airport surrounded by those we love.

Little One is doing incredibly well. She had a bit of a rough time sleeping at first, but for the most part has transitioned to a new time zone very smoothly.


FireCracker is walking on sunshine. When we exited our gate at the airport and could see the waiting area, we could see her jumping up and down. We could also hear her screams. Her excitement was not for mom and dad, it was all for her baby sister. They are quickly forging a deep bond.

FireCracker was happy to pass down her Wonder Woman shirt. I think it looks just as cute on her little sister.

So, all that to say – life is very good at the Campbell household. Not perfect. Not without obstacles and challenges. But, very, very good.

Something tells me these sisters agree.

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