home forever home

photo by my friend Shannon Phillips

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  • Mallory H - LOVE this!!! SO glad your family is finally all together!!

  • LeeH - Awesome family! Littlest brother is mesmerized
    Welcome home Ashley

  • Mindy - Praise the Lord- what an answer to prayer- safely home-whole family together:) God is so good!

  • Kimberly Troth - AWESOME!!!! So Happy to see you all as a family of seven!!! CONGRATS 🙂 Praying things keep going well! THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking us on this journey with you & your family.

  • Jessica Lynette - Hurrah! What a beautiful family.

  • Niki - Ashley,
    I have been following your blog for awhile now. The last few weeks I have been checking excitedly every morning hoping to get another piece of your story. I have cried, laughed, and smiled with every story you have shared. Thank you for allowing me, a total stranger, to look in on your journey. You have blessed me.

  • Caitlin - YAY!

  • Kim B - Glad you made it home safe and are all together at last. Beautiful

  • Liene - Hooray! a family of seven now! Yay!

  • Rachel - I have been checking the blog for the last 24 hours waiting for this picture. When it just loaded, tears popped into my eyes. Thank you for so beautifully sharing your story with all of us, near and far. I will be praying for this day, week, month, and year of transition.

  • Kelley - Yay!!! I have been anxiously checking every few hours since your last post wanting to know how the flight went and see Firecracker’s expression when she finally meets her little sister! LOVE this photo of the WHOLE family altogether!! Praising the Lord for you guys right now!

  • Gena@BakeAllTheThings! - It has been such an honor to share in this journey with you and though this is in no way the culmination, THIS is the moment I was waiting to see!!!


  • Katie - Aw so exciting to see your forever family together! Congrats!

  • Cora - Wow! What a beautiful family! Just perfect!

  • MelissaMarie - Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

  • Meredith - So so happy for all of you! Firecraker looks like she is behaving just long enough to have a photo taken.

  • ranee - so very very happy for you. thanks so much for sharing the journey…thinking of you and praying for you guys as you make another transition!

  • Pip - Reading your blog I feel like we sit and have coffee once in awhile and I hear your stories..so when I tell people your story and they ask how I know you and I must reveal that I don’t know you at all, it’s a little awkward. lol
    This is a great photo..what a beautiful family. Welcome home!

  • RachaelB - Welcome home, Campbell Family!!!!!!!!

  • MeganJ - I have been WAITING for this!! So glad you are all home and safe. Congrats to your family of SEVEN!!

  • Stacey - Loved reading about your journey to get your sweet baby girl! You have a beautiful family 🙂

  • Eva - Hip hip hooray!!!!

    You’re all together!!!! So thankful for a safe return. Take all the time you need to recover from the trip. It was so wonderful to follow along! Blessings to you as start this new chapter in your lives, all together now. 🙂

  • AmandaH - So awesome! A HUGE congratulations to your family! Praying for peace and such a sweet time during the first few weeks together as your whole family! I just LOVE how your littlest boy is gazing at his new sister in this photo! Just the sweetest thing ever!!!!

  • Stephanie - Love. 🙂

  • Katie N. - awesome!

  • Melissa - Ashley & family,

    I am so happy that your whole family is together now. I know you’re all enjoying this time together. I look forward to hearing how your first few days go.

    Blessings to you,


  • Elsie (A Beautiful Mess) - Ashley! I have loved following your adoption story. It’s so beautiful and inspiring! So happy for your family. It’s going to be a great Holiday season, yes? :)))

    Sending lots of love….. Elsie

  • Celia - Congratulations!!!! Such a happy reunion I’m sure!!!!

  • Kristin S - Third time seeing this photo today – instagram, facebook, and here.

    I keep staring at it! God-designed. Beautiful!

  • Ethel White - P.T.L.

  • Sarah Crosby - Together at last. I bet it feels amazing. This whole journey I have had the picture of your family with the empty chair in my head… there is no longer an empty chair but filled hearts I am sure. Praising God for his faithfulness to you and your family. He is so good to His people.

