squatting, shopping & eating

The boys are mastering the art of randomly squatting when they are bored with waiting on their parents.

We have so many days of nothing planned, which we like. Tomorrow is our Consulate Appointment. That is where things are made official on the US side for the adoption. She won’t actually be a US citizen until our plane lands in the US, but all the interviewing, paperwork, etc. will be done tomorrow. Then we must wait another day for her visa…and then Friday we begin flying home!

The boys have been fairly cooperative with shopping….as long as it means pool time at the hotel afterwards. A thoughtful blog reader sent me a link to a washi tape manufacturer in town. We are going to try to find it tomorrow. The concierge at our hotel was totally confused why we needed directions to a tape manufacturer 😉

We’ve ate at the same restaurant many times now. Last night we got to go with friends who I had met when we were waiting for our agency to match us with a child. It was nice to be in Guangzhou together and get to talk in person instead of via the computer. We went again tonight because we can all eat for about $4.00 total, the food is DELICIOUS and the family that owns the place is very kind to us. We will miss this place!

In case you find yourself in Guangzhou and happen upon this restaurant…that is behind a bunch of buildings in an alley and I have no idea how to tell you to get there….these are our favorite dishes. The boys are begging me to ask the owner to teach me to make the fried rice.

So here is the front of the place, it is the one on the right (green and yellow sign). Can anyone tell me the name?

Right after dinner a downpour came. Thankfully we were in an area that is easy to find umbrellas. Not too long of a walk back to the hotel…

The thunderstorm was a nice change. It kind of felt like an Oklahoma rain, which made us miss home a little more. Well, the rain is still falling and the boys want the computer to watch cartoons on hulu. Maybe I’ll go get a hot decaf coffee….sounds good on a rainy night in China.

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