  • Jessica P - Yay! No more empty chairs!

  • Gayle - So happy for you. Beautiful family picture.

  • Amanda Torres - Hooray!

  • Angela A - Welcome back to Oklahoma–all together again!

  • theresa - Hooray! I can’t move my eyes (or thoughts) away from this beautiful beautiful photo!

  • Stacy - Oh my goodness… this is so perfect in every way. Congratulations!

  • Melinda T - Aww…my heart just melted, what a beautiful family photo! Glad you guys are home.

  • Debbie C - Congratulations on your family of 7! Looking forward to reading about Firecracker and her new BFF.

  • Susannah - Oh yay! This is such a wonderful picture to see!

  • Ingrid - oh my, so beautiful that you are all together xx

  • Courtney - Too beautiful for words.

  • Michelle M. - What a beautiful picture. I was worried about y’all when I heard there had been earthquakes in China. I am so excited to see your whole family finally together! My prayers will continue to be with you in the weeks ahead!

  • erin - what a happy happy picture. I’m tearing up seeing it. Many blessings to your new larger family from Chicago. :o)

  • Holly - So wonderful to see your family all together!

  • giozi - Welcome Back dear Ashley

  • Lynn - Ashley and Family,
    Wonderful picture of all of you together and the start of many adventures together as a family of seven!!

  • SedaSD - Such a live photo!

  • Alisa Muir - That picture is perfection. LOVE IT…. enjoy having your family all together.

  • Kim M - Ashley and family,
    I have been following your adoption story and am SO delighted you are all back together once again. Little One is BEAUTIFUL! I have a little sister who was adopted from Korea when she was about a year old, so watching your story unfold brings back wonderful memories. She also had a hair lip and cleft palate.

    My husband and I adopted our youngest after being-empty nesters for quiet awhile. She has PTSD and dysregulation. We have found that giving her love, love, love, but also a lot of structure has helped her tremendously. As tempted as we were to spoil her rotten to make up for the past, it has been being loving, yet firm, that makes her feel safest.

    You are doing a wonderful thing. You are giving Little One a life she would never have otherwise. You will bless her life tremendously and she yours. Blessings to all of you!

  • Joy - Hooray! Rejoicing with you!

  • angie - beyond thrilled for your family!

  • Jenni - LOVE!!!

  • Maureen - This is a perfect family photo! Enjoy this!

  • Sophi - Hello! So happy you are home and well. Your new daughter is so beautiful, you all are beautiful. Blessings!

  • Virginie - Welcome home. Now it all begins !
    What a beautiful family ! Congratulations.

  • Lindsay - Perfect!

  • Mandy - YAY for making it HOME!!!!!!!! SO SO HAPPY that your family is complete, finally! What a beautiful family you’ve been blessed with; God is so incredibly GOOD!

  • Emily - Woohoo!

  • Gina - That is the greatest! You are a beautiful family and I am so happy for you!!

  • Susan - Each day I pick-up my computer your BLOG is the one that I can’t wait to open. Your story has brought me blessings, so for that I thank you for sharing with all of us.

    Your “Welcome Home” photo touched my heart, to see all of you together seemed to be the ending to one story and just the beginning of another.

    My prayers and thoughts will be with all of you during this time of transition.


  • Jen - Oh my. So beautiful. Congratulations!!! 🙂

  • Amy - I have loved reading about your adoption! You have a beautiful family! Welcome Home!!!!

  • Emily - You guys are the best.

  • Teresa - Your family has done an amazing, wonderful thing Ashley. Wishing all of you a bright tomorrow! I noticed your little guy is so smitten by his new sister! Love that! So sweet!

  • emmybrown - SO WONDERFUL!

  • Laura - How wonderful!!!!

  • Stefanie - Isn’t home such a BLESSED place to be?!? Sooo wonderful to hear your family is all together, at last!

    May the jet lag fade quickly for all of you 🙂

  • Jane - Oh wow! What a lovely picture to wake up to on a sunday morning! I have been following your adoption journey and am so pleased that you are all together as a family – finally! Thanks so much for sharing this amazing time with us, I pray that God continues to bless your family and knit you together over the coming months as a family of 7. Praise God for bringing Little One into your family!


  • Courtney - What a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing this journey. It’s been so great to follow you through this and to finally see the photo of all of you together. Very cool.

  • Mayara - You are beautiful!!!

  • grace - Wow…what a beautiful picture. I started following your blog about 3 months ago and have LOVED following your journey to get your sweet Little One. I have several friends who have adopted from China and other countries, and still others that are still waiting for that all important FedEx package with their child(ren) inside. This picture is so sweet. I love that it is real, that your husband is so joyful and clearly glad to have his children in his arms, that you are holding tight to your sweet ones as well, and that each of your kids is somewhat doing their own thing! It is one I am sure you will treasure for a long time!

  • ria - My heart is overflowing for your family. It is so good to finally see your family all together. I can’t wait to see all the adventures of a family of 7.

  • A. Berkoski - I’ve read your blog for years and never commented. I admire your photography, your art, your mothering style. I decided to comment today because this is the end of one part of your journey and the beginning of a new part of it.

    What a beautiful, beautiful family you have made. All the best!

  • Liz - Hallelujah!! Together at last 🙂 🙂

  • Tina I. - I could just die, I’m so excited for you!!! Firecracker must be BESIDE herself with joy. Hope the jetlag isn’t too bad. Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!!!!

  • Stoich91 - Weee!!! How wonderful!

  • Melody - APPLAUSE!

  • Margo - Welcome Home!! I am so so happy for your family to be reunited! Thanks again for sharing your journey with us!

  • Renata - Such a special picture. So happy for all of you.

  • Lori - My heart is SO happy for you!

  • Lisa M. - So beautiful! Welcome Home!

  • jody - whoop-ee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a thrill!!! so happy for you. love the little brother on the right gazing at his new little sister….welcome home, girl.

  • Jen - YAY!!!!! 😀

  • Shannon Bowers - This picture just makes me SO. DANG. HAPPY! I am happy the long wait is over. I am happy that this sweet dear has a wonderful new family for her very own. I am happy that a hole that has been in your heart and home is now filled. I am just overjoyed with happiness for God’s grace in sending you this sweet soul to watch over and take care of. God’s blessing upon you and your lovely family Ashley! Thank you for sharing this often heartbreakingly beautiful journey with us!

  • rachael - hurray!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lyn - Happy for you all. Your completed family looks amazing. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful journey. Looking forward to reading more.

  • Sarah Roberson Martin - It has been such an honor to watch your sweet little girl become part of your family! I can’t wait to see all of the real life pics of her becoming as free, fun-loving, and brave like her big brothers and sister. What an amazing blessing! Thanks for letting me watch and pray from afar.

  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators - Hooray! Heartfelt congratulations to you all. I am so so happy for you that this part of the journey has ended. Its amazing, but your family just looks more “complete” in this photo. Wishing you well. xo.

  • Emmy - Back in the US with all FIVE of your children!! You are so blessed! Congrats!

  • Aunt sandy - What a great looking familey. I can’t wait to see her in person.

  • Katie - Oh, this picture makes me so happy. Congratulations again and again! I am so, so happy for you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  • Susan - HOORAY!!! 🙂 Praising God!

  • Melanie - LOVE THIS!!! What a beautiful family photo! I love how big brother just can’t take his eyes off his new lil sis! I’m so glad you’re home to start your new family!!

  • able mabel - Awesome! What a beautiful family!

  • Mary from Tenn - beautiful photo that i know you’ll cherish forever.

  • flor - yay!!! so so happy for you and your family!

  • Vanessa - Simply AWESOME. Bless you for sharing your amazing journey. Welcome home, Little one! I can’t wait to watch you grow.

  • Jennifer - Your arms are full, but not nearly as full as your heart! Welcome home and thanks for sharing such a lovely story with your many, many fans! We’re all cheering for you and yours. xo

  • Wendy Olejniczak - What a beautiful family picture!!!

  • Miranda Hazeveld - Wauw great picture! Welcome home.

  • may - Congratulations! Your family is truly beautiful!

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Yay!!! Such a sweet family- altogether at last!

  • Julie - Beautiful!

  • Elizabeth - congratulations!!

  • Alicia Millis - LOVE

  • Bonnie - This makes me smile. Welcome home!

  • donna - Whew!!! It’s over. home at last.

  • jenn - I can only imagine how long you’ve been waiting for that picture! Congratulations to you all!

  • JoAnn - Tears of JOY for your beautiful family! Bless you all!

  • Melissa - God Bless you and your family!!! I know how long you have waited for the days to have your daughter home with you! You are an amazing family! It must feel so complete!!! Congrats on your beautiful little sweet girl!!!!

  • Carolyn - Yay! Welcome home!!

  • Fliss - What more can I say but welcome home…

  • Jen - That is an incredible picture – tells such a great story. It must be so awesome to be home with Little One. I’ve been following your story with tears and smiles and am so thrilled that God has blessed the process to this point. Enjoy the moments!

  • amy cornwell - A beautiful family portrait! So happy for y’all. Praying for a restful, enjoyable, peaceful week as you all adjust! Congratulations!

  • NanaDoll - i am so very happy to see your WHOLE family!!! God bless you all!

  • Robin L - So, so, so happy for you and your family!! Best wishes and lots of happiness to you all!!

  • rachel - awesome!! have loved following you on this journey. she is absolutely precious.

  • Marilyn - Your story has been a blessing to us. We’ve been following your blog since I found it about a week ago. We’re happy to share in your experience since we will be travelling to China sometime in November to bring home our 2 year old daughter who also has cleft lip and cleft palate. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  • knuckstermom - YAY! The family is home-I gotta say following this journey for years it seems is like reading a bestseller!

  • Serene - Welcome home!!! I’m so very happy for all of you.

  • nancy - not much more that needs to be said after than photo. Perfection.
    Welcome home all!

  • Michelle W - Simply beautiful

  • phanie - my heart is swelling and bursting at the seams with joy for you and all your little ones. what an emotional yet fantastic journey you have been through. it is such a pleasure and an honour to have found your blog.

    all the best

  • masha karpushina - You are such an inspiration! May your family be blessed with kindness.

  • Sasa - Lovely..!!!

  • Sasa - Lovely!!!

  • Andy - beautiful

  • Sara W - This picture is worth 1,000 words! What a treasure.

  • elizabeth - my heart is singing w. JOY!! words cannot express how happy i am for you *all*!! welcome HOME little one!

  • Tanya A. - Such a beautiful photo of a beautiful group of people. So glad you’re all together at last. 🙂

  • alison - Congrats Ashley,

    Amazing photo. I have really enjoyed reading along with your journey of adding Little One to your beautiful family. You look so happy in this picture.


  • Iara - love to see your family together, Ashley! thank you so much for sharing your journey, it brings me back to the time we added my little sister Amanda to our family of 3 🙂 God bless you and your beautiful family.

  • Jane in Canada - Ashley, I am so incredibly happy for your family. Little One is beautiful and she is such a lucky girl to be part of your amazing family! Congratulations!

  • Nicole - This is one great family shot!

  • Jessica - Ashley Ann! Your blog has had me giggling, brought me to tears and has inspired me – sometimes all in the same post! Over the past couple of weeks I have found myself drawn to my computer screen reading posts that emanate what it means to be a woman after God’s heart. Your story is truly an inspiration! I do have a question regarding your adoption. I know that Little One was not a newborn when you finally had her in your arms. Did you have the opportunity to choose her name? Was she called by a different name for the period of time that she was in China? Thank you for being so raw and genuine